Unexpected weekend. Part 3

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Unexpected weekend. Part 3

Post by Johnnyrbr » January 30th, 2019, 10:50 am

Tom and I must have fallen off to sleep because he suddenly stirred saying he must go and prepare a quick meal for us. I just didn't want him to go, I was so enjoying the feeling of him with his rubber covered arms round me. However, I need not have feared too much because as he stood up he took his lovely rubber mackintosh off and turned it inside out. I just couldn't understand it as he stood there in his rubber catsuit. He then ordered me to stand up and started putting his lovely mackintosh on me back to front and fastened the buttons at the back and also tightened the belt with the clasp at the back. No way was I able to get that off. He pulled the very high collar right up so it covered my mouth and nose. He then ordered me to lie on the settee and produced a pair of handcuffs from a drawer, fastening me to the sofa securely. He put on a very erotic video leaving me to watch it while going off to make the quick meal. How much I wanted to reach down and relieve my feelings. However, being in my own gear, with his waders, rubber gloves, and now his mackintosh on back to front and then handcuffed, there was no way I could do anything but wait

Twenty minutes later Tom returned clomping away in his waders, I'm sure he was making as much noise as he could to keep me aroused. He released me from the handcuffs and took me into the diner/kitchen where awaited another surprise Even there, there was rubber and PVC everywhere. The table cloth was PVC as were the seat cushions. Hanging on the wall were a variety of rubber/PVC aprons and gloves. We then sat down opposite each other at the table to eat the meal. Every mouthful seem to choke me as I was so aroused and excited., partly because all the time Tom was rubbing my wadered legs with his. It was not only the feel of it all but the noise of the rubber boots together. on and on, on and on it went. Then his rubber covered hand would reach under the table and stroke my leg.

Eventually the meal was finished to my delight. However, my hopes came crashing down again when Tom announced that he always like everything washed up and put away before he did anything else. Me. I wanted to get back to the fun and games!!! Then Tom anounced that I had to strip off. He took his mackintosh off me and then started stripping me of my own gear. I felt absolutley naked. The only thing he left on me was the waders. He then got another pair of heavy duty rubber gloves that reached right to the top of my arms. Then he got one of the black rubber aprons, putting it on me so gently and dragging it on purpose acrooss my erection. He then fastened it tightly around me, telling me I had to do the washing up while he dried. I started to complain, which I found was a foolish thing to do for the next thing he did was to produce a rubber gag and a gasmask fitting both on very tightly. I then realised who was in charge. I started washing up, Tom inspecting each item. Every time something didn't please him I got a swift smack across my backside. But then he would start stroking my backside and his fingers searched for my hole. How could I concentrate on making a good job of things while he teased me like this. To feel his rubber covered hands running up and down my bare back while my front and erection was covered with a rubber apron, was out of this world. The washing up seemed to be never ending, but I was so glad about that because of how he aroused me. How much more could and I stand - and what other devious things could this man do, I thought????

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Re: Unexpected weekend. Part 3

Post by Mikmac77 » January 30th, 2019, 3:56 pm

The story is developing nicely, rubber, sex and a little S & M ! What could be better for the weekend, please continue...

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Re: Unexpected weekend. Part 3

Post by hotwilly » February 1st, 2019, 9:52 pm

Great story - please continue
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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