Broken Down - part 4

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Broken Down - part 4

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Suzi awoke. She was warm and dry, under a blanket, and lying on a sofa. She was naked, and the room small and homely, definately not in a stately home, mansion or castle. "What happened? How did I get here? Where are my clothes and who undressed me?". She scanned the room and saw the raincoat, t-shirt and knickers on an old iron radiator, the sort you would see in an old school building. There was a log fire radiating warmth which she was very grateful for. By the fireplace was a large mug, with a hand-written note that simply said "drink". She stood up, wrapped herself in the cover, and hobbled over to the fire, eyeing the cup suspiciously. She picked it up and sniffed it, to check that it wasn't poison, then drank. Until Suzi had finished the whole mug she no hadn't realised how Hungary and thirsty she was, but the hot chocolate certainly hit the spot.

The young woman looked around, there wasn't no signs of life, but she could see daylight through cracks in the drawn curtains.
"hello", she shouted, "is anybody there?"
After several attempts, each louder than the last, she was convinced she was alone, so dropping the cover, she walked over to the radiator to get dressed. The aroma of the raincoat was strong from the heat. She had intended to just put on the t-shirt and pants, but found herself picking up the Mac. The warmth made the plastic extra soft, and it flowed and moulded itself to her hands. She slipped in on, and zipped it all the way up, then folded her arms to get the maximum warmth, and feeling from the material. Her nipples were erect, something that only happened when cold or aroused. This jacket may we'll have saved her life, without it she may we'll have succumbed to hypothermia. She liked the feeling, she liked the look and she liked the smell. For a second she felt guilty about berating Bob about his likes, then she remembered some of the other things that were not great about him, like the time he said he would help her lose weight if she wanted him to! And the time he subtlety suggested that he was willing to help with a boob job if she really wanted it, which she didn't! Suzi remembered how much nicer Eric was, and didn't feel guilty about Bob at all. She was considering taking off the Mac to get dressed, after a quick pinch of her nipples through the transparent material, sending a shiver down to her crotch, when the door opened abruptly.

Behind the figure Suzi could see it was still raining hard, but fully daylight. The tall stranger stood motionless for a moment, rivers of water running off the dark green, thick rain jacket, and down the matching trousers, then over the shiny wellingtons.
"You awake now then?", the figure said. She was tall and with a heavy frame, but not fat, with long dark hair and an attractive, but rugged face. suzi was desperately trying to cover her modesty, being naked except the plastic see-through jacket, but felt slightly relieved (and a bit disappointed) to see a woman standing there.
Suzi realised that the pause in the doorway was not for dramatic effect, but to allow most of the rain to run off, a well rehearsed act by a pro in her natural habitat.
"Hannah, Hannah Jones, I'm the gamekeeper here", the woman paused.
"And you?"
"Oh sorry, er, Susan Jacket, er, Suzi, Jackman, sorry, er, Suzi Jackman"
Hannah smiled, "Pleased to meet you Ms. Jacket!"
"No, oh, sorry, Jackman, Jack-man, just call me Suzi"
Hannah walked over to the fire and unzipped her heavy jacket. Suzi thought it looked like rubber, but it could have been some form of PVC. She peeled it off and hung it on a hook, some drops of rain still dropping into a metal trough below, clearly positioned for just that purpose.
Hannah turned, "we need to get you some proper clothes", her own white t-shirt was damp despite the heady Mac's protection, and Suzi could clearly see her large boobs and pert nipples.
"Oh, yes please!", Suzi replied with some degree of relief in her voice,
Hannah was still wearing the PVC trousers, the waist band was elesticated and tight and despite them being heavy, they were quite fitted, and reluctant to come off as she peeled them down, catching her small briefs and showing more than she ought, before quickly recovering and pulling them up, before stepping out of the rainwear. Hannah was also wearing a thong, but hers were white.
"Look I need to contact my boyfriend, he will be worried, have you seen my phone?", asked Suzi.
"No, there was no phone on you when I picked you up"
"EE, how did you find me, where was I, I don't remember anything", Suzi questioned.
"You had passed out on the path, at first I thought you were dead"', Hannah said, in a matter of fact way.
"My mobile was wrapped in my t-shirt, are you certain you didn't see it?"
"Nope. Noe come on let's find some clothes"
Suzi went for the cover, she was still naked except for the jacket, but Hannah grabbed her hand and led her to a door, "no time for that, its just through here".
They entered a bedroom, it was neat and tidy, but had an old cottage feel and smell, like the living room that they just came from. There was a tall oak wardrobe, and Hannah opened both doors with two hands simltaneiously.
Suzi scanned the inside, about a half the clothes were normal skirts, trousers, blouses etc., but the rest were all rainwear. All different designs, colours, materials.
"I think we need to try a few things to see what fits", said Hannah.
Suzi moved forward and chose a hanger with a pair of jeans, then another with a heavy blue jumper.
"Nice", said Hannah, "but how about these", holding up a hanger with a set of PVC raincoat and trousers.
"Oh, but I need these first, then I can get ready for the rain", Suzi answered, holding up her original choices.
"Look, I'll be honest with you", Hannah started, "i dont get many visitors out here, it would be wonderful if you could stay a while"
"I'd love to, but I really do have to contact Eric, he will be worried sick"
"Just for a short while?", Hannah stepped forward, towering above Suzi, she gently cupped her head, "please?"
Suzi had never been touched this way by another woman, not since the embarrassing fumbling in the showers with her best friend after swimming, when they were in upper school. She was definitely only into men, she loved men, adored the idea of dicks and enjoyed strong muscular physiques.
"Look Suzi, you seem like a nice girl, I find you really attractive and I would love to get to know you better"
"No offence, but you are just, er, not my type"
"What does that mean?"
"Look I am flattered, but I am just not into women"
Hannah looked hurt and vulnerable, and despite her height, almost childlike, "I knew it was too good to be true. A beautiful curvy girl, half naked, and seemingly into rainwear", glancing down she added, "and shaved as well".
Suzi was immediately embarrassed as Hannah was clearly turned on my her naked form. She remembered how Bob had complimented her on her natural hair down below, and how he seemed to delight in being down there whenever he could. Suzi had never really thought about how her pubes looked, but after she drove away that last night and got home, she locked herself in tha bathroom, sobbing, and shaved herself clean, and clean of Bob.
Hannah was staring into Suzi's eyes. "Are you going to tape me?", Suzi asked.
"No, of course not, I wouldn't ask you to do anything you didn't want to. Why? Do you want me to rape you?"
Suzi had not expected this question, she was caught off guard, "yes please".
Hannah wasted no time, she unzipped the plastic jacket, releasing Suzi's breasts, and peeled the sticky fabric down. Suzi was trapped, her arms in the sleeves, the jacket half way down, pinning them to her sides. Hannah went down on Suzi, and Suzi screamed in delight as Hannah found just the right spot, the one that no man had ever found except by lucky chance. But Hannah was in there and her mouth was going nowhere until Suzi came.
Suzi came, and came again.
Hannah was clearly enjoying making her do this, but now she demanded that Suzi suck her off. But first she must wear the rain suit tat was chosen for her earlier. Suzi complied, pulling off one outfit, and slipping into the other. This was heavy and Suzi found it harder to move. It was clearly not Hannah's own costume as it fitted Suzi well, if anything it was slightly too small.
"Button it up all the way", Hannah demanded. Suzi hesitated.
"Do it now bitch, then make me come"
Suzi complied and was now entirely encased in the heavy PVC outfit. Although it was heavy it didn't have a lining, so she could feel the PVC against her nude skin. She popped the cuffs closed and the two poppers on the collar. Nothing could get in to this impenintrable wall of shiny blue material.
Hannah laid, back, and slipped off her thong and T-shirt so she was fully naked.
She spread her legs, her pussy was wet and, like Suzi, it was bare.
Suzi hesitated. She knew what turned her on, but could she be sure that Hannah's sweet spot was in the same place, after all, she had never done this to another woman, only herself with a range of devices culminating in Henry Hoover in the store cupboard at work after everyone had gone home. For a while she had a crush on Henry and never quite accomplished his sucking ability after that night.
Nervously she went down on Hannah, her PVC clad arms wrapped around the woman's legs. Hannah moaned. Do it harder, don't be afraid to bite a bit, please hurt me a little. Again Suzi was shocked, what did she mean?
"Like this she said", biting gentky into the folds of skin.
"Yes, but harder"
Suzi bit slightly more. "Yes, but harder please", insisted Hannah.
Hannah's voice changed, "bite my fucking clit woman, and stop being so gentle"
Suzi stood up and climbed on to Hannah, her head between her legs and her PVC clad body pressed against the bare body, with her feet alomst in the woman's face.
Access to Hannah's pussy was harder this way round, but she gamekeeper seemed to enjoy it more, probably because of Suzi's weight and the feel of the waterproofs.
After a while Suzi had the hang ofwhat Hannah wanted, and she was screaming in delight.
Suzi was hot and exhausted, Hannah must have come six times, and she didn't seem to be wanting to stop anytime soon.
Suzi got up and peeled off the jacket and trousers, then went down on Hannah again, this time both naked.
Somehere along the line Hannah produced a double ended dildo from the bedside drawer. This offered Suzi an opportunity for her face to get a rest from sucking and biting her new friend.
They were about to enter into another round of mutual pussy appreciation when there was a loud knock at the front door...

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Re: Broken Down - part 4

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Re: Broken Down - part 4

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Sorry you had problems
Thanks for the story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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