Worzel`s Head

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Worzel`s Head

Post by PVC4 » September 5th, 2018, 11:11 am

Okay. This is a bit of a weird one. I don`t know what my brain was thinking, but I hope someone likes it...

Worzel`s Head.

Worzel Gummidge walked into the barn and spotted Aunt Sally leaning up against the wall.
`OOOO, I loves you Aunt Sally`, he said and walked over to her. `You makes me so funny inside, I don`t knows what to do with myself`.
She ignored him and stood completely still like the wooden fairground dummy she was.
Worzel touched her head, but she didn`t move. He stood before her and thought for a while.
`I knows what I shall do, I`ll get my Perverthead on that the Crowman made me. Then we`ll sees what you says!`
He strode over to a cloth sack at the back of the barn and rummaged around in it for a while. Eventually he pulled out a head that was similar to his own, but with a goaty beard and a fiendish look in its eyes. He stood upright, unscrewed his own head with a jerk and placed the new head on his shoulders in its place. It took a second or two for anything to happen, but then Worzel turned around to face Aunt Sally. He now sported arching eye brows, and a devilish twinkle in his eyes. He stroked his goaty beard.
`Well my dear Aunt Sally, what shall I do with you now?`
He turned on his heel and smartly left the barn with a determined stride, slamming the barn door behind him.

Worzel returned to the barn in a few minutes carrying a large brown suitcase, that was bulging and unzipped open. His scarecrow hand struggled to keep the contents inside as he shut the door behind him. He walked up to Aunt Sally, who hadn`t moved a muscle, and placed the suitcase on a straw bale nearby and opened it up.
`Look what old Worzel has found in the farmer`s bedroom, under his bed, all secret like.`
He glanced at Aunt Sally to see if she was looking. The life-sized wooden doll`s head appeared to have turned slightly towards the open case.
Inside were black shiny clothing. There were long black shiny leather boots, PVC elbow gloves, black rubber gimp masks and all manner of other things.
`I thinks Worzel is gonna have a little fun with you Aunt Sally`, said Worzel with a sneer, and proceeded to take some of the items out of the suitcase.
First Worzel, took out the long black patent thigh boots and put them onto Aunt Sally`s legs, paying a lot of attention to the zip as he did them up. Then he pulled some long black PVC elbow gloves up her arms, and stood back to admire her. There was something missing. Then he realised and pulled out a beautiful shiny black basque, placed around her waist and tied it tightly at the back.
He took another look. Still not quite right. Then he rummaged again in the suitcase and brought out a black studded leather dog collar, tied it around Aunt Sally`s neck and was finally satisfied.
`Oh yous look sexy now Aunt Sally, yous look really horny! Now it`s old Worzel`s turn.`

Worzel looked in the suitcase and took out the farmer`s long black rubber waders. They were very shiny and smelled of the bedroom and not the river at all. The light bounced off the glossy rubber as he placed them on his legs. He pulled them up to his crotch and looked down at his shiny legs. The smell of rubber mixed with bedroom scent made Worzel feel funny. After slipping the braces over his shoulders, he looked back into the case and brought out a rubber gimp mask. This took a bit of work to get on his Pervert head, and he was sure he heard Aunt Sally make a sound when he`d finally zipped up the back, but there he stood, his dirty eyes peeping out of the eye holes and his tongue licking the air through the mouth hole.
`Mmmm, I is feeling sexy too now Aunt Sally`, he sneered at the doll across the barn. She was now standing upright and appeared to have her hands on her hips watching his every move.
Worzel looked back into the suitcase and saw something else. It looked like a man`s penis attached to some black rubber straps.
`That`d do nicely for old Worzel!` he thought to himself, and pulled the strapon out.
Again he struggled with the rubber cock, but eventually it was in place, strutting out from his black waders at his crotch, just like a real man`s penis.
He turned to look at Aunt Sally.
She was holding one of the farmer`s long black rubber raincoats in her hands. She`d obviously taken it off the hook over there and appeared to be holding it out for Worzel to wear. He looked at the shiny rubber and smiled under the gimp mask.
`Thank you Aunt Sally, that`d look just perfect on old Worzel`, and with that, he took the long rubber coat from her and put it on.
He was a vision in rubber, with his waders, mask, coat and stiff penis sticking out. He walked over to Aunt Sally and took something from behind her. It was the farmer`s yellow PVC raincoat that he sometimes used when the black one didn`t take his fancy. This too was long and shiny and made of such old PVC that it felt like rubber in Worzel`s hands.
He held it out for Aunt Sally. She didn`t move. So he took the yellow raincoat and placed upon her PVC covered body for her. The black basque, elbow gloves and thigh boots made a deep dark contrast with the bright yellow PVC raincoat and he left it unbuttoned so that he could see her shiny clothes below.
`I thinks that farmer and his wife; thems a bit kinky Aunt Sally`, said Worzel as he held her arms, `but I likes what I sees right now!`
He walked Aunt Sally over to the stall in the centre of the barn and started to touch her breasts. She seemed to respond and soon Worzel felt her cold shiny hands on his penis.
Slowly Aunt Sally sank to her knees and staring straight up into Worzel`s eyes, started to suck his rubber cock.
She grasped around his rubber clad buttocks and pulled his cock deep into her mouth. Worzel wasn`t sure, but she seemed to be much more human now and her black clad boots glistened in the sunlight that flickered through the gaps in the walls of the barn as she knelt before him.
It went on for a while, but eventually Worzel felt his rubber cock start to twitch and he grabbed for Aunt Sally`s head as thick spurts of cum shot out of his cock and down her throat. As this happened she pulled his cock out of her mouth and his cum splashed on her face and PVC covered breasts.
She stood up smiling at Worzel and pointed to the floor, it was his turn. He sank to his rubber clad knees and started to lick her boots from the shiny toes on the ground all the way up her gorgeous thighs. When Worzel finally got to her thighs, he felt her gloved hands gripping his gimp mask by the ears and pulling him upwards towards her cunt. She was wet and pushed his face into her mound. Worzel`s tongue started its work and he lapped for all he was worth. It wasn`t long before Aunt Sally was buckling at the shiny clad knees and cumming onto his rubber mask.
She pulled his head away and he rose towards her face. Aunt Sally pushed his head down to her breasts and Worzel gladly licked off his own cum from earlier. She took some from her face on one of her shiny fingers and placed it in her own mouth and then kissed Worzel and transferred the cum into his mouth. He swallowed it gratefully.
Aunt Sally took Worzel over to the suit case and found another rubber cock. This one wasn`t attached to any straps and so Aunt Sally picked it up and looked at Worzel, wondering what to do with it. Then her eyes lit up and she took his hand once more and led him to the stall again, but this time she bent him over the wall and, pulling back the folds of his black shiny raincoat she found a zip around his arse, unzipped it and without so much as a by or leave, shoved the rubber cock up Worzel`s backside. It slipped in easily and Worzel moaned with pleasure.
`Oh you like that do you?` asked Aunt Sally and started to slide it in and out of his anus, suddenly it started vibrating, Worzel moaned loudly and shot another load of cum onto the barn floor from behind the farmer`s rubber mac. Aunt Sally squealed with delight and kept doing this for ages, watching Worzel squirm and them cum, until she became curious.
`I want to feel it in me now!` She ordered and handed the vibrator to Worzel. She pushed him out of the way, pulled her own yellow PVC raincoat away from her rear and said, `Stick it in me Worzel, fuck me!`
Worzel looked at Aunt Sally`s bare arse above those shiny boots and then at the vibrator in his hand. Then he noticed his own strapon on cock sticking out through the front of his black shiny raincoat and moved forward with an idea forming in his perverted brain.
Slowly Worzel came up behind Aunt Sally and slid his slippery rubber cock into her waiting cunt, she moaned as he went in. He slid nearly out again and then thrust back in. She moaned again. Worzel started a rhythm and started to pump in Aunt Sally`s cunt. She kept moaning and seemed to be getting close to cumming again. Just as her hand came around and grabbed onto the folds of Worzel`s rubber raincoat, pulling him deeper into her, he slipped the tip of the vibrator into her anus and started to slide the rubber down into her. Her orgasm was so powerful Worzel nearly stopped pumping, but she pulled him hard and he continued to thrust into her cunt and pump her arse with the now vibrating cock in his hand.
She squealed and squealed with pleasure as she came again and again and Worzel finally pumped his hot semen into her vagina in a final thrust that they held together for a few seconds before splitting and collapsing on the barn floor.

Then the barn door opened to reveal the farmer and his wife looking horrified.
`What the blue blazes is going on ere then?` demanded the farmer, approaching Worzel and Aunt Sally.
Worzel stood up and grabbed the farmers arms and held him tight. Aunt Sally was already between the farmer`s wife and the barn door. The PVC clad doll in the bright shiny yellow mac easily held the older farmer`s wife when she tried to push past to freedom.
`Tie them up!` ordered Aunt Sally.
Worzel tied the farmer`s hands to the beams of the barn and his legs to the struts, so he was spread eagled. The farmer`s wife put up much less struggle and was tethered to the wall by her wrists. She didn`t seem to be scared, in fact she sort of smiled when she saw the opened suitcase.
Worzel and Aunt Sally went over to the farmer, hanging by his wrists and took out a knife. He looked a bit scared at that point, but Worzel just used the knife to cut off the farmer`s clothes until he dangled, naked as the day he was born. Then they went over to his wife and did the same, she seemed to help them as much as she could and smiled when Worzel squeezed the woman`s breasts. Aunt Sally slapped his hand away and lent over to the woman`s erect nipples, first taking one in her PVC cover hand and rolling it between her fingertips and then leaning in to take the other one between her teeth. Aunt Sally nibbled the woman`s nipples and the farmer`s wife moaned loudly. Aunt Sally stood up with a cruel smile on her face.
`Worzel, give me that rubber cock`, she pointed at the vibrator and when he`d handed it over she started to play with it on the woman`s breasts watching her squirm and moan to the touch.
Worzel walked over to the farmer, who had been watching this and was now sporting an erect penis of his own. Worzel knelt down before the farmer and started to suck his cock as Aunt Sally had to him earlier. It had exactly the same effect on the farmer and he was soon shooting his load down Worzel`s throat. It tasted nice to Worzel and he swallowed the lot and held the cock in his mouth as it slowly went limp. Then Worzel stood up, his shiny rubber raincoat rubbing against the farmer`s naked body as it dangled sending shivers of excitement down the farmer. Worzel watched as the farmer`s limp cock started to recover with the touch of his cold clammy raincoat. Worzel rubbed his arm under the farmer`s balls and the man`s cock stood up to attention as if by magic. Next Worzel went around the back of the farmer to his arse and started to touch the man`s cheeks. The farmer watched his wife being finger fucked across the barn by Aunt Sally in her bright yellow PVC raincoat, her shiny black thigh boots straddling his wife`s mouth now that his wife had been untied and lay on the barn floor. He watched as Aunt Sally ground her cunt into his wife`s willing mouth and how her hips bucked to the black PVC clad fingers that were thrusting into her vagina and rubbing her clit at the same time. His cock strained at this vision of perverted heaven and he willingly opened for Worzel`s strapon cock as the scarecrow slid in his arse from behind.
Worzel`s hands came around from behind and started to wank the farmer`s cock as he thrust into his arse, pumping and pulling in time to Aunt Sally and the farmer`s wife`s writhing across from them. The farmer pushed back onto Worzel`s rubber cock and strained at his wanking hand, until in a moment of multiple orgasmic screams, The farmer`s wife came onto Aunt sally`s PVC gloved hand as Aunt Sally gushed onto the farmer`s wife`s face, the farmer`s cock exploded with a long stream of white cum jetting across the barn floor and Worzel`s own cum erupted in the farmer`s engorged back passage.
There was cum oozing out of every orifice, smothering the rubber and PVC with slimy jism. Worzel wanted to lick it all up, but Aunt Sally made him kneel at her feet while the farmer`s wife was made to lick everybody clean. Then she allowed Worzel to lick the woman`s fanny clean of juices.
Aunt Sally, resplendent in her black shiny thigh boots, her black glossy basque, PVC elbow gloves and spiked collar was in charge now and Worzel, the rubber gimp, was her deputy. The farmer and his wife were the couple`s sex slaves now and things were going to be a lot different down at the farm from now on…

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Re: Worzel`s Head

Post by cammacg » September 5th, 2018, 7:48 pm

A superb story. I could actually see Worzel and Aunt Sally, in memories from the show. Brilliant, well done.

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Re: Worzel`s Head

Post by HeatherlovesPVC » September 11th, 2018, 1:53 pm

Superb, I would love to meet the New Aunt Sally.

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