Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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During dinner a friend we had known for some time astonished us by mentioning that he and his wife had a penchant for wearing rainwear, this in response to following my hungry gaze at a stunning blonde in a glossy black mac who had just entered the restaurant. There was a sudden lull in the babble of voices as she sashayed to her table and greeted her friends.

“…We find it very erotic to dress in plastic or rubber macs. You should try it.” My GF blushed to the roots of her hair, and said nothing. Little did my friend Eric know that we had recently explored that very thing, but were both very self-conscious about it and never dared mention it to anyone else.
I said I’d heard that some people found it a turn-on but never met anyone who admitted to it before.

“I know what you mean” he said, “we felt the same way until we discovered that the fetish isn’t nearly as rare, or odd, as most people believe. We actually belong to a little swingers’ group who meet once a month to swap ideas, show off our latest acquisitions and indulge our fantasies.”

By this time my lovely Sylvia was all but sliding under the table with embarrassment and I must admit I was squirming a bit. I had daydreamed for years about just such a situation but never realised it actually existed and here he was chatting casually about it and before I could stop him he said “ You obviously fancied the blonde number over there. Did you see how many others were ogling her too? Gorgeous PVC mac!” His wife Margaret smiled knowingly at Sylvia, who obviously wished she were dead and stared steadfastly at the tablecloth, her face almost purple. At the first opportunity she emphatically changed the subject.

When Eric and I excused ourselves for a trip to the loo he muttered to me “Seems I struck a chord with you two, with the rainwear thing? I thought Sylvia was going to die of embarrassment! That’s a perfectly normal reaction, but the beauty of a club like ours is that almost everyone has been through the same thing, and found enormous relief in discovering that they aren’t alone in having kinky tastes. It’s a colossal relief of tension to be able to talk to likeminded people about one’s fetish desires, and even act out one’s favourite fantasies. Some of the scenes are a hell of a turn-on!”

I was absolutely stunned, not only that the subject had arisen so suddenly but more because both he and Margaret had obviously twigged that Sylvia and I were totally fixated on the blonde as she shimmered across the floor (clearly very aware of the attention she was attracting and clearly enjoying it. She didn’t slip her hood back until she wriggled seductively out of the mac , draping it prominently over an empty chair before sitting down). They had correctly deduced that we shared the same feelings about the rainwear fetish. Our cover was blown! What to do now?

“She knew, didn’t she, that girl?” said Sylvia after we got home. She hadn’t spoken at all on the journey, and seemed preoccupied.
“Course she did. She was bold, proud and revelling in it” I replied, very aware that the revival of the memory was having an effect on my cock.
“You wanted her, didn’t you?”
“Can’t deny it. Don’t tell me you’re surprised”
“No, I’m not. She was so bold, so…. out there. GOD I envy her! I bet you visualised taking her, right there, in front of the whole restaurant, didn’t you? Pin her against the side bench and screw her in her kinky mac and kinky boots! I bet you did, didn’t you? Didn’t you??!”
I chuckled. “You know me too well! And I’d bet good dosh that half the guys in the place had a similar notion, don’t you think? Eric obviously did.”
“Did you talk about her, when you….?”
“We didn’t, actually, but Eric did tell me a bit more about the fetish club they belong to; even invited us to go with them if we would like to.”
“WHAT?? JEEZUS! What did you say??”, the panic rising in her voice.
“Settle down darling, I didn’t respond at all except to say I’d heard of such groups” I soothed. “But Eric did mention your embarrassment and said it was perfectly normal, and that it can be a huge weight off one’s mind to be able to share one’s fetish desires with likeminded individuals”.
“And what did you say??” She couldn’t conceal her heavy breathing, and her face was flushed. She looked wonderful!
“Nothing. We returned to the table”.

But it was obvious that Eric had cleverly sown a fertile seed. For myself I was dumbstruck. This lovely, rather retiring lady who grudgingly confessed that she was happy to model for me the mac and kinky boots I had bought her, even to shyly make love in them, was suddenly going through an emotional firestorm. I’d never seen her like this before, and decided to handle her with kid gloves.

So I dropped the subject, to let her chew it over. I picked up the morning’s paper to skim the headlines.
“I think I’ll go to bed” said Sylvia, “I’ve had enough for one day”.
I nearly said “Enough what?” but kept schtumm, as she seemed very fragile. There were several major stories breaking, and I spent maybe half an hour on the paper before heading up the apples and pears myself, feeling as horny as hell. I couldn’t forget that girl either, but I better not say so!

When I got upstairs the lights were out, strangely. I thought (with some disappointment) that she must have been shattered by the evening’s events and gone to sleep. I showered and got ready for bed, slipped into the bedroom without turning any lights on and started to get in when I realised she wasn’t in the bed.

At that moment the top lights came on. Sylvia was standing by the door, resplendent in an outfit almost exactly like the blonde in the restaurant had worn. The mac had a nicely tailored bodice that clung to her breasts, betraying the hardness of her erect nipples. The skirt was almost calf length, and full. The hood was the stuff of dreams – mine at any rate – full and softly framing her shoulder-length wavy chestnut hair. Her eyes were wide, bright with arousal, challenging. I just stared at her, drinking in the vision, my cock rapidly rising.

“Oh. My. GOD!” was all I could say. “You look absolutely, literally, fantastic darling, the essence of so many of my fantasies!”

“Shut up and get your clothes off!” she commanded. I lost no time exiting my PJs and advanced on her, filled with eagerness. However with a firm push to my chest she sat me smartly on the bed and dropped to her knees in front of me, looking up into my face, holding me with her eyes.
“I saw how you looked at that girl in the restaurant” she said “and I thought ‘Little does he know that I now have an outfit just like that’. Either you had organised for her to be there, or it was a heaven-sent coincidence. Either way the sight of her, so bold, so proud, hit me like a train. Either way I decided it was now or never, and to surprise you when we got home. I nearly died when I couldn’t conceal the fact that I was so turned on, not just by her appearance but by knowing that I had an outfit just like that, and how much you would love me in it. I suddenly felt that Eric and Margie could read all of my thoughts and it shattered me! I was stunned that the girl was so bold whereas I have always been so shy about it. Well not any more: it’s time I took matters into my own hands!”

And she did exactly that, in her slippery black PVC gloves. The “matter’ that she took in hand, needless to say, belonged to ME. And she caressed me, deliciously.

“Now, big boy, I’m in charge and tonight you’re going to cum for me like you’ve never cum before. You’re going to watch me sucking you in my pretty black hood. You’re going to fill my mouth with your spunk when I tell you. You’re going to watch me spill it all down the front of my kinky black mackintosh. And then when you can get it up again you’ll last a long time as you fuck me until I scream and scream and scream in my black…. Slippery…. Shiny… . KINKY…. mackintosh and my slippery… black… thigh-high…. KINKY…. boots. Do you understand?”

“Yes, MA’AM” I breathed, and added, for the second time this evening “You know me too well!”

“And maybe you’ll come to know me a little bit better” she said, and went to work as only she can. GOD she drove me wild. But she made me wait, and wait… bringing me almost to the point of no return, then suddenly backing off. I praised her to the skies, told her how kinky she looked in her gorgeous outfit, how erotic she looked in her lovely flowing hood, with my cock in her mouth, until I could stand it no longer. I took her sweet face in my hands, pressing the hood against her cheeks, pumping eagerly into her until I yelled and absolutely exploded in her mouth as she wanked me vigorously with her shiny gloved hand.

Sylvia kept me in her mouth for the longest time, sucking every last drop out of me and with it the last vestiges of my energy. She had buttoned the mac up to the throat so the cum ran over her black gloved fingers and dripped onto her shiny black breasts, forming a pool in her cleavage as she leaned back finally, looking proudly down at her handiwork and then into my eyes with a look almost of triumph.

“So, mister, you’re wondering what has happened to me, yes?”
“Yes. You’ve always been so demure, so shy about talking about my fetish that I thought you went along with it just to please me. Now you’re like a wild thing, the girl of my ultimate fantasy dreams. Something happened to you tonight, didn’t it?”

“I think it’s been brewing for some time, maybe all my life, and I always thought I was weird and unique, that people would mock me if I ever mentioned it and that absolutely terrified me. So I never told you, because your derision would have totally destroyed me. But then it was you, who confessed to me! I still had difficulty coming to terms with it, and didn’t know what to do when you bought me the blue plastic mac. But you were so persuasive and made me promise not to laugh at you (if only he knew, I thought!) that I felt confident posing in it for you. I loved the feel of it, loved the effect it had on you, and started to feel more confident. Then the boots arrived in the post and my heart leapt as you watched me unwrap them. I could see you were disappointed when I wouldn’t put them on then, but I needed a little time. When you were out I did put them on, and the mac, and paraded round the house in them. I admired myself in the mirror and realised how much of a turn-on it would be for you if I wore them to bed. I even played with myself and had a lovely orgasm in them.”
“GOD I wish I’d seen you!” I said, but she put a finger to my lips. I said “Sorry. Please do go on”. She was on a roll now, and the floodgates had opened. And it all came tumbling out. I listened in raptured silence, still transfixed at the sight of her. She stood up and sat beside me on the bed, but otherwise made no move to clean up, or even drop her hood; she was like an actress who performs better in costume.

“All that was a month ago” she continued “and I didn’t know how to tell you or what to say or do. So when you wanted me to wear the boots with the mac, and admired me so and went so wild in me I couldn’t think how to broach the subject. I was on fire but didn’t dare take the lead. I saw this mac in a shop in town and I tell you, it took everything I’d got to go in and ask to see it. The shop girl asked if I’d like to try it on but I tried to seem nonchalant and said no, it’ll do fine for kicking around in the country. She looked a bit surprised but just wrapped it for me.

“As soon as I got it home I dressed just like this, and tried to imagine what you’d say. Honestly darling, I was terrified, but something just drove me on. You’ve described pretty clearly what style of rainwear you like best, and all I had to do was risk it and show you. That sounds so easy but I just…. I just couldn’t.

“Then tonight…. happened. I was absolutely shattered when that girl came into the restaurant, because I had fantasised about doing exactly that, dreamed of losing my shyness and feeling proud that every man in the place was ogling me, wanting me or even… how can I say this… wanting to see me get it, get it all in my shiny mac. Suddenly I really, really felt like an exhibitionist, longing to do it in front of an audience who would love me and want me and be turned on by me. I wanted to feel so irresistible that some helpless man would be utterly unable to control himself, and grab me and force me and cum in me. Tonight when I saw that proud girl it all erupted in me, and as I said it felt as if Eric and Margy, and you and everyone else in the place knew exactly, in detail, what I was thinking-oh-GOD-what-am-I saying….!”

Suddenly she broke down. She sobbed uncontrollably as I held her tenderly, kissed her forehead and caressed her gently while she cried and cried in my arms. Gradually the storm subsided, the wracking sobs fewer and further between until finally she sank into an exhausted slumber. I eased her gently down onto the bed, just as she was, and covered her with a sheet. I slid in beside her, quite unable to sleep, just watching her and loving her until it started to get light.

Eventually she stirred. I waited. As reality dawned she started violently. “My God, are you still there?” - “Of course my love. And I will be, always. You are the most wonderful woman who ever lived, and all the things you said last night only made me love you more! You were dead right about coming to know you better… a LOT better…. And you will never believe what a thrill it was!”
“It all seems like a bad dream now. Did I really say all that stuff about wanting an audience?”

“Totally. And it was an unbelievable thrill, a fantasy that corresponds almost exactly with some that I’ve had.”

“Does that mean that you want to do it in front of other people too?”

“Well, you’ve leapfrogged ahead of me to be honest. I’ve often fantasised about attending a kinky party and watching such a scene without necessarily participating myself, but I was hugely turned-on by the idea.”

The anxious look softened into a smile that grew more wicked by the second. “You poor darling” she said “and I promised I was going to make you fuck me until I screamed, you’ve waited patiently all night and now I’ve spoiled it all.”

“You haven’t spoiled a thing. We’ve had an incredible experience together, come closer to each other, had a deliciously sexy scene together and we’re still together now. And it’s Saturday: we don’t have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. It’s our day. Let’s tidy up and have some breakfast: you made me so hungry last night! Then let’s spend the whole day together, doing exactly whatever we like – including nothing, if that is your wish.”

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Wonderful story !!!

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He’s a very lucky man to have a wife like that!! Please continue

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Post by hotwilly » February 2nd, 2019, 5:34 pm

Great story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Superb story.
Can't wait for part 2 and 3 and 4 and??????? :lol:


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Post by yellowgirl » February 4th, 2019, 9:20 pm

loved the story can’t wait for more parts to this story

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Post by dotaa » February 5th, 2019, 2:42 pm

Is it a true story?

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Post by tiger4macs » February 7th, 2019, 1:59 am

I'm stunned! Thank you so much for your encouraging responses! Hotwilly, I deeply respect and concur with your by-line about "Broadminded enough... etc." I don't like everything I read here but I believe in Voltaire's comment that "Whilst I may disagree violently with what you say I will defend to the death your right to say it". Isn't that what this site is all about?

I've never written such a story before, and it didn't take quite the direction I had in mind when I started but seemed to take on a life of its own. Sylvia is such a gentle and sensitive soul and I believe many 'fetish sufferers' such as me might be just as torn with feelings as she is. So I found myself trying to analyse the actual inner feelings of a woman like her, and those who surround her, those who love her and care for her... and are thrilled by her.

I don't have much more idea than you do about where this will go, but given your most touching support let's take the journey together and see where it takes us, shall we?

Cheers, Tiger
PS: No dotaa, it's entirely fictitious though it contains hints of a former, delicious relationship which ended tragically. But my response to "How and when did your fetish begin", under discussions, is. If you read that you might get a handle on what impelled me to risk joining this site after reading the columns for a year or two. You'll also understand why the time I spend with you guys has to be very discreet and when I'm alone in the house. If someone could tell me how to protect a word file with a password I'd be MOST grateful!

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