The Pondskippers PART 7

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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The Pondskippers PART 7

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A few minutes later we had almost arrived at the area we had been tasked with clearing. It was miles from any sign of civilization, with not a sound except the faint sway of the tall pines and the odd birdcall. Utterly peaceful. Luckily, as we had left very early we had all day to get in and get the job done, so to speak. I walked with Kate and Jess bringing up the tail of our group, catching up with the rest by the edge of the woods. We lay down all our equipment, the wheelbarrow and any other kit we had lugged from the bus in a pile.

“Are we ready for our ‘before’ group photo everyone?” I asked the group as they pulled on, zipped up or slipped on the last of their kit they had carried with them down the hill. Eagerly everyone gathered in the clearing we had stopped at. The pines were thick here and fingers of the morning sun were spilling through to warm the wet, dewy grass. Jakob had climbed onto an old stump to get the whole group in shot and began gesturing for us all to get closer together. I felt Hannah and Eiofe move in beside me and I reached an arm around them both. Hannah struck a pose, still wearing her goggles I had given her, Eiofe ran her gloved fingers around my waist and reached in for a kiss just as Jakob's camera flashed.

The 'before’ and 'after’ shots were an integral ceremony of a successful outing. I had originally insisted on them to help foster a sense of competitiveness to get muddy but I soon found out that wasn't an issue. Now we arrange ourselves into our chosen 'muddy buddies’ and pose showing of our bright, clean and shiny gear.

The 'muddy buddies’ was Hannah's idea. She had a similar system at her outdoor centre for safety reasons. Trailing through deep, muddy bogs all day with large groups required more than one set of eyes and by pairing everyone up she ensured everyone was kept an eye on. So during each outing we paired up and generally stuck together, helping our partners work, helping them get changed and cleaned up. It became obvious quite quickly the 'muddy buddies’ were more than buddies to most of us, within and without the group. Hannah's arm had crept round my side and met with Eiofe's near my stomach. They idly fidgeted with the velcro fastening of my overalls until their gloved hands both slid down the smooth red nylon to my crotch where they gently cupped my cock and balls through the various layers of rainwear and neoprene. As covered as I was in sure I wasn't the only one to feel the immediate reaction this had as my member began to strain against the inside of my wetsuit. I glanced from one girl to the next both looking naughtly up at me whilst continuing to kneed my bulging crotch. I guess I was getting an extra muddy buddy for free today.

Hannah was an enigma. I'd never met anyone with such a passion for mud. This went beyond the relatively standard array of fetishes displayed in our oddball group. She was truly obsessed. I'd met Hannah through Eiofe when Eiofe confided in me that it was Hannah that first introduced her to mudding and as a happy accident also, rainwear.

They say do what you love and you'll never work again. Well, no one encapsulates that better than Hannah. About 8 years ago, when Eiofe was a struggling post-grad student, she spent the summer in Northern Ireland. Hoping to earn some money and gain some experience in the outdoor adventure industry she took a job on a small outdoor activity centre called Rian Láibe.

Eiofe arrived about 4pm after a long bus journey from the nearest town, about 15 miles away. Not knowing where to go, she set off up the small track that led to the activity centre checking her phone for signal. No chance. With steep hills on three sides, the valley was completed cut off. After a short walk she arrived at a large building hoping to find the main office. She stepped over a pile of haphazardly placed wellies, lying caked with mud in the doorway.

“Hi there! You must be Eiofe right?” A bright voice came from inside as she stumbled through the door.
“Er...yeah. Hi.” She answered, looking for where voice was coming from and brushing here feet on the mat. “I'm here for the summer job.” From through a small doorway behind the reception desk a girl slipped into view with her arms full of paperwork. Eiofe guessed - like herself - she was in her mid-twenties. Her wild, obsidian hair hung in tight curls around her shoulders and even through the frumpy fleece and walking trousers Eiofe could see she had a horse-honed, athletic figure. Part of the reason Eiofe had applied here was the opportunity to lead horse-treks. She had grown up with horses and could spot another 'horsey girl' a mile away.

“Well, let me give you the grand tour! I'll just pop these down here…” the girl carefully laid the stack of papers on the desk and put her hands on her hips to mock-inspect Eiofe. “Oh aye…you'll fit in nicely.” She mumbled as she circled around Eiofe studying her, “Do you want to sleep with me?”
“Pardon?” Eiofe asked in confusion.
“Your accommodation. We'll not have a room available for you until tomorrow, sorry. But you can stay with me tonight untill you've got properly settled in. My name's Hannah by the way.” She finished pacing and stood with her hand outstretched. Eiofe took it and was led through the office to the courtyard behind the main building. There were a row of small stone farm cottages, presumably for staff, each with a small whisp of sweet smelling smoke lazily trailing from their chimneys. They entered the one at the end of the row and Hannah led her to a spare room. She dropped her bags and felt the soft bed. Definitely and improvement from her student digs in the city!

The girls made dinner and spent the rest of the night getting to know one another. Hannah explained that she had inherited the farm from her father when he died. It had been a horse riding school years ago and whilst they still kept some horses stabled here for trekking, she primarily ran it as an activity center for businesses and organisations looking to send people on team building weekends. They had a small staff who stayed half the year here but during the winter it was pretty much just Hannah to keep the place going.
“I'll introduce you to everyone soon but we've got a group coming in tomorrow morning, so I'll need your help. Oh that reminds me, what shoe size are you?”
“Five. I've got some boots with me.” Eiofe had brought as much with her as she could carry, not knowing what she'd be tasked with doing, as the job advert vaguely said 'activity leader’.
“We'll go get your kit while we check up on the horses.” Hannah motioned to the door and they left the warmth of the small cottage to move for the stables on the other side of the farm. They check the horses for the night, topped up their water and switched the outside lights off. The familiar smells brought fond memories back for Eiofe. She felt like she could really enjoy this.

The kit room was a portacabin just outside the main compound of the farm. As they entered Eiofe was immediately hit with a blast of warm, humid air. The smell of damp rubber was intoxicating. The large room was full of row upon row of hanging kit. Neatly sorted by size colour and usage. One side had a rail labeled 'Caving - M -XXL’ and from it hung a colourful assortment of potholing oversuits with corresponding wetsuits next to each one. Another rail had individual sets of vivid, bright nylon waterproofs neatly folded, each with a fleece similar to Hannah's below it on a peg. One wall was stacked with dozens of green Wellington boots and rugged looking leather hiking boots.

Eiofe had never been so overwhelmed. She had a strange urge to try everything on. She felt like a child, let loose in a giant wardrobe, free to try, mix and match different combinations of all of this amazing and exciting gear. Hannah was watching her reaction and stood with a knowing smile.
“Anything you'll need...feel free to take whatever you like. The drying room is through there.” She pointed to a room just to the left where the warm air was radiating out from the small electric heaters doing their best to dry the racks of sodden, dripping waterproofs and boots. She ran her fingers through Eiofe's hair and gestured her towards a bench. Hannah then quickly darted around the room and returned with a neat pile of folded gear and laid it all on the bench next to Eiofe. “The instructors wear red. If anything doesn't fit just come back and swap it, I've got to lock up now and get to bed. We've got an early start tomorrow!”

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