PVC Outfits at the ESC 2017

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PVC Outfits at the ESC 2017

Post by marcus_germany » May 13th, 2017, 9:42 pm

Yes, i watched/still watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 like every year.
And there also were some Plastic outfits. An Ukraine folk music group performed during the voiting. The Dancers had a black/white PVC Catsiuit. One of the Actors (i forgot the country, it was a thick opera singer) hat a glossy outfit. It seemed like the outfit was rubberized.

The German ESC party in hamburg before the ESC: Barbara Schoeneberger and Hele Fischer had Transparent Umbrellas (Traditional Form, EVA Canopy with small black border) on the stage as it was raining. In the audience i counted 4 clear umbrellas of the same type and some of the disposable plastic raincapes
PVC is sexy.

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