Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Roxy telephoned and told me Maxine was ready to be taken home.
What’s different about you? I asked looking at Maxine.
I’ve cut her hair like mine, I’ve given her an old pair of boots and she’s sucked two cocks, mine and a friend who called by, said Roxy. She just needs a little more practice in that department. My friend told her of a new busy dogging area to try.
Great, thanks a lot Roxy, see you soon. Maxine and I drove off. I let my left hand drop down on Maxine’s crutch and received a lovely smile.
Do you want to go home, or shall I drop you off at this new dogging spot?
Dogging spot please.
I was interested as well, as it was new to me. It was a layby with lots of trees and bushes and four cars were already there and this was mid-afternoon.
We walked around and watched as some other guys hooked up and disappearing behind bushes.
Do you want to stay or go, I asked?
I think I’ll stay a little longer.
Okay, take care and have fun. I left and returned home.

Jess was having a drink in the lounge. She looked great in her grey rubber track suit. Would you like a drink? she asked.
She popped out to the kitchen then returned. Charlotte is bringing it for you.
The lounge door opened, and Charlotte came in dressed in a shiny purple PVC maids’ outfit and my drink.
We’ve been out shopping, and I needed something sexy for this party, that is if I can stay that long?
Let’s set a date for the party. It won’t be long before Adam returns.

The following lunchtime I telephoned Maxine.
How was last night.? I asked.
Pretty good, I think. It became busier later, a few guys just watching and playing with themselves. I don’t think I’ll be shy anymore though, he laughed. I think I sucked eight or was it nine?
As long as you enjoyed yourself that’s the main thing. Are you seeing Roxy again?
Not today, her friend wants me at his place tonight. I have Roxy’s boots and I will take my PVC mini as well.

Adam emailed to say his arrival date would be tomorrow afternoon, so Jess decided that she and Charlotte should go around and tidy things up a little.
It was raining I wore Adam’s black, Charlotte wore Adam’s brown and Jess wore her own red PVC mac. I left them at Jess’s home and said I was going into town but in fact I wanted to see how interesting this new dogging place was.
Two cars and a van were parked up. I wandered around, the sound of rain splashing on my PVC mac was lovely. I pulled my belt around tighter. I saw two guys talking under the shelter of a tree. They turned to look at me. I walked closer, they smiled, grabbed their crotches showing their interest in me.
One touched my crotch, the other pulled out his erection, put his hand on my head and pulled me down so I could suck him. The second guy pulled his erection out and began to wank himself slowly.
I finished off the first guy and the second guy took his place in my mouth. He didn’t last long.
Cheers mate, they said and just walked away to their cars. Talk about brief encounters or was it because it was raining?

Charlotte held Jess’s hand and kissed her. Her other hand was roaming over Jess’s PVC mac, squeezing her breasts. Jess pulled her into her bedroom and began to kiss Charlotte intensely. Her hand went up between her legs. Charlotte’s knickers were already very moist, she struggled to take them off then covered Jess’s face with them. She moved up the bed and straddled Jess’s face grinding her pussy over her mouth.
Neither of them had heard me arrive. I had overheard heavy sexy sounds coming out of the bedroom so had entered very quietly. The sight of two PVC dressed women having sex was almost too much. I had an immediate erection.
Charlotte glanced round but carried on squirming on Jess’s face. I climbed onto the bed pulled down Jess’s panties and began to lick her pussy.
Jess’s squeals of pleasure were loud and getting louder as she finally orgasmed.
Three bodies dressed in PVC macs collapsed, breathless and giggling on the bed.
Jess saw that I still had an erection and began to wank me rigid. Charlotte took me in her mouth and I very quickly deposited my cum into her which dribbled out of her mouth and down her PVC mac.
Is this how you make a room tidy? I asked after I got my breath back.
All tidy except for this bed.
We sorted the bed out, then Jess suggested that if Adam was arriving in the afternoon, he and his German friend could come around for dinner that evening and be served by an English PVC maid.
That was agreed.
We all returned to my place and tried to decide on what to cook tomorrow.

Maxine telephoned me, Any problems? I asked fearing the worse.
No, he’s a great guy. Gave me lots to drink. I dressed up for him, which excited him very much. His hands were everywhere. We did some kissing, I played with his thingy, he played with mine, then he pulled down my knickers, but I kept my PVC skirt on.
He had a tube of something, he squirted a lot of it up my backside then slid a finger up. Then he pushed his cock in, slowly at first, that wasn’t painful, but it was a very strange feeling. He kept going and I think I was enjoying it. Then he came, collapsed on top of me and started kissing me again, sucked my cock until I finally came, then it was all over. So, I’m not a virgin anymore.
Would you do it again? I asked relieved that there wasn’t a problem.
Oh yes, especially with him. He said he would buy me more PVC clothes to wear for next time, so how could I possibly refuse? I have you to thank for getting us together. If ever you want me to play with you in your yellow PVC coat, I am yours to command.
I’m just so relieved you have enjoyed yourself so far. If you see me on my own wearing PVC or rubber, I will hold you to your promise.

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