Bi in Iceland pt. 2

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Bi in Iceland pt. 2

Post by Regnkapa » October 7th, 2018, 4:26 pm

Just as I matured into my twenties, I began to realize where my true inclinations lay. I had accepted partially my fetishism, my avid affection for PVC, rubber and leather. It was time to realize again physically my longings for man-to-man sexual contact.

I had received throughout, rather insidious offers of intercourse from various openly gay guys and closeted individuals in my hometown and always shrugged it off as severely distasteful offerings although deep inside I yearned to give my self into it. I have no idea why these offers were made, since I attempted to come off as a white trash, homophobic punk to hide my true identity, I guess I was just fooling myself and no one else.

One sunday midwinter, I called a guy, sweating in my palms, introduced myself and offered plainly to come over and suck his dick. Imagine the surprise he probably got getting such a phone call. I was 22 at the time, had no real experience, sans drunken kissings, of gay or bisexual physical contact apart from one extended encounter a few years back. He was in his early fifties and although no greek god in the looks department, he oozed a sexual assertion all over the place that was intimidating to me and intriguing at the same time. He had on several occasions offered to allow me to use his hot-tub and often inquired whether I would be up for a private party at his house when I met him downtown on the weekends in the past. He also had commented on my wardrobe choices in the past and always in a positive manner, which led me to think he was a PVC, leather loving pervert as I had begun to admit that I myself was. Nothing could have been further from the truth as it turned out, he just wanted to get into my pants, be them cotton or rubber did not matter in the least.

I showered and cleaned myself the best I could, dressed in skin-hugging black PVC pants, black leather vest and donned a calf-length black pvc mackintosh over. The mack was a single breasted, unlined PVC mens coat, alas without a hood, but an endless source of enjoyment for me from the moment I bought it and went straight home, undressed and wore it over my naked body for the first time at the age of 18.

I got in my car and drove over to his place, a rather isolated house on the outskirts of my hometown. I knocked and was greeted by him in the door where he pulled me gently into an embrace. Although he was plain vanilla in the fetish department, he still managed to swoon me off my feet, literally as he kissed me and groped me at the same time. I melted into his arms and when he gently pushed me into the living room and we settled on the sofa, he stroked me all over and I was both screaming with lust and scared stiff at the same time. I became heavily aware of the aroma of sweat, musky scent of his ass and the sweet, sweet pre-cum blending in with the smell of leather and PVC as I lowered myself towards his crotch. The PVC of my mack creaking and becoming more supple in the rising heat. My dick straining towards the skin-hugging pants and finally, I had another mans dick just centimeters from my mouth. I licked my lips and gradually started to suck on the half flaccid cock presented to me. Oh my god, how I loved and had missed the texture, the taste and the fulfilling feel of when his cock hardened in my mouth. I grabbed and fondled his ass and whereas I just love to get deep-throated myself, I swallowed him whole. His cock was just a little smaller than my own, not as thick but how I adored it. I was in heaven, all dressed up in leather and PVC and finally again with someone to blow. He stroked my head as I gobbled on his cock and panted heavily while I did my fumbling best to suck him off.

If I had been a religious man, I would have probably ascertained that paradise was to do just this, be clad in PVC and leather clothing and submit myself to another mans cock.

After awhile, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, bent down and kissed me vigorously, kept stroking my PVC-clad body and suggested that we retire to the bedroom. I followed him up the stairs and when we got to the bedroom, he asked me if I‘d ever been fucked. I replied no, never by a man although a former girlfriend had once briefly, used a dildo on my ass. He grinned and said, well you won‘t get fucked today then, although I have something better for you to enjoy.

At the time, I had no idea what roles men played or were in fact born into in these types of encounters. Although I knew of my submissive tendencies and that I wanted to serve and obey another man in sex, I had no idea that I would be classified as a bottom. I had no idea what a bottom was. As it turned out, we were both bottoms.

We laid down on the bead, where he unbuttoned my mack and my vest, though he did not undress me then. I enjoyed his hands over my naked torso and he pinched my nipples and licked them. That was always a first for me. Nipples on a man were in my mind, rather an unnecessary appendix, until one realizes the heightened sexual bliss that they entail if nibbled, licked and kissed. I was at the time beginning to loose all control. I probably had been able to cum into my PVC pants several thousand times when the attack on my nipples began and interwoven with my fetish-clothing, the new physical experiences and my mindset at the time I did not know how life could get any better. Then he zipped me down, gently kissed my engorged dick and literally flipped me over on the bed. He then roughly pulled my pants down to mid thighs and buried his face in my ass. Licking and spitting he held me down, rimmed my ass like there would never be another tomorrow.

I screamed with lust, laying there on my stomach, PVC pants half down, and my arm (still in the mack) under my mouth where my moans and grunts of enjoyment were mumbled into the black plastic. The smell of the plastic, the newfound feelings of ecstasy of receiving a professional rimjob and the firm hands of the man on my thighs, was almost too much. Because of the open tap of precum from my own cock the sheet began to get wet and the inside of my mack also. I reached down, pulled my mack up and started licking the inside of it, like I‘ve done a thousand times before and as he moved his attention from my quivering hole to my straining hard on, I could not manage anymore of self control and came into his mouth with more force than ever before. He swallowed every drop, and did not release my cock from his mouth until i begged him to. He then asked me to lie on my back, did not flip me over like before, and straddled my chest. I had to watch him stroke his cock, just out of reach and he teased me for a little while. He called me a closet pervert and a lot of demeaning names that further heightened my lust and I gradually began to stiffen again.

By this time I was swimming in my unbuttoned mack with sweat. He asked me if I was not hot and wouldn‘t like to undress completely. I was then a little self-aware but managed to say no, I enjoyed this too much and begged him to allow me to suck his dick. A little verbal abuse later he plunged his dick in my throat (literally) and proceeded to facefuck me. I gagged and spit but was in absolute bliss at the time and when he finally came, I too swallowed every drop with the same zeal as a drowning man that comes in contact with water. I became a dedicated spunkwhore again that very same day.

He collapsed next to me on the bed, kissed me and after a few minutes of cuddling said that now I had to fuck him hard. My dick was so hard and the experience as a whole was almost too much. Although I came just 25-30 minutes earlier I was more than willing to fuck his ass at that very moment. Getting up from the bed, I hitched up my PVC pants and buttoned them, leaving the zipper undone I then buttoned up my vest and my mac, leaving my dick the only flesh in sight from the neck down. He turned on the bed and slurped on my dick for a while, then reached into the bedstand and fished out a condom, which he deftly rolled on my straining cock. He then got on all fours and presented his ass to me, asking me to lube up and fuck him hard. I was out of my depth here, I had fucked a lot of girls at that particular moment in my life, never in the ass though and never entertained the idea of fucking another man, always fantasized to be at the receiving end of that exchange. Still, the circumstances called for a closure. An absolutely fetish fantasy being experienced finally screamed for a closure.

As I positioned my self behind him, I squeezed a generous amount of KY into my fingers and progressed in lubing his ass up. It felt quite sexy, I admit, and when the moment came that I guessed his ass would be able to accommodate my dick, I slowly pushed into him and gradually built up speed and fucked him for what seemed to last for hours. Finally I came again and probably he had gotten his fill since we both collapsed on his bed, panting and sweating profusely. I because of the built up heat while fully enclosed in PVC. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the encounter, although the sneaking suspicion crept over me, that there would be no turning back after this, I would never be able to pass myself off as a heterosexual, white-trash, homophobic, vanilla punk.

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