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Posted: November 25th, 2017, 2:19 pm
by jodie
I have now bought two Burberry raincoats recently the shiny blue trenchcoat for my husband and yesterday the pink soft touch plastic raincoat for myself. I have visited both the Knightsbridge mens and ladies store but also yesterday their selfridges department.I can only highly recommend them The staff are always very pleasent and will not only take time to explain to you about the raincoats you are buying and how you should wear them but take a lot of trouble in making sure you have the right fit for the coat trying on you various sizes, checking the fitting. Talking to the staff becomes the most wonderful social occasion.The coats have cost a lot of money but in my opinion worth every penny . You now feel having been there you want to go back again .Well worth a visit with no obligation to buy or hard sell.