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Political thoughts: How the "green" politic will influence the use of raincapes in Germany

Posted: November 7th, 2017, 7:35 pm
by marcus_germany
I am thinking of what the change of the german politics to "green" will mean to raincapes.

The first time, raincapes will have a big comeback as the people have to switch from their cars to bycicles. When you are riding on your bicicle and it rains you cannot use an umbrella, you need a raincape.
But then the green party will make laws to reduce the plastic pollution of the seas. One-time plastic articles will disappear. Plastic articles have to last as long as possible. But: plastic should not contain harmful substances. So, one-time raincapes will disappear, pvc raincapes also. Maybe, latex will stay as it is made from natural kautschuk. Also maybe, bio-plastic that is not made from petrol oil and is compostable may be used then.

I also think that PVC cling film will disappear, but because cling film is still needed for hygienic packaging of food, i think, PE cling film will stay or maybe they switch to bio plastic.

We don't know what the european union and germany will decide but this will change a lot i think