Pakamac bath time part2

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Pakamac bath time part2

Post by boyach » March 6th, 2019, 9:33 pm

I was wondering how things were going from here when Mrs. B turned to me with that wonderful warm grin she had and that glint in her eye, looking down at my limp but still turgid penis which would not take long to re-engorge, and said
"come on - we must clean up now"
"what do you mean?"
"well you are so hot and sweaty and you have spunked all over me - so lets clean up"
She reached forward and started to undo the molded buttons of my mac which was by now wonderfully clinging to me and as it opened started to slowly slide my arms out of it which in itself felt marvelous. At every move she was pushing against me or swishing gently past me and I could feel her thighs and her breasts through the smooth transparency of her own mac and her hand and arm kept brushing past my rapidly re inflating cock and the helmet became rapidly swollen and engorged. Mrs. B licked her lips. Finally I was naked in front of her and was fully erect and swollen. She turned round once more.
"Lick the back of my mac clean where you spunked " she giggled.

I looked once again at her lovely back and beautiful bum with its deep and alluring cleft and started to lick from the top going down. She was clearly enjoying this as she moaned as she felt my tongue licking and as I got lower and I was once again opposite her buttocks I started licking up and down and burying my face in the cleft. She moaned loudly and then teasingly told me to stop and tuned round.

"now this side" she said.
I started with her neck and buttoned up collar and then down those amazing rubbery buttons one by one sucking and licking them and at breast level took turns on each of those rock hard nipples. As I got lower and lower my head was nearly on the lino of the floor licking the hem and pushing my face into the front of the mac and against the fly. I felt the heat from those mac covered legs and the wonderful aroma opposite the dark triangle especially as I went on down, all the time feeling the smoothness and those ever alluring fly buttons on my face. I stopped finally and she said
"what are you waiting for - now up the inside" and giggled.

She raised the hem of the mac and lowered it over my head and I started licking up her thighs and as I got to her fanny I stopped. She spread her legs wide and started stroking my head through the folds of the mac. I started to lick inside the folds of fanny, and felt with my tongue for her clitoris. After a while I found it and it was swollen like a little cock and I opened my mouth and sucked on it and her sweet lips which were dripping and very aromatic. She began to hump on me and it seemed as if her clitoris had gotten even bigger in my mouth and it was as if I was sucking a cock and she was fucking my mouth. She shuddered and moaned and obviously came very hard like this then raised her mac, and took my sweating head out, turned round and knelt on the floor leaning over the side of the tub and slid her mac up over her voluptuous bum. She then reached behind her and spread her cheeks showing those long lips and a very wet slit.
"Push it in - please!"
I did so and slid into and up her with ease and with her moaning and gasping brought us both to an orgasm to dream about, with my hands fondling her heavy breasts through that slick mac and its fly front and my knob throbbing and pulsing and myself dripping and sliding about over her and over the mac itself. Once the orgasm had subsided she had me lie on the floor and sat on me while her fanny drained on my cock and I caressed her gently.
Was there ever a more understanding and playful being who had guessed and understood my fetish and was so hungry for a younger cock and willing to enjoy it. For myself her stocky heavy set features were a wild turn on and I knew that I had to have every moment I could. She stood up again magnificent in the translucency and announced that now we really must clean up and laughed that amazing laugh of hers.
The next week was my 19th birthday and I was having a party. I will tell more about that anon!

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Re: Pakamac bath time part2

Post by hotwilly » March 7th, 2019, 8:02 pm

Lucky boy
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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