What PVC pants do you like?

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Re: What PVC pants do you like?

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It has to be shiny unlined pvc. I like ones with poppers and without. I sleep in mine all the time.
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Re: What PVC pants do you like?

Post by WealdenMac »

ilikecoated wrote: November 29th, 2020, 4:12 pm Do both of you like them thight or loose fitting ? And did you ever feel sorry for them ?
Generous fit for me but important to have tight elastic around the waist and legs. Maybe a little reminder of the days when they sometimes poked out from under my short trousers. Can't say I ever felt sorry for them, not even when they were cruelly pegged out to dry on the garden washing line.
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Re: What PVC pants do you like?

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Elastic has to be tight but the rest don’t mine either way, a bit of room is nice if you like to wear a diaper underneath now and then.
Never felt sorry for them at all.
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Re: What PVC pants do you like?

Post by MrDoudy »

I own a variety, most in plastic, a couple in rubber. I always go for quality rather than cheapness and find the UK makes Drylife (for both rubber and plastic pants) and Sealwear (for rubber pants and bloomers) excellent as they last indefinitely and feel better next to the skin which is the most fun way to wear them, but I find at my age about two hours is as much as I can manage without risk of "leaks" but that slight dribblings are still contained inside good quality plastic pants. For longer outings it's a bit "touch and go" but adds to the thrill and if your trousers do get soaked it doesn't matter so much if you're also in proper rainwear!
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