Bi in Iceland

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Bi in Iceland

Post by Regnkapa » October 7th, 2018, 4:24 pm

My first bisexual/gay encounter... reposted from my regnfrakker blog

At a fairly young age I had become active sexually, the society of that time, allowed for partying of an aggressive nature. During the summers of my childhood and teenage years I had the fortune of staying out in the country. Working various jobs on farms, I was not unknown to hard labour and extreme weather conditions. As a farmhand I managed to become an avid horseman. Not in the least enjoying the wardrobe one used in the work. Heavy rubber and PVC rainwear, leather chaps for riding and rubber boots. Occasional romping with girls out in the nature, heavy petting and sometimes something more were too few and far between and my obsessions grew towards the fetish wardrobe.

Being tall and skinny, though I felt I was muscular (ah the misconceptions of lacking mirrors), I was often confused for someone much older than my actual age. By the time I was 14 years old I had grown to 178 cm in height and at the age of 17 I was 186 cm tall.

The summer I turned 17, a large equestrian competition was held up north. When we arrived there riding, the rain that started as a light drizzle had taken a turn towards heavy showers, so I was completely clad in bib-pants made from supple green PVC and a matching jacket, also green PVC, hooded and roomy. Wearing my riding boots, though not leather, rubber-boots are more of a turn on I waded though the mud of the competition area, completely happy in my own world. What pleased me even more was that all the people there were also PVC-clad since the rain did not seem to be letting up anytime over the weekend. What a bliss. Even though I enjoyed watching the rubber and PVC stretching over asses and breasts of the attending females there, I secretly also enjoyed the sight of all the guys there.

We pitched our tents, we were six in a group, but I was assigned sleeping with a 24 year old guy, a nephew of the farmer I worked for, from the capital, that came up north to attend the competition. In fact even though it was inaptly named a competition, the meet itself was at the time more for the enjoyment of equestrians themselves, a place to gather and swap stories, barter for horses and of course drink heavily. It soon became evident that I would either share the tent with a corpse (i.e. a dead drunk guy) or spending the time there alone. The latter suited me fine. Late friday evening, the weather was still extremely wet and I thoroughly enjoy slushing around in my PVC attire. I managed to remove all my clothes in my tent and dress only in my rainwear, what a joyous feeling.

After midnight, the more civilized population had turned in, the riff-raff that showed up to party remained up and groups began to form around the camping site. I hardly knew anyone but had wound up in a group of about twenty people, in a small cluster of tents, swapping stories and jokes and drinking heavily. I felt little or no cold, but as before, was enjoying the nylon backed PVC over my entire body. When the group finally thinned out, I found myself sitting with three people in front of a rather large tent. The tents at the time, had a thick PVC groundsheet and the one we four sat in front of, was no exception.

My companions consisted of two guys in their late twenties and a woman of a indiscriminate age. She was probably on the wrong side of 30 at that time and dressed in a thin nylon coat and jeans, thus not an object of my attention, since nylon gear has never been the focus of my fetishes. However the two guys were sporting glorious PVC attire. The taller guy was dressed in a heavy orange 66°N waist pants and a matching anorak. The smaller guy, was dressed in the green PVC gear, though waist pants unlike my bib-pants but a open front jacket same as mine. After a while, the smaller guy and the woman began to snuggle so the atmosphere began to become rather embarrassing for us two outside the immediate courting.

They got up and said goodbye, the guy winking his friend and sauntering off to the woman‘s tent. I was invited to stay a little longer and my companion suggested we‘d retire into the tent and keep on talking. Sure, I thought, why not, the guy was funny and we shared interests in music so we had plenty to talk about. Retiring into the tent, my companion scooted the sleeping bags over to one side of the tent, leaving the PVC groundsheet bare and we laid down with their gear under our heads and continued chatting. In no time I began to feel my fatigue, my eyelids grew heavy and before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.

I have no idea how long I slept nor how it happened that I awoke around 5 o‘clock sporting a boner, naked under my PVC rainwear and cuddled up to a guy that was stroking my ass and thighs with one hand and embracing me with the other. As I opened my eyes he asked me why I was not wearing anything underneath my rainwear. In a panicked answer I mumbled something about being too hot after I had finished taking care of our saddles and other gear, he just smiled. I was both a little uncomfortable and intrigued in my situation and became acutely aware that my hard cock was rubbing against on of his PVC clad leg. He probably noticed my squirming, trying to turn my body from this embarrassment and shifted his position in line with my attempts to move away. I found myself suddenly on my back, naked underneath my PVC rainwear, with a guy dressed in PVC rainwear from head to toe, that outweighed me by at least 30 kg‘s, laying on top of me and more or less dryhumping me. There was little holding me back from ejaculating, partly because of the fetish implications of two PVC clad bodies and partly because of sheer panic. He then moved a little and kissed me on my mouth, firstly gentle then he grabbed the back of my head and forced his tongue inside my mouth. Rest assure, I had at that time kissed plenty of girls and slept with quite a few of them, but never felt so thrilled while kissed. I melted into him at that precise moment and came shuddering in my PVC bib-pants. The embarrassment. His hand was on my cock on the outside of my pants and he felt my orgasm, smiling and stroking me continuously while I regained my breath.

He then asked if I had ever been with a guy, to which I could only answer no. ‚ok‘ he said, ‚now is part two of the lesson‘

I began to stiffen again immediately...

He laid over on his side and drew me towards him, like a drowning man reaching for salvation I follow his lead and we kissed aggressively whilst stoking each other all over. I had become fascinated by his cock under the PVC pants. My hands cupped it, stroked it and while enjoying the rising heat, smell of PVC and body fluids combined I decided to let go of all inhibitions. I moved and kissed his PVC clad torso and licked my way down to his cock. There I licked his front and groped his ass simultaneously, nearing heaving because of the smell, the feel of the slick PVC and feeling his lust. I could have done this for hours on end...

He actively moved his hips and held the back of my head for some time, then drew down the front of his PVC pants and exposed his cock to my face. By some divine act, my hood had partly come over the back of my head, further engulfing me in the PVC heaven, the grabbed it firmly on the front so I could not move away and after a few pumps, came all over my hooded head, the front of my rainjacket and some of his cum landed on my chin.

He then partly collapsed and I into him and we lay embracing each other while he regained his breath. I had feelings of shame, that were drowning in lust. I just had to have more...

I began kissing him gently. First on the neck, moving to gently brushing his lips with mine and touching his PVC encased body. He asked me if was still horny, what a silly question. Of course I was, hornier than ever before. I answered him by forcing my tongue in his mouth.

We laid squirming against each other on the thick grey PVC groundsheet, the sound of the rubbery material in our ears, the heavy smell in our nostrils and the touch of the PVC on my fingertips created probably the sexiest atmosphere I had ever encountered. I held him in a tight embrace and our tongues were doing overtime, exploring each other. I zipped down my jacket and released by bib pants while his hands explored my body, and pinched my nipples. He then moved one hand inside my pants and smiled when he found my throbbing cock under the PVC.

I gasped when he started to jack me off, I dug my face into his shoulder, under the lowered hood of his anorak and drew in the heavy PVC aroma.

He lowered my pants and moved down and took my dick in his mouth. For hours (it seemed or maybe the feeling I wanted to last for hours) he sucked me, licked me and played with me. I put up the hood and held the back of his PVC covered head and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Suddenly he drew back and shifted position, his rainpants still partly lowered down to mid-thighs and his cock semi-hard. I gulped down on his cock and in a semi 69 we sucked each other off.

What a night...

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Re: Bi in Iceland

Post by rubbermac » October 8th, 2018, 7:39 am

Wonderful story.....Many Thanks

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Re: Bi in Iceland

Post by rubberdee » October 8th, 2018, 10:38 am

Mmmmmmmm as already said, a wonderful story.

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Re: Bi in Iceland

Post by MrDoudy » October 9th, 2018, 4:13 pm

Horny story!!

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Re: Bi in Iceland

Post by hotwilly » October 9th, 2018, 9:03 pm

Very nice story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Bi in Iceland

Post by macmic » October 14th, 2018, 4:12 pm

Very arousing story ...... very "tenting" :-)

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Re: Bi in Iceland

Post by ChrisRegen » January 14th, 2019, 12:05 pm

Wow ... something like that happened to me a few years ago on a teen-travel ... wonderful.

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