Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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As promised after dinner I was taken into each one’s bedroom to inspect their party clothes. What collections. I kept touching and feeling the dresses, cat suits, raincoats, boots, shoes and was becoming extremely aroused.
I think you should squeeze into most of them. Said Tony. Did you bring your Speedos in your suitcase?
I nodded.
Go, put them on and let me see them.
I went up to my room, rummaged around my two suitcases trying to remember where I had packed them. Eventually found them, slipped them on and returned to Tony’s bedroom.
He held a shiny black rubber cape and placed it over my shoulder and secured it at the neck. Now that looks really good and sexy, he said. All you need to finish the outfit off is shoes or boots.
Boots please.
I squeezed into a pair of knee length black patent boots, looked at myself in a mirror and realised how erotic I looked.
Tony called to Mike, come here and take a look. Mike came in and immediately touched my bulging Speedos. Very nice, he said. and the cape and boots are too!! We all laughed at his little joke.
He kept hold of my growing bulge, Tony bent down and began to lick the Speedos before pulling the top down and taking me into his mouth.
Mike knelt down and both of them were licking and sucking me, lots of slurping sounds before I came into one of their mouths.
That was so good, said a delighted Tony. You must try on more costumes before the party.
The next few days were like a whirlwind. Finding my way around the house, when to be with Tony or Mike and when not to be. It seemed like evenings was when I was needed as a companion.
One morning Mike rushed into my bedroom with a large parcel, can you get that to the Post Office and send it first class. He also threw a shiny dark grey PVC mackintosh on the bed. It’s chucking it down, he said.
I put on the mac, perfect fit, I ran my hands over it and it felt so good. A short fifteen-minute walk in the rain and I had posted the parcel, it was sent to Scotland, I wondered if it was for the chap I had replaced.
I thought I was followed on the way back but when I arrived back home there was no one to be seen.
I saw Mike on my return, keep it, he said referring to the PVC mac. You’ll need it when it rains again.
I hoped he meant keep it for ever and not just while I was working there. It felt wonderful to wear, the sound of it swishing as I walked and the very faint aroma of PVC.
One evening, only Tony and I had dinner together. Mike had a previous appointment. We chatted about all sorts, finished off the wine and Tony decided he wanted to see me in half an hour in his room. Please wear the grey PVC mac, he said.
I hoped I was reading him correctly, so I wore my shiny blue Speedos, the black patent boots and the grey PVC mac tightly belted. I knocked on his door. It was opened by the young cook, looking very cute in his PVC maids’ outfit, tights and high heeled shoes.
He smiled at me waiting for me to enter. Can I be of service to you? He asked.
Where is Tony?
He will be back soon. He leaned towards me and kissed me. I was going to push him away, but it felt rather nice and sexy. I pulled him closer, my hand went under the maid’s skirt and found his erection. I began to wank him; he opened the bottom of my mac and squeezed my Speedo bulge.
That’s what I like to see at our parties. Said Tony, emerging from behind his bedroom curtains dressed in a one-piece leather jump suit. It didn’t take you both long to get going. Good work.
The shock of been caught by Tony had ruined my erection. I don’t know about the young chef. He probably knew what was going to happen all along. I stared at Tony, the jump suit looked great on him.
Come and run your hands over it. It felt great, luxuriously soft but gave Tony a truly menacing look.
What do you have underneath your mackintosh?
My Speedos just for you. He smiled.
Would you like to fuck my maid? I think you should.
The maid bent over in front of me and his head nuzzled into Tony’s crutch. I pushed myself into the maid and with all the PVC and leather around I didn’t take long to cum.
The maid left the bedroom smiling at Tony who in turn began to kiss and tongue me. His hands stroking my PVC mackintosh, his breathing was erratic, my erection came back to full force and he wanked me until I came again, this time over his leather jump suit. You will have to clean that off quickly, it stains soft leather.
I wiped off my cum and felt an erection growing inside the jump suit. I unzipped Tony from his neck down to his crutch took him into my mouth and felt him unload his cum into me. I fell back, dribbling his cum over the grey PVC mac.
That felt great. He said. At least cum wipes off easily.

The next day was a damp, rainy, miserable day. I went for a walk wearing my grey PVC mac. I half expected or even hoped to be followed but no joy. I returned home to be met by Mike.
Do you want to try some of my costumes for the party?
I followed him into his bedroom. He undid the belt of my mac and casually brushed against my crutch. Try those on, he said pointing to some clothing on the bed.
Which would you like first?
Try the long leather skirt and white short sleeved cotton blouse.
I took off my mac, jeans and shirt, tucked the blouse into the skirt.
Very nice, said Mike. All it needs now is a wide patent belt to finish it off, with boots or shoes of course. I chose a pair of high heeled boots.
I was beginning to get the picture now. Tony had all the masculine clothes and Mike had the feminine ones. I was beginning to get an erection wearing the long leather skirt.
Mike handed me a pair of over the elbow black leather gloves.
Perfect, he said. Now put your hands around my throat and gently apply some pressure.
That’s a wonderful feeling. I feel so compliant to you. Please let me suck on your nipples. He opened the blouse and played with my nipples gently nipping them with his teeth. He nipped a little too hard causing me to wince. I slapped him playfully across his face.
Oh yes, more please. He bit me again, so I slapped him again harder this time. I could sense the enjoyment he was getting.
If you continue, I shall put you across my knee. I threatened.
Sure, enough I was bitten again.
Right, pull down your trousers, he quickly obeyed, revealing his naked bottom.
I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him over my knees. Slapping his back side very hard with my leather covered hands. I leaned over to the bedside table and reached for his hairbrush and thrashed his buttocks turning them pink.
I stood up from the bed causing him to fall on the floor. I placed the sole of my high heeled boots on his face.
Lick them clean.
He obeyed and gradually positioned himself in a sitting position with his head between my legs and under my skirt. He found my lovely large erection and sucked on it until I could stand it no more and I blew my juices into his willing mouth.
Dinner that evening was good. All three of us knew we were having a great time with each other, even before the upcoming party.

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What a brilliant read.....So Many Thanks

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Absolutely brilliant read. Cant wait to hear more.

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More please !!!

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Great start! please carry on with the good work.

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