Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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They drove out to a local farm, parked up and went to see the farm owner. He wore knee high rubber boots and an old PVC jacket. Welcome, he said. Here are my two ladies for this afternoon, they are from our local wrestling club, indicating two quite largely built girls wearing yellow Hi-Viz jackets, and very tall green rubber waders. They smiled and looked across at Jamie.
Well son, said the farmer. Go and get changed then we can start and enjoy the fun.
One of the girls took Jamie to a small room, told him to take off his clothes and change into a Hi-Viz jacket and tall green rubber waders, just like the girls.
Everyone left the house. Behind the farm house was a small stream, a pond and a large muddy area. All was concealed from prying eyes by high bushes.
Des prepared his video camera, the two big girls rounded on Jamie, picked him up and threw him into the dark muddy area. Before he could respond, the girls rolled him over pushing his face down into the wet mud. They picked him up again and dragged him over to the corner of the muddy area and made him stand. He stood and sank slowly down into a hole that was there. He sank down almost to the top of his waders. He couldn’t move.
The girls took it in turns dive bombing Jamie, spraying him with wet mud each time. The farmer was enjoying the spectacle too. He kept rubbing himself as he watched excitedly. There were no yellow Hi-Viz jackets to be seen. All were completely covered in mud.
After a few more minutes of spraying Jamie, the girls began to help him out of the hole. Hold on to the top of the waders, they said. They slowly extracted him from the muddy hole, the sucking and squelching sound could be heard and then they threw him back onto the shallower mud.
The farmer was almost beyond himself with excitement. The girls turned on him, dragging him on to the mud, and laying him down on his back. One wiped his face and hair with the mud, the other pulled down his trousers wanked him fiercely with muddy hands until he came then they rolled him over onto his front to complete his muddy appearance.
Des checked his lens for any splashes, all was good. There was almost twenty-five minutes of muddy action for him to edit later.
Jamie had succeeded in getting onto dry land, covered from head to foot in dark brown mud.
The two girls helped the farmer out and went to a hose pipe and tap on the farm house wall. They hosed the farmer down, front and back, top to bottom, playing particular attention to his genital area. He took off his sodden clothes and boots and stood naked drying himself on a towel. Help yourself, he said to Jamie.
The girls sprayed Jamie before taking off their clothes and squirted themselves.
A short while later back in the farm house when everyone was dressed again Jamie asked about the Hi-Viz gear and waders. The jackets go to a commercial cleaner and the boots just dry out, then we polish them until the next time.

I’ll have the film edited ready for you tomorrow, said Des and we left.
Glad that was you and not me, he laughed. He dropped Jamie off at his home and went back to the studio to create a muddy cinematic masterpiece.
Jamie showered and washed his hair to rid himself of the muddy experience, poured himself a drink and thought about the afternoon and decided that it was not going to be on his favourite things to do, but it was certainly different.
He checked his emails. Only one, from the ‘husband’.
He had listed twenty-five items of clothing he owned in the PVC category. Macs, boots, dresses, hoods, gloves. Would I like to model any of them for him sometime?
Jamie assumed there would be a little more required than just modelling.

Sure. How’s your ‘wife’? he replied.
Out with a friend tonight.
Girl or boy?
Are they good friends?
I think so. They have similar interests.
Sex and fetish. A bit like you and me.
Would you like me to come around tonight? You can select whatever you like to dress me in.
Lovely. I’ll expect you at eight then?

Why not, Jamie thought. After a fascinating muddy afternoon, why not indeed!
The ‘husbands’ door opened. He stood there resplendent in a silver, tightly belted PVC mac, black shiny tights and knee boots.
Jamie’s hand gently touched the ‘husbands’ crutch, much to his approval.
You look very sexy, said Jamie.
Come. Said the ‘husband’. Change into these things, then let’s enjoy ourselves.
His selection was very interesting. Thigh length boots, red PVC basque and a black PVC jacket plus a studded leather paddle. He dressed quickly and followed the ‘husband’ into the bedroom.
You want me to use this? Jamie queried, holding the paddle.
I really need a good punishing tonight.
Why? What have you done wrong?
I shouldn’t tell you, but I think she is fancying another guy! It might even be you!!
Oh no!! Why am I standing here dressed like this? And you want me to punish you, if your ‘wife’ fancies me?
Please, please use the paddle, I need it.
He lifted the silver PVC mac up, turned and laid face down on the bed. Jamie pulled down his tights and began to thrash his bare cheeks.
The ‘husband’ whimpered. Jamie continued, until he began to cry. Please stop, Oh Please.
Jamie stopped, the sobbing stopped, and the ‘husband’ turned over and took Jamie’s cock into his mouth and sucked and pleasured him until he came.
They lay there on the bed for a few minutes. Then Jamie touched the ‘husbands’ cock, squeezed it and brought it hard, wanked it until it spurted over Jamie’s red PVC basque.
Perfect, Jamie said. I’m going before your ‘wife’ gets back. See you soon. Keep in touch.
Jamie changed back into his own clothes and drove home, a very exciting and definitely different day.

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wish i was he husband
love his life

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Wish I was Jamie, any excuse to pull on a pair of waders works for me.
Wearer of Waterproofs & Waders - as often as possible!

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