Winter Olympics commentry

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Winter Olympics commentry

Post by Alicia » February 28th, 2010, 12:16 pm

I nearly fell over last night (27 Feb) watching the Winter Olympics. It was the run-off for the 4-7th places of the slalom snowboarding and the commentators will filling time whilst the competitors were on the chairlift to the start. The conversation went something like

"'s cold and wet now and the competitors will want to have their war, coats on as soon as they finish the course...the lycra suits are very flexible and streamlined but when they get wet they suck the heat out of your body, latex rubber suits are not allowed for safety reasons"

and the other guy pipes up,

"Yes, if you fell over on the ice in a latex rubber suit you would actualy accelerate instead of slowing down"

I've never really followed ski-ing but i was never aware that they ever used rubber suits. But I can confirm thru experience that wearing a tight rubber suit on a cold day is cold because there is no layer of air trapped between the suit and your skin. Theres an indoor ski slope near me, maybe I'll go there sometime and cause some mischief?


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Re: Winter Olympics commentry

Post by pete » February 28th, 2010, 3:39 pm

I predict it won't be long before they throw you out...can't have you melting the snow because of your sheer hotness.
- Pete

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