Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Post by shinymacintosh » March 7th, 2019, 3:45 pm

Monday and Tuesday came in glorious sunshine. So, it was just the shiny black nylon trousers that kept my lustful emotions running. Wednesday was a drizzle day. I rejoiced as I put on the oilskin cape as well as my trousers. I was so excited thinking of wearing the cape backwards and smelling the oilskin aromas that I finished my rounds before closing time.
I brought the bike into the back room of the shop and saw the shop owner serving a guy wearing motor bike leathers. I waited in the back room keeping on my shiny fetishy work clothes. The motor bike guy came in, smiled at me, groped me a little then he produced a rubber lined duffle bag pulled it over my head and drew the draw strings quite tight.
I couldn’t see a thing and the rubber aroma was something I was beginning to enjoy. My breathing was getting more difficult as well He wanked me harder then I was carefully laid down on the floor. I could just about hear the zips of his jeans being pulled down. He kneeled astride me and with a little difficulty inserted my cock inside himself. Once done he bounced up and down and pulled the duffle bag strings tighter. His hands pushing down to where my mouth was.
It wasn’t long before I exploded inside him, he fell off me and stood up. I was gasping rubber flavoured air He finally took the duffle bag off my sweating head and threw me a towel.
The motor bike guy thanked the shop owner, not me, and left.
I have one or two quite odd friends, he said. But I hope you will enjoy them and their strange ways. Let me calm you down. He gently towelled and cleansed my face and cock before pulling the cape off over my head. His hand went down to my balls and gradually resurrected my erection.
He pulled off my shiny black nylon trousers and slapped my bare backside as I put on my jeans and shirt and left the shop.
Across the road was Mike waiting for me.
Have you got a spare hour? Some of our kitchen staff haven’t turned up so we need dishwashers tonight.
We rushed back to the hotel. The first courses had finished and plates and cutlery were now filling the kitchen tables and sinks.
Here, he said throwing me a white full-length thick vinyl pinafore and a pair of elbow length green rubber gloves. Get cracking. Mike wore the same and we stuck in and cleared all the four courses of plates and glasses. Then prepared the tables for breakfast the next morning.
Thanks for that he said.
Anything happened at the shop?
I told him about the leather clad motor cycle guy and what had happened. Not seen him before, said Mike, but the shop owner has some quite weird but friendly friends he invites around sometimes.
Would you like to come upstairs to my room?
We went up to Mikes room still wearing the vinyl pinafores and green rubber gloves. As before, he locked the bedroom door then pushed me down on the bed and inserted two of his rubber fingers into my mouth. Pushing and pulling in a simulated sexual move. His other hand soon found my balls and his grip tightened on them causing me to cry out.
He pulled the bottom of the vinyl pinafore up covering my face then unzipped my jeans pulled out my excited cock and took me in his mouth. His two rubber clad fingers were still in my mouth. I came, he wiped the cum over my cheeks and lips.
Thanks for helping me with the washing up!!
I pulled off the rubber gloves and the vinyl pinafore, said my goodbyes and went home after a very exciting day.

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Post by Johnnyrbr » March 8th, 2019, 11:30 am

Yet another great episode to get many of us excited!!

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