Husband and I (Part 54)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 54)

Post by Lindaf » September 17th, 2018, 9:31 pm

Well three naked bodies dressed in plastic macs. What a picture. Helen let Jill and Muriel make the next move.

They hugged and you could hear the plastic rub against bare skin. Jill gave her mum a peck on the lips and her mum responded by launching her tongue into Jill’s mouth.

Now that started everything off. Helen sat and masturbated through her mac as Jill and Muriel got down to business. Heaving breasts rubbing on the plastic, hands everywhere, finger fucks, you name it, it happened. All that pent up lust for the two of them has now been released and were enjoying each others naked bodies. Nipple pulling and biting was going on. Licking pussy. Helen didn’t know where to look as it was all happening in front of her eyes.

She got up and pulled on one of her strapless cocks and started to finger Muriel. She sighed deeply as if to say fuck me. Helen turned Muriel onto her knees and slipped her 8” plastic cock into Muriel’s soaking wet pussy. It was Jill’s turn to masturbate while she saw Helen and Muriel fuck while still wearing their macs. All you could smell was pussy juices

Jill went through into Helens Aladdin’s Cave of goodies and spotted a black strap on cock and a pair of black shiny Hunter wellies. She put both items on and walked back to see Helen withdraw her cock from Muriel. Jill looked at her mum and smiled. Muriel smiled back and Jill bent down and slipped her black cock into Muriel’s bum. She screamed like a pig but soon got used to the idea of getting fucked anally.

More to follow…………………

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