Meet in North West early July?

If you are interested to meet your fellow forum members this is where to set up a meeting.
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Meet in North West early July?

Post by Manxcat » May 16th, 2017, 11:53 pm

Hello all

I have just joined this fantastic site - I live in the Isle of man. It's a nice place but very quiet

I love wearing clear plastic capes and raincoats - have been doing so for years.

Anyway, it would be great to meet up with anyone out there as I will be in the North West early in July,

Hope to hear from someone


I love Burberries
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Re: Meet in North West early July?

Post by I love Burberries » May 28th, 2017, 5:17 pm

Hello again that would be great if we could meet, get loads of hot thick creamy spunk all over my mac, keep in touch please.

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Re: Meet in North West early July?

Post by mactim » May 29th, 2017, 10:26 am

I hope you don't get too much spunk on your Burberry's hard to remove as I have several which are kept for play and the rest for best!

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