Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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When we woke fully Sylvie was obviously still very fragile, and seemed exhausted.
“Last night took its toll darling, didn’t it?” I said, trying to get the conversation flowing again.
“I can’t understand it. I feel totally drained, like a wet rag”.
“Not so surprising really. How often have we said we were shattered after one of our blazing orgasms? I know you didn’t have one (I did, by Jove!) but think about it: you had a total catharsis, of the proportions that my lesbian cousin must have had when she came out. Psychologically it’s the same thing. But for her it went on for months. I walked beside her through all the storms and the results were pretty much the same. Your outpouring was the equivalent, emotionally, of maybe a couple of hundred orgasms. And when you consider that our brain absorbs 20% of our energy intake it’s no wonder there’s no diesel left in your darling little tank, is it?
“Hopefully it will settle down for you much more quickly than it did for Shona but if it takes a few days – or weeks – don’t be too surprised, and DON’T be ashamed for heaven’s sake, and DON’T apologise. Think of it as a totally normal reaction, which it is. It’s just that you haven’t experienced anything like it before. Be proud of yourself! You were absolutely, mind-blowingly wonderful last night and if your feelings overtook you and blew your capacity for an orgasm out of the water, so be it. Tonight is another night!”
“But all that stuff about wanting to be an exhibitionist! Did I really say all that?”
“Yes you did, in as many words, and you wouldn’t believe how it turned me on. You know very well I love you to talk about what turns you on, and if you rilly, rilly wanna do it for an audience, then we have the perfect opportunity!
“Of course WE! You don’t seriously think I want to miss out on seeing you cumming to beat the band, whatever the circ.’s, especially in a kinky outfit, do you? Deary me, whatever next!”
“What ‘opportunity’ do you mean?”
“Margy and Eric, of course! SHEESH!!”
“You mean, having them watch us? … Or you want to see me do it with Eric? …. Do you want to do it in front of them?”
“I’d be very happy to, as long as it pleases YOU darling. All I want is for you to be happy; I long to give you fulfilment, whatever that is and whatever it takes. I LOVE you, in case you’d forgotten!”
She was silent for moment or two, then turned, slid her arms round my neck and kissed me, long and tenderly and gently; no eroticism, just pure love.
“GOD I love you Tom! You are always so gentle, so patient, so wise and understanding. I’m not sure I deserve you!”
“No, you don’t. You deserve someone far, FAR better than me my love. The privilege is all mine, trust me!” And I meant it, every damn syllable of it. “But if you want to explore the idea with Eric and Margy I’m sure they’d be up for it. They as good as said so.”
“This is all happening so fast, I’m not sure I can cope with it”.
No it isn’t. Nothing is happening at all. We’re just exploring ideas. From the beginning of our love I always said I will never push you, and I’m not pushing you now. But now we are able to talk about it, let’s do that, eh?”
“I suppose I have to say the thought is intriguing, or everything I said last night was a lie. But it wasn’t. I’ve had the most lurid fantasies of putting on some sort of erotic show that drives the audience bonkers, if you’ll pardon the expression. And in it I’m usually the star, or partly so. God this is so hard to actually articulate, but I so want to! Please help me Tom” she whispered.
“And I SO want you to darling, partly because it drives me bonkers too, but mainly because it’s you, blowing off the head of steam that almost destroyed you last night. You really need to give vent to it all, and share it with me. Only then can we really discuss actual possibilities. That’s when it starts, not till then. In between you’ll certainly get bonked if you carry on like this. You have been warned, kinky lady!!”
She looked round the bed, a mess from last night. “Oh God, look at this place, like Quilp’s Wharf! Let me get a shower. And what do I do about my mac? Look at it!”
“You have a shower in it, you sexy bird. Then you’ll both be all fresh and ready.”
“Ready for what?”
“You’ll find out.”
She rolled off bed, snatched up the lovely glittering mac and with one backward, challenging glance, was gone. I listened to the shower running for a while, trying to guess what she was doing, then burst in. The sight that met my eyes almost made them water. She had the mac on, just the belt fastened, the hood softly framing her lovely chestnut waves and protecting them from the steaming water, leaning back against the side wall, her eyes closed and a dreamy look on her lovely face.
With one hand she gathered a palmful of soap and started to lubricate her breasts with it inside the mackintosh. The other hand was buried firmly in her crotch, moving rapidly. Then she opened her eyes and saw me, standing smartly to attention – well, part of me was – lost in admiration. The old Sylvie would have been shattered, but the new one said “What kept you? Don’t you think I look pretty in my new mac?”
“You look irresistible!”
“I suppose you want to see me cum now, do you?”
“Nothing would give me greater joy!”
“Well fair’s fair: I wanna see you cum, too! I really want to see your spunk spurt out, and all for ME! Come on, please do it for me. Please, darling! I’ve always wanted to see a man do it for himself, and I want you to see me, too. Cum for me darling, cum for me!” And she spread the soap all over her firm tits, paying special attention to showing off her hard nipples, then cupping them in her hands and sliding the black PVC all over them. “OH GOD that feels good! Oh I love to see your face, so full of desire for me. Look at my tits, don’t they look smashing in the mac? Doesn’t it make you wanna cum on them? One day I want you to cum on them again, like you did last night, but for now I just want you to watch me cum, and TO cum with me.”
So I stood outside the shower with the door open – “outside the tent pointing in” as it were - quite unable to resist wanking myself furiously, having borrowed some of the soap, feasting my eyes on her. In fact I enjoyed it, having lost my shyness in her enthusiasm.
She rubbed her clit faster, her eyes riveted on my own rivet, widening as her climax approached.
“Oh god I’m gonna cum. Cum with me angel, please shoot your hot spunk for me, I wanna see it all, all of it, every hot gushing spurt of it. Cum for me now, now, NOWWW OH GOD OH GODOHGOD OHGOD DARLING SPURT IT SPURT IT SHOOT ALL YOUR CUM FOR ME, ALL FOR MEEEEE!!!
To be honest I was surprised I had any to give after last night, but you should never underestimate the power of a lovely lady in a delicious mackintosh and I tensed every muscle and gave it my all, and then some. I stood there, looking at her breasts heaving as she panted, she looking at me, still dripping and trying to keep my flagging erection going. Fat chance of that: I was spent once again. I had misjudged the amount of emotional energy I myself had expended last night. I sagged against her in the shower, alternately rubbing her clitty and making her shudder, and rubbing those exquisite mammaries through the slippery PVC. They felt absolutely wonderful, especially as the nipples still made little hard points in the palm of my hand. Always drives me nuts, that.
I took her in my arms and forced her back against the wall of the shower, the warm water still trickling over us. I rubbed my chest against her mac, stimulating those tits some more and she luxuriated in it. Our mouths met, tongues entwining, the heat building again, our hands going everywhere, breathlessly praising each other’s sexual prowess, blaming each other for our towering orgasms, reaffirming our passionate love for each other.
“I don’t’ know which drove me mad the most, seeing you wank yourself off and shooting your hot load for me, or you watching me as I came. All I know is it was practically the most erotic experience of my life and I want to do it again and again while you hungrily devour me with your eyes. You looked amazing; I’ve never seen that expression on you before!”
This was language like I’d never heard from her before. She was a woman possessed, all her inhibition gone, speaking her mind freely. And it was something truly beautiful. And I loved her more than ever.
Her intense blue eyes had the dreamy look of a satisfied woman, but that gradually changed to a more focused, intense stare into mine as she began to rock her hips rhythmically against mine. I forced her harder against the wall and revelled in the sensation of her squirming in my arms in that slippery mackintosh. I told her how kinky she was in her black mackintosh, how enchantingly pretty she looked in her hood and how there was no sexier dame on earth at this moment. And I suddenly was astonished to realise I was getting hard again, already. My old gentleman rose a little, between her thighs.
“Yes” she said “I’m kinky. I love to be kinky in my shiny black mackintosh. And you love me in my shiny black mackintosh, don’t you? Because I’m kinky… kinky… kinky… kinky…” and every time she said kinky she emphasised the word a little more, saying it in rhythm with her hip thrusts, and I got harder with every stroke. I wasn’t fucking her: SHE was fucking ME! She was methodically, deliberately, seducing me and I knew that her prediction of the previous night was inevitable. It was a totally predetermined, deliberate action. And I was the luckiest victim in human history!
She knew perfectly well that the words ‘kinky’ and ‘mackintosh’ invariably turned me on but she had never used them like this before. However they worked their magic on me this time and by now I was hard enough to penetrate her. I thrust into her each time a millimetre more as she said “Come on, fuck me in my mackintosh, mackkintosh, macintosh… fuck me until I scream! You love me to scream, don’t you? I’ll scream for you darling. Just make me cum with your lovely big cock. Force it into me. Harder. Harder! Pin me against the wall! Force me! Make me have it. Please MAKE me have it! I can’t escape and I’m at your mercy, so fuck me hard! HARD!! Yesss that’s it! Make me have your cock! Make me have it in my kinky mackintosh! I want to be fucked in my kinky mackintosh NOW! Fuck me, fuck me fuck me FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEE EE EE….” And she screamed in ecstasy, over and over again, her words now an incoherent babble that still sounded decidedly erotic. For my part I became a frenzied machine, pounding into her until I lost all control and genuinely tried to hurt her. But she was beyond hurting, she was totally out of control, screaming, shouting obscenities, squirming in my arms so the mackintosh slithered and rustled between us, stimulating us to still greater effort.

Somewhere along the line I had ejaculated, but there wasn’t much of an offering by way of spunk. I convulsed in her several times and did my utmost to make her feel it, but I was truly a spent force. Gradually we subsided onto the floor, and became aware that the water was now only tepid: we had used up the entire tankful. And you know what? We didn’t give a damn.

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Post by yellowgirl » February 12th, 2019, 12:44 pm

wow loved the story,can’t wait for the next chapters

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Bless you yellowgirl! Just spent an hour on MET3 but it isn't nearly finished and needs refinement. A friend told me many years ago that when he writes a piece he sticks it in a drawer for a few days, then reads it again. I do that. I'll get all smug and think a piece is terrific, but when I look again in the cold light of day I can't believe what a lot of crap I wrote! - Tiger

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