A muddy encounter

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A muddy encounter

Post by Hunterlover74 » December 12th, 2018, 12:23 pm

I arrived one Saturday evening at my local mud spot about 2 miles out side Portsmouth and parked in my usual spot by the beach. It was a lovely evening and sitting in a car just up the road was a young girl and she watched eagerly as I pulled on my hunters and slipped into my wax jacket. It was getting dark now and I walked down the slope to the beach and thought nothing more of the girl in the car.

After walking for a while I arrived at the mud and the tide was on its way out so I immediately sunk to ankle deep in the soft ooze. I moved across to where I normally sit on a large rock and had to pull myself out with a huge slurp as it was very soft and now knee deep mud. I was nicely muddy by this point and getting excited.

I noticed through the gloom..the shape of someone walking towards me and as my eyes focused in the dark I saw to my surprise the girl from the car, in a pair of jods and light pink hunter wellies with a lumberjack shirt and a dark quilted jacket, she was almost knee deep and struggling so I shouted across to see If she was ok.

She smiled and said "Yes I'm fine thanks " but this mud is very deep today. " I asked her what she was doing and she told me she regularly came here to go mudding. "I'm Nick by the way". "I'm Sophie" she said," I've never seen you here before". She was so pretty, early 30s, blonde hair in a pony tail, slim and slender. "No" I replied. "I've just started coming out again after the winter". "Would you like to walk with me" she asked. "That would be lovely" I replied, and we both squelched off towards the bridge.

As we arrived under the bridge we stopped to rest." If you don't mind me saying"i said..."You look amazing in your boots and jods" "Why thankyou" she said "and you are very lovely looking yourself". "I love your shirt and jods and boots" I replied. Her breasts were firm and cupped beautifuly . The jods fitted perfectly round her pert crotch and I could almost taste the sweet juice I knew was hiding in there.

I was by now very excited and she noticed my package as my jods were quite tight. She looked at me and said. "I'm a little cold". "Could I have a hug"..we hugged for a while and to my surprise her hand moved slowly down and rubbed my ever growing cock. I cupped her perfect breast and she looked at me and we kissed.

By now I was completely erect. And Sophie whispered...".who's a big boy then." " I really want a piece of that". "Please help yourself" I replied and she swiftly zipped me open and gasped as my stiff member popped out. Expertly going down she gave me the most amazing blowjob I think I've ever had. Expertly teasing me making me harder than ever but stopped suddenly and started rubbing herself. I eased her to a standing position and leaned her back and propped her muddy booted legs up either side of the pillar we were on. She stood up and pulled her jods and knickers down to meet her boots.

Settling back down she revealed to me a succulent pussy which was glistening in the dark. I sank down and started on her. The taste was unreal. I started slow and her moans of pleasure increased as I picked up the pace. So moist and inviting. She started shaking as I felt the first wave come over her.

I kept licking and touching her wet pussy and she gripped my head as i felt her cum hard...she screamed as my mouth filled with her hot juice. After she recovered she got up and turned round. Stepping down into the soft mud and pushing herself towards me. I slipped in and she let out a sigh as I joyfully pumped away. The mud slurping and squelching as we made love.

I whispered gently that I was getting close and she quickly turned round and gripped my throbbing cock with her soft hand and began rubbing up and down. I couldn't take any more and with a gasp and a shudder I exploded a huge load all over her hand and down her jods onto her sexy pink boots. "Wow" she said...that was a huge load. And she rubbed her hand down as our juices mixed together with the mud.

We straightened ourselves up and sat for a while in the moonlight. After a gentle walk back to the cars...getting stuck a few times on the way. I got myself changed for the drive home. Sophie gently removed her mud soaked boots and slipped on a pair of black riding boots. She walked over ..kissed me gently on the cheek..."until next time" She said with a wink. Jumped into her car and drove away. I stood for a while in awe of what had just happened to me. All my dreams had come true in one evening. Every time I go for a walk. I wait in anticipation that Sophie will be there waiting for me.
Get muddy....stay muddy!

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