Husband and I (Part 56)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 56)

Post by Lindaf » November 17th, 2018, 2:35 pm

This is for Colin xxx

We invited Trudy and her boyfriend Tony to ours the following weekend. It was decided that we would invite a few other likeminded folks to really make it a party. Helen and her friend were invited too.

The theme for the night was fairly obvious. Plenty fucking and plenty fetish gear.
There was rubber, pvc, plastic all around the place.

I specifically had worn my old pliable see thru plastic mac and wellies. I love the mac as it really feels smooth on the inside and really makes my nipples stand out when we go out walking in it.

Anyway back to the party. There was a great selection of fetish gear to have fun with. I love to try new things that people bring with them. Bill’s aunt had bought a new toy. It was an inflatable butt plug. Now I had to try that…..mmmmmm. The only thing I had up there was a real cock but worth trying.

Al the rustling of the macs and squeaking of the wellies really is a turn on for us. All those bodoes wrapped in that delightful material.

Tony had on a very tight fitting latex cat suit. Needless to say his cock was hard being encased in rubber. My intention was to have that cock in my mouth before too long.

I sat down and spread my mac open to expose my hairless pussy. A guy came over and knelt before me. He was dressed in a plastic poncho and rubber waders. What a sight. His hard cock poking against his poncho and the smell of his waders was sensational. I opened my legs wider and put them over his back so he could get down on me. He licked me well and had me dripping in an instant. Oh fuck I was hot.

I looked over and saw Bill. He was wearing his rubber mac and wellies. I watched him unzipping Tony. He fished his hard cock out and started to suck hard on it. Now that drove me to greater heights seeing my hubby suck another guys cock and especially as I wanted to be the first.

The guy who was licking me reached up to play with my breasts through the plastic mac. He rolled my nipples as he licked me and I screamed with delight. He stopped licking me and then presented his cock for me to suck. It was 7” of pure manhood. Didn’t take him long to spunk in my mouth. I love to feel a guy spunking in my mouth…mmmmm

More to follow……..

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