Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Post by shinymacintosh » March 4th, 2019, 12:26 pm

The second week the owner had played with me almost every day which I loved more and more. I even got to wear the oilskin cape back to front a few times as well. On the Friday he explained that he had oiled the bike chain so he didn’t want me to get my trousers oiled up.
Take off your trousers and underpants and put these on.
He gave me a pair of very heavy duty, shiny black nylon trousers. I pulled them on. They were cold to the skin and made a loud rustling sound when I moved. His hand went straight to my crutch and he fondled me. I reacted quickly and my body heat softened the thick nylon a little but the rustling sound was still there. He gave me a pair of cycle clips and told me to get delivering.
The sensation of the nylon close to my skin and the movement of cycling without underpants to hold me firm was exhilarating. I must have had a hard on for most of the hour I was delivering.
Friday was payday so when he had closed up the shop we went upstairs to his little flat. Bedroom, toilet, kitchen and a lounge with a wall full of books.
His hands were all over me, making the nylon move and crackle. He didn’t take the trousers down just kept masturbating me through the shiny material. It wasn’t long before I came, gasping at the wonderful different pain I had enjoyed and the sensation of my own hot cum dribbling down my leg.
He handed me my wage packet, a small brown envelope with a ten shilling note and a two and sixpence coin inside.
Now its your turn he said sitting me down on a chair. He opened his grey nylon overall coat, revealing his quite large erection then holding my head he pushed himself in and out of my mouth before pulling out and finished himself off by shooting cum all over my face.
He helped me off with the sticky nylon trousers and gave me my underpants and normal trousers back.
Imagine wearing the nylon pants and the oilskin cape together, he said.
I couldn’t wait.
I had three or four rainy days fully dressed and when I returned to the shop each time the cape was reversed and the tightly bound hood covered my face as he played with me until I came inside the nylon trousers.
On the dry days, I still went out with my black nylon trousers crackling noisily as I delivered the food orders.
This went on for four weeks until I had to tell him that I was going to be on holiday with my family for two weeks.
Don’t worry he said I’ll find someone to deliver and I hope you will come back after your holiday.
There was no way I was not coming back. This was absolute heaven.

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Post by hotwilly » March 4th, 2019, 7:16 pm

Sounds absolutely wonderful
Even better is the cape back to front, hood over your head and tight whilst he played with you
Have had a similar pleasure, dressed as you were under a bullet hairdrier which was warming me up and making the rubber I was wear smell delightful
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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