Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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I drove back to Jess’s home. No one there. I went back to my place and both Jess and Charlotte were in my lounge having a drink.
How was it? Jess asked.
Good really, the salesman was there with his video camera, so I suppose we will be Hollywood stars soon. I laughed.
Jess looked seriously at me. Charlotte needs to stay a few days. I would prefer her to stay here rather than my place because Danni knows the address so it may not be safe.
Fine by me, have you shown her the spare room?
Yes, she has all her things in there and I’ve lent her some extra clothes just in case she needs them.
Can I cook for you both tonight? Asked Charlotte.
That would be lovely, I said. Let’s see what we have in the fridge and freezer.
We both went to the kitchen and pulled out various foods. Some needing defrosting. I returned to the lounge leaving Charlotte preparing dinner.
She’s had a very bad time with Danni. Said Jess. She left a lot of her things there just so she could escape quickly.
I really hate Danni. Why be so cruel to a lovely girl like Charlotte? She was so upset and grateful to us both this afternoon I made love to her just to calm her down.
I hope you’re going to bonk me every time I’m upset, I smiled at her.
Jess gave me a huge kiss. But of course, your highness!!
Dinner prepared by Charlotte was wonderful. We found out more about the problems with Danni and told her about Adam, Jess’s bother, Akio, a Doctor friend of Adam’s and the very little bit we knew about Adam’s current German friend.
We filled the dish washer and went to bed, Charlotte in her room and Jess and I in ours.

The next morning, I checked the emails. Only one of importance, a pleading message from Danni desperate to find Charlotte.
We sent a ‘she’s not here message back’ and Jess decided to take Charlotte girly shopping.
I decided to go to the river. Not a lot happening. I wandered to the wooded area, wearing my yellow PVC coat and waders, saw my friend being quite intimate with a young blonde guy. I watched from a distance as they enjoyed each other. I was spotted and waved at to come over. The young guy was nervous. I smiled and looked at his cock. My friend held his balls and wanked him until he yelped and came. I left them and walked on.
Excuse me sir, said a voice a few minutes later. It was the young blonde guy. I have seen you a few times around here in your yellow PVC coat.
That’s right, I answered.
I love PVC. I have always wanted to meet someone so into PVC.
Here I am. What would you like to know?
His face turned bright red in embarrassment. Just to talk about it really.
Well, I said. If you like it so much why aren’t you wearing anything?
I have some ladies PVC underwear on now and a PVC brassiere under my jumper.
That’s interesting, why a bra? do you ever wear a PVC skirt?
Yes, sometimes but only in my bedroom alone. It makes me feel so sexy, but I don’t know anyone who will want to see me like that.
Quite a few I’m sure. Do you like kinky boots?
Have you ever held a man’s cock and kissed him?
No, I’m too scared.
I’m not so sure.
I think I would but need to be helped a little.
Do you have a mobile phone?
He nodded. Give me your number and I will see what I can do for you.
Would you like to sit in my car and fondle my PVC coat?
His voice was beginning to get excited and trembling.
Here’s my car. We climbed in, his hand touched my PVC coat. I smiled at him. Was that a good feeling?
Please lick my coat and show me your PVC undies.
He unzipped his jeans and exposed some black PVC undies with a large cock trying to escape. He began to lick my PVC coat. I touched the undies gently. He gasped. I squeezed the bulge. He cried out and apologised to me. I’m so sorry I’ve just cum in them. The total look of embarrassment was rather cute. Sorry
Don’t worry. I have your mobile number. I’ll be in touch soon and let you know some good news. Okay?
Thank you. He got out of the car and walked off.

I called Roxy and explained what had just happened. Could she help with a little bit of friendly training?
If you can bring him over to my place now, I’ll see what can do with him.
I telephoned him, luckily, he was still wandering around the river area.
We drove the half hour to Roxy’s home. Roxy greeted us, not quite as glamourous as the other night but still dressed and very feminine. I had told her in our telephone conversation of the guys obsession with PVC, so helpfully she was in boots and wore the red PVC mac.
He couldn’t take his eyes off Roxy and her mac.
I have a few things to do so when your about finished give me a call and I’ll take you back home.

What’s your name? asked Roxy.
Max or Maxine. He blushed again.
What sort of female gear do you have?
Just my PVC panties and bra.
You’re in luck, I think I have a PVC mini your size. Take off your jeans.
Max did and Roxy produced a shiny black PVC mini.
Put it on.
Max became Maxine.
What’s that? asked Roxy, pointing at a large bulge in the front of the mini. Maxine’s face became bright red again.
The boys will love that!! Have you played with any men yet?
Maxine shook her head.
Well you had better start with me then!!

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Wonderful.....Many thanks

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A great series of stories.
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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