south lics

If you are interested to meet your fellow forum members this is where to set up a meeting.
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south lics

Post by wellygirl1 » July 29th, 2018, 4:48 pm

hi all spalding rainwear crossdresser looking for some fun in macs and wellies and who knows what else

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Re: south lics

Post by hotwilly » July 29th, 2018, 7:14 pm

Welcome - North Lincs here
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: south lics

Post by rubberdee » July 30th, 2018, 5:14 am

Hiya Wellygirl
Long time no speak - how you doing ?

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Re: south lics

Post by latexloo » July 31st, 2018, 6:24 am

Hi Wellygirl,
I am always interested in meeting in macs and wellies, maybe a bit of rubber thrown in for good measure.
I have messaged you before but got no reply, hopefully I will be luckier this time as it would be great to hear from you.

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Re: south lics

Post by Rainwearsplosher » July 31st, 2018, 4:45 pm

I'd be game at end of August some time. Let me know.

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Re: south lics

Post by andria_pvc » August 4th, 2018, 1:48 pm

I would love to hear from any of you, with a view to meeting after a little further discussion.. x

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Re: south lics

Post by pvcluver » August 29th, 2018, 1:24 pm

Hi. I'm in West Midlands so Notts/Lincs not too far for me

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