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Flickr account

Post by Dete5 » January 28th, 2019, 9:58 pm

Dear all,
I'm a rainwear enthusiast who was reading here for a while, but never posted anything. Some may know my Nick from or from Flickr. Re the latter I have a question because something weird happened to my Flickr account.
I opened this account around 10 years or so with my yahoo credentials at this time. Don't know what happened to yahoo but did have deleted my yahoo account just a little later. However still worked with the Flickr account until my laptop was stolen some years ago. So also lost my sign-in data.
These days I tried to re-access my Flickr account because I still got notices that someone was following my profile. He asked for the email of my yahoo account which I entered, but once re-accessed he gave me a complete new profile. The odd thing is when following the links in the new-follower notices I can still see my old profile and, yes, I have added myself following myself with my new account.
Does anybody have an idea how to get access to my old account? I created the Flickr account from Germany, lived in the meantime in the UK and added an UK phone number to view the 18+ pics, but am now back to Germany. (Hopefully someone can follow....)

Thanks everyone and I'm really happy to look into this forum every day!

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Re: Flickr account

Post by kinkycumbria » January 29th, 2019, 3:50 pm

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