Pakamac adventures continued

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Pakamac adventures continued

Post by boyach » March 7th, 2019, 10:32 am

Just before my birthday I was as college and finished my last lecture for the day - things were getting difficult for me as I was not getting to understand the material very well and in any case my very randy mid kept wandering onto my times with Mrs. B and I was especially prone to this daydreaming when I could not grasp a class matter and my thought went off piste. The lecturer was a nice guy and he really tried. I personally gave it up as a bad deal.

I left the college and made my way to the bus to get to the station. It was wet and crowded and I was stuffed in amongst the standing room only crowd as used to be in those days wearing of course my newly acquired pacamac from Mrs. B -(she was very particular I should wear it knowing what it did for me and to me) and generally minding my own business when I spotted the lecturer near the step of the bus wearing his standard grey pacamac and looking for the moment about to step down at the next stop which was also mine. I thought little about it and started towards the bus platform to make my exit as well and alighted and could see the lecturer Mr. L about 300yards in front of me. I turned down the side road for the station and saw that he had suddenly vanished and looking around assumed he must have stepped into the public toilet for a quick pee as there was nowhere else he could have gone. I did likewise and on entering saw that there was no one standing at the urinals but one of the two cubicles was closed. I entered the second and locked the door and put my bag down. I could hear through the partition from the other side and there was a lot of rustling and other slightly rhythmic noises and I became very intrigued. Looking around I saw that there was a hole between the partitions covered with some paper. I moved it gently to reveal quite a large hole nut that was covered from the other side.

I decided to wait and had become quite aroused when the paper on my side suddenly moved and a finger came though from the other side. I bent down and could see the lower torso of Mr.L for sure and he had nothing on except his mac also for sure. I immediately got harder and harder, and could see him pulling at his prick which was sticking out of his mac and was very red. He made a gesture with his hand for me to pass my knob through. I could not resist and I felt him rubbing me on his mac and on himself and then suddenly felt hot breath and he had me in his mouth.I could feel him licking around my helmet and knob and sucking and slurping and obviously enjoying it as I was. I was not sure I was quite ready for this but lost control and exploded hard and quite loudly. When I had finished I looked again and saw him standing there with spunk dripping down and he was masturbating wildly. I quietly left and he had no idea who I was.

The following day I put in for extra tuition which I needed badly and who did I get but Mr.L - he mentioned to me that it would perhaps be best if we went to his flat which was only a bus and short train ride away so I agreed, Just before the station by the toilet he said he had to go in and would I mind waiting for him. I said go ahead and waited about two minutes and put my head in - it was the same as before - he had closed himself in the cubicle. I went again into the other side and this time he put his cock straight through- I grabbed and stroked it with my mac until he came and then quickly left and waited outside like nothing had happened. He eventually came out and we got on the train which was rush hour crowded and as we were pushed next to each other I could feel his nice mac with the back of my hand and had him swaying against me as always happens in crowded trains. As he swayed I could feel his hand brushing my bum and his crotch pushing into me slightly. Very daring I moved my hand down and as he pushed I could feel his hard prick pressing into me. It was very arousing. I turned very slightly so his hand was against my crotch and I felt his fingers every so gently caress my cock and balls.

We left the train and in a short walk arrived at his flat. I desperately need to wank and excused myself and asked where the toilet was. He showed me and I entered, just pulled the door too, and pulled my knob out still in my mac and began a desperate two handed wank making probably quite some noise. The door behind me opened and he came in took one look bent and took me in his mouth and began a vacuum like suction on my helmet- it felt divine! This continued but I was not ready to reciprocate as this was a new experience for me which need thinking over and even discussing with Mrs, B. who was the most open minded person in the world. I spunked over his mac again and he stroked my under my balls and bum in a very arousing way.

I will continue this recollection very soon - please feel free to message me and I would be very happy to speak with anyone and discuss shared experiences. Thanks in advance

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Re: Pakamac adventures continued

Post by hotwilly » March 7th, 2019, 8:22 pm

Would love to have a shared pak a Mac experience , at your age or any age - even now
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Pakamac adventures continued

Post by Johnnyrbr » March 8th, 2019, 12:04 pm

Wish that had happened to me when I used to wear a pac a mack in late teens

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