Introduction...... Hello from me

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Introduction...... Hello from me

Post by cagoulion » February 4th, 2011, 7:10 pm

Hello everybody and I suppose I should come along and say hello having just joined today.

I'm from Scotland and have been involved in raincoat fetish sites since they started having them on the internet! I have a large collection of PVC and nylon raincoats, waders wellies and plastic items, and have also been involved in the BDSM scene for what sems like ages.

I love any kind of raincoat that has elasticated sleeves and am quite partial to AB plastic pants too having never quite gotten over my mother throwing my proper baby ones away!

One of the first sites I got addicted to on the internet was the ShinyGirl site run brilliantly by your webmaster here and I love pics of people in raincoats doing any kind of work, even if it might just be for show! I'm happy to see pics and stories about boys or girls and hope to chip in the odd one myself. I have a good pal who dresses up for various fetish pics and I might get to post some of those here, or she might join herself.

I also do some weird and wonderful videos and photos of my obsessions and have a youtube channel and strange flickr raincoat abuse pic site.

Look forward to meeting you all



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