Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Nikki had moved in with Georgie but not so far sold her flat. Sex together was interesting and good but with Georgie dominating the relationship it had to be shared with others.
Tuesday nights and Saturday nights were the most difficult for Nikki to adapt to. Georgie was very strong and masculine sexually and in personality, but some of her friends were worse much, much worse.
Nikki could always stand on her own two feet but some of the friends were very hard especially with her.
Nikki would clean the house and cook delicious meals for Georgie and some nights be made love to in a pleasant way. Other nights forced to wear very suggestive leather clothes and pleasure Georgie in whatever way she demanded. But on Tuesdays and Saturdays she dreaded. Some of the more masculine ladies arrived, demanded the physical use of Nikki and perform some repulsive acts on her.
She pleaded with Georgie not to allow them to use her so badly, but it fell on deaf ears.
Nikki said she was leaving the relationship. Georgie sneered at her. No, you are not, and hit her across the face, bloodying her nose.
That night she had to sleep with Georgie in the leather bed with her hands firmly secured to the bed head and a dildo firmly inside her and secured with duct tape.
As she sobbed a rubber ball gag was inserted into her mouth to silence her. Nikki continued to sob throughout the night. She was punched in the face again, and the ball gag tightened. As morning dawned the sobbing continued.
Georgie was furious at her loss of sleep. She wrenched out the dildo, put on a very large strap on and pushed it into Nikki and continued ramming in and out until Nikki was silent through fear. She felt the dildo being reinserted and secured again with duct tape. She managed to doze into unconsciousness, the pains on her face and pussy were severe.
When she finally became conscious again Georgie had left the bed. Nikki’s hands had been freed. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She pulled off the duct tape and gingerly pulled out the dildo. It was covered in blood.
Georgie came back and screamed at her. Look at the disgusting mess on my bed, get up and get it cleaned right now.
Painfully Nikki went to the kitchen for the leather cleaning spray and cloths returned and polished the leather bed and duvet.
She caught sight of her face in the bedroom mirror, swollen and covered in dried blood. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up her face as best she could.
Where are my clothes? She asked Georgie.
Why? you’re not going anywhere soon dear.
Please, I’m so cold and in a lot of pain.
She threw a long leather coat at her. That should keep you warm. Put these boots on and take some pain killers, we have guests coming at lunchtime. You must look your best for them.
I can’t. Just look at my face and my pussy is raw.
They won’t see your face in the dark and put some cream on that pussy of yours.
The pain killers began to kick in especially after drinking a very large brandy and no food.
The doorbell rang and Georgie met the clients. They were a male and female couple. They had described their sexual requirements over the phone to Georgie and she had agreed the scenario and a price.
They came into the lounge, were offered a drink, they took off all their clothes, she was reasonably slim, but he was very overweight. Follow me said Georgie and showed them into the darkened bedroom. Nikki was sat on the leather bed wearing the long leather coat and boots. The coat was open exposing her breasts.
The man grabbed Nikki’s breasts and began to play with them. His cock was excited, and he thrust it into Nicki’s mouth.
The ‘wife’ came forward and with a studded paddle wacked his backside with such force he fell face down on to the bed. Nikki stood up and moved to one side. The ‘wife’ changed the paddle for a whip and lashed his back drawing some blood.
Now it was Georgie’s turn in the scenario. She inserted her strap on into him and rammed it in and out until he was pleading for mercy.
She pulled herself out of the ‘husband’ and threw the ‘wife’ down on the bed and whipped her back, rolled her over, inserted her strap on and rammed it in and out with such force she was screaming but with pleasure.
She pulled out of the ‘wife’ and the ‘husband’ moved on top of her and began to fuck her, holding her tightly by her throat. Georgie then whipped his back again until he came powerfully into the ‘wife’. He rolled over, the ‘wife’ stood up looked at Nikki, pulled off her leather coat pushed her down on the bed next to the ‘husband ‘and whipped Nikki’s back.
You made him do that to me, yelled the ‘wife’ whipping Nikki again.
Georgie finally stepped in, took away the paddle and the whip, pulled Nikki from the bed gave her the leather coat again and told her to have another brandy.
She looked back at the couple on the bed. They were kissing and fondling each other. The sex scenario was completed until the next time when things might need spicing up again.
Nikki didn’t feel too well. She had taken too many pain killers and too much brandy. She crashed out on the leather bed and slept.

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Post by rubbermac » July 13th, 2019, 9:30 am

I have just caught up with the story,reading all the chapters once again......Thank-You so much for a Superbly well written and exciting story,it is a pleasure to read......

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Thanks for the kind words and encouragement

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