Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I went out for a walk the next day. I was really enjoying the feel of the grey PVC mac. Even when I put my hands in my pockets the sensation of the PVC touching my fingers made me feel very sexual. I pulled my belt even tighter around my waist and felt even sexier.
Mike and Tony didn’t need me until the evening so I walked around just hoping I could meet someone who might appreciate the same fetishy things I did.
Frustrated, I went into a bar I knew was as seedy as you could get!!
It was lunchtime, and the bar was almost empty. I ordered a glass of red wine which tasted like wine I fermented my beef in before stewing it.
A tall guy entered, nice shiny black cagoule zipped up to his neck. He looked around the empty bar, seeing nobody he came across to me.
Doesn’t look like much action here? He smiled.
I’m possibly your last resort. I said.
Well in that mac you are getting my juices flowing.
Thank you. I smiled back at him.
You want to play somewhere?
Okay, where?
My flat is very close. Let’s go.
We walked about three blocks to his place. Very small and compact but was okay.
He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erection.
Get hold of that, he ordered. I held it. It was hard and very big.
I knew what was going to happen. His hands were on my head pushing me down to a kneeling position. He rammed himself into my mouth, forcing me to gag.
In and out, faster and faster until he exploded into me. I took some of his cum the rest dribbled out of my mouth and down over my PVC mac.
He threw me to the ground, laughing. You can go now. He lifted me up pushing me out of his flat into the street and slamming his door shut.
My mac was covered in his cum, I looked around and saw an alleyway. I went down the empty alleyway and cleaned myself up before returning home a little shaken and upset.
After a shower and rest, I was ready for dinner with Mike and Tony. Tony was dressed in his one-piece leather suit again and Mike wore a long PVC skirt and jacket.
I’ve left you something to wear in my room said Mike. I returned to his room to find a leather mini skirt and a transparent plastic jacket and boots.
All fitted perfectly. I returned to approving looks from them both, especially at my nipples. Over dinner I told them of my experience that afternoon.
The party was just two days away.
Tony explained the party rules.
There usually are about 30 guys of various sexual persuasions like Mike and me. We are a couple, but also enjoy and can afford little extras now and again. Hence, we have a companion like you. After a few months, instead of just dumping you, we organise a party, and other couples may want to have you as a companion.
During the party no one can say no to any advances, unless he is going to kill you!! He laughed. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to and after you have played a while you can move on to someone you feel more attracted to. This goes on until we finish, around midnight or the booze runs out!!
Halfway through the party if you feel your costume is not helping you attract anyone you can change it. This applies to companions and the couples who need a new companion.
If for example a couple wanted you, they must ask us of your availability. If we don’t want you, then you can leave straight away. If we want to keep you a little longer then we will tell them that.

The night of the party had arrived. My costume was given to me by Mike. The clear plastic zip up jacket as before plus a knee length clear plastic skirt zipped up the front, knee length boots, a black rubber G-string and elbow length rubber gloves. To top it off a black rubber studded choker.
I showered and changed into my outfit. I looked incredible. I went to see Mike. He thought the same, fantastic. He squeezed my black rubber G-string, through my clear plastic skirt. Wonderful.
What are you going to wear? I asked.
Not telling. It’s a secret.

I took a glass of white wine from our young cook still looking very cute in his PVC maids’ outfit, tights and high heeled shoes.
I love looking through your transparent skirt he said, smiling and looking down at my G-string.
Mike appeared, thigh length pink sequined boots, pink PVC G-string and pink PVC jacket and was immediately surrounded by some admirers.
I saw Tony talking to a youngish guy dressed in a very shiny rubber mackintosh. I wondered if he was a companion to be.?
Around the room there were many very attractive people oozing sex appeal.
The shiny black rubber mackintosh guy came over to me smiled and looked directly at my G-string.
You look terrific. He said. Please can I touch you?
I nodded but instead of going for my rubber G-string bulge, he began to lick on my PVC covered nipples. His soft tender workmanship only made my bulge harder.
He began to open his mackintosh revealing a full-length red rubber dress. My hand had to go down to his crotch, and I had to kiss him. I looked over the top of his rubber collar and saw Tony and Mike discussing us both. I was so happy with Tony & Mike I didn’t want to be kicked out just yet.
Can I wear your Mackintosh just for a short while?
He agreed.
I put it on, tightening the belt. Walked over to Tony & Mike.
Please, please, don’t kick me out.
With your outfit and the rubber Mackintosh, how could we?
We are going to need you both.

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Wonderful....Many Thanks xx

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Keep up the good work
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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