Pvc flooring and other way to make the room also shiny

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Pvc flooring and other way to make the room also shiny

Post by marcus_germany » May 21st, 2017, 5:27 pm

What i thought of: We love PVC Raincape, PVC Bed sheets, other PVC accessoiries. What do you think? Would it be nice tro extend this shiny glossy finish also to some the own living room? On the Walls its easy to add shiny pvc sheets. ALso a PVC tablecloth on the table is simple.

But i also thought about pvc flooring like in some tv shows: In a lot of tv shows the floor is covered with a high gloss surface. often black with a shiny high gloss that looks like PVC (And maybe is pvc as pvc is often used for flooring, but normally not that high gloss type).

I wonder if the material will keep this shiny gloss over years: Is it resistand enough to withstand dirt, shoes and so on over years? or will the gloss get lost too soon? I do not know how often they have to exchange the flooring material in the tv shows. And where to get this high gloss type of pvc flooring? The normal pvc flooring used in gym halls or similar is not that glossy type like that used in tv shows. or is it better to use conventional materials like marble that are unfortunately not soft but there gloss is more resistant to dirt and scratches over the years?

Or do you think it's too much to make a complete room in a shiny pvc look?
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Re: Pvc flooring and other way to make the room also shiny

Post by raincoatboy » May 21st, 2017, 9:32 pm

I thought about this myself. How nice it would be to have a completely shiny rompus room. I have pvc pillow cases and I can use pvc welding screens for bed covers. They do sell pvc matress covers. I have super shiny pvc table covers. You could always use shiny pvc welding screens or shiny pvc shower curtains to hang on the wall. As for a shiny pvc floor it is easy enough but I would walk on it barefoot. The ceiling might be a bit of a challenge.

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