Husband and I (Part 57)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 57)

Post by Lindaf » November 19th, 2018, 11:23 am

I was feeling doubly horny by now. All you could hear was moaning and groaning and the rustle of all that rainwear and squeaking of rubber wellies and waders.

My thoughts turned to Helen, Bill’s aunt. Her wet pussy was being pounded by a delicious young cock who was just wearing his wellies. So hot to see. I decided to go and get my strap on and see who I can have fun with.

Tony was still there and was fucking Bills tight hole. I decided Tony was my target while his mind was on my hubbys bum hole. I rimmed Tony and then slipped my strap on into his tight hole. I held on to his latex cat suit. The smell of the warm rubber was amazing. I was getting off on the smell alone. After Tony had spunked in Bill, I took his cock and cleaned it up.

Helen had been satisfied with her young stud and she whispered to him. He took of his wellies and Helen masturbated her wet pussy with the toe of the boot. Soon after she sat up and peed into his boots. You could see the steam rising from it and then she instructed her stud to put his boots back on.

I tried on a pair of waders next. They felt so sexy wearing them. I had the straps to help keep them on. That with my strap on cock was amazing. There was a line of guys waiting their turn. My mac was closed and my tits squashed with my hard nipples, had my waders on and my strap on was protruding from my mac. Whats not to like about that

More to follow.........

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