Nurse uniform for the wife

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Re: Nurse uniform for the wife

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The dressmaker will defo make one for us. She has made a number of different garments for my wife in the past, some that suit my fetish and a couple for me to wear, she never comments or asks questions. When this latest COVID restriction is over I’m going to go and place my order. Can’t wait to get my wife into it,
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Re: Nurse uniform for the wife

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With nylon in mind, a nurse in her uniform wearing a well-fitting Peter Storm, Regatta or Kway cagoule - fully zipped up and drawstrings nicely tied - would do nicely thank you. It would also be great if she plunged her hands into the pockets.

Let me just dwell a while on that...
Curiousb wrote: December 31st, 2020, 3:43 pm It’s the style of the NHS dress that we both like. It would be ideal if there was a one in the exact NHS style but made from nylon mac material
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