Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Mike telephoned me saying that his parent’s hotel was closing for the winter months and they were going abroad for three weeks holiday. He would be back home for a week and would I like to stay at the hotel with him?
Well it would certainly save on my heating bills!!
The weekend arrived and I went around to the hotel with a suitcase full of my boots, mini skirt and PVC macs.
Mike had moved from his small room to a deluxe room with a four-poster bed, used by paying guests and the heating was on!!
We went to the hotel bar and helped ourselves to drinks.
Which would you prefer tonight? Cross dressing or submit totally to me?
I submit totally to you. I replied. I wondered if I have said the right thing. I knew Mike was gentle in his PVC mac’s but as a dominant I didn’t know what to expect.
We took our drinks and he showed me another smaller bedroom where I could change.
What do you want me to wear? I asked.
Just your boots, a mini skirt and a mac draped over your shoulders.
Come to my room in exactly 20 minutes from now.
20 minutes is such a long time to wait. As told, I wore my knee length boots a black PVC mini skirt and my black mackintosh draped over my shoulders. I chose this mac because I had a lot of very good sexual experiences wearing it.
Exactly 20 minutes and I knocked on his door.
I gasped as he led me in.
Thigh length boots, a studded black leather jock strap, a studded leather jacket and his face was completely covered by a black leather mask.
He pulled me towards the bed, pulled off my PVC mac and threw it on the floor. Bend over. I bent over the end of the bed and he put his hand up my skirt and squeezed my balls hard. I cried out, so he squeezed them again.
He selected a leather paddle from a table and thwacked my backside.
Count to ten he demanded. I was thwacked ten times.
Stand up straight.
Dangling from the top of the four-poster bed were two handcuffs. He locked my wrists into each of them. I waited, trembling while he replaced the studded paddle and selected a rubber cat o nine tails.
I heard the swish then the lighter pain as the nine tails struck my back several times
Make less noise!!
A rubber ball gag was inserted into my mouth and my eyes covered with a leather mask.
Again his hand went up my skirt and squeezed my balls. My gasps were muffled by the ball gag and saliva dribbled from my mouth. Then a leather cat o nine tails was used on my back. Much more painful. My eyes were watering with the stinging sensation.
I felt Mike grab hold of my cock and started to wank me until I came. A bizarre mix of pain and pleasurable sensations.
He freed me from the handcuffs, pushed me face down on the bed, threw my PVC mac over me and told me not to move. After a few minutes Mike pulled my PVC mac off my back and I felt some soothing cream being applied to my backside, this was followed by a finger, then two, then I felt Mike insert himself into me his full length. I could feel the metal studs of his jock strap pressing on my bottom as he plunged back and forth.
He finally pulled himself out and I felt his hot cum squirting down on my sore back.
He pulled off my mask and released the ball gag from my mouth.
You have just been dominated. He said. You must be very grateful to me.
I was quite confused. My friend had just hurt and punished me and told me to be grateful.
Mike took off his black leather mask. How do you feel? he asked, offering me another drink.
A bit bewildered. I told him. Is it like that every time?
No. It gets longer and more complicated every time we do it. I could keep you encased in a rubber sleep bag for hours and you could not escape.
He left his boots and jock strap on and pulled on his favourite red PVC mac pulling the belt tight.
He then helped me on with my black PVC mac and we went back down to the bar for more drinks.
Later we returned to the four-poster bed and slept.

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How many words are there in the dictionary between fantasy and fun?

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Don't know, but I know I enjoy all of it!!

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