Rajkumar Review

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Rajkumar Review

Post by latexsafi »

I recently ordered a coat from Rajkumar. Delivery was slower than promised and when the package arrived it contained the wrong coat. It turned out they sent my coat to someone else and their coat to me. As advised I sent the coat to the correct recipient and they sent me mine. The coat is way too big it's supposed to fit a 40in chest but measure about 56 in and the sleeves are way too long.

To date I still have not received the postage for correcting their delivery problem and have been offered no help or discount for the coat being much larger than the one I ordered. Communication was fantastic prior to ordering but has been very hit and miss since.

Whilst not my problem the quality of the coat I had to forward was very poor with the rubber coating patchy and bubbly.

In my opinion this company is not worth the risk - AVOID
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Re: Rajkumar Review

Post by olympic »

you must have had an off day with them. all of the rainwear i have ever ordered has been top notch. they have some of the nicest and large selection of rubber (real rubber) rainwear there is to buy. they even have kids' rainwear. i would say give them another chance. they have the best there is. prices are very reasonable for the products they offer.
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