Car Trouble

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Car Trouble

Post by PVC4 » September 5th, 2018, 11:08 am

Car Trouble
I`m a hetrosexual guy with a life-long PVC raincoat fetish, let`s get that straight to start with. But my fantasies are exactly that; `fantasies`, and far beyond what may ever happen. Here`s one now:

I`m alone, driving in my car along an empty road at night. There`s no street lights because we`re out in the country. The music is on and its warm inside my car, but outside, in the dark, it`s getting colder as the inevitable rain starts to fall. I turn on the windscreen wipers and slow my speed. After a while I see some hazard warning lights up a head and slow right down. I can pick out a car parked in a layby with the bonnet up and a figure standing beside it. I pull into the layby and come to a halt next to the figure, winding my passenger window down and letting some rain into the car. I ask what`s the matter and if I can be of any help. The figure turns out to be a man in his late thirties, with a bigger build than me and wearing an old, long, black shiny fisherman`s raincoat with a sou`wester pulled down on his head. He explains that his car has run out of fuel and could I take him to the nearest garage so he could buy some. Not a problem and in he gets. His shiny black raincoat catches my eye and he sees me staring. He apologies for being so wet and removes his sou`wester as he buckles up. The journey is short, but I find it hard not to keep looking at the way the water rolls off the shiny black plastic as he moves in the seat. I`m longing to touch it, but keep myself in check and make idle chat. Steve gets out at the garage and a quickly grab my chance to slide my hand across the raincoat without his noticing. I wait for him as he gets the fuel can filled and try to rearrange my rapidly growing cock. Steve gets back in with a waft of petrol and the strong smell of PVC that has invaded the confined space returns. He`s ever so grateful for my free taxi service and we joke on the way back to his car. The rain hasn`t stopped and as I pull up, Steve asks if I could give him a hand with the fuel. I readily agree and grab my own plastic raincoat from the backseat where it`s been sitting all along. Mine is a ladies shiny red trench coat that I`ve had for years because I could never find a man`s one that suited me and so rather than wait around until I did, I just bought the trench coat. I stood up, buckled my coat`s belt and headed around the car to where Steve was fumbling with the fuel cap. We stood next to each other for a second as he poured the fuel into his car and then he noticed my coat. He smiled and said he understood now why I was so interested in his. I blushed as he talked. He put down the fuel can, shut the car`s cap and turned to me. Steve held out his hands and touched the shiny red PVC raincoat that I was wearing, his smile remained as his hands moved up my sleeves and onto my chest. We were closer now and I put out my own hands to touch the side of his glistening black raincoat. I felt his hard muscles and realised that I was at a disadvantage if anything happened. But he was still smiling when our eyes next met. His hands had found there way down to my crotch and he had felt my erection. Quickly, I moved my hands to his crotch and joyfully found a similar, if not slightly larger version. His hands had remained on my balls, cupping and massaging them as mine had found his. After a minute or two of this, I heard another car approaching and stepped away from Steve. Even though his hazard warning lights were now off, the other car, which turned out to be a white van, slowed and pulled into the layby behind us. What`s going on? I stammered, but Steve just continued to smile and said that a few of his friends had decided to come out and say thank you to me. I was instantly scared of what this would entail as three big blokes got out of the van and came to greet Steve. Then I was confused because they were all wearing long black shiny raincoats like Steve`s. He explained that they all worked together and these coats were part of their work wear. Steve then explained to the other men how I`d helped him out and then went on to tell them about my fetish, which to be honest, looked pretty obvious as I stood in the rain in a shiny red PVC trench coat between four men is long black plastic oilskins.
The men smiled at each other and surrounded me. I looked towards Steve who was smiling and staring straight at my crotch. He put out his hand and touched me there, again cupping my balls through the red PVC. As if this was the signal, the other three men moved forward and started to touch me through my plastic raincoat. I was surrounded by black shiny PVC oilskins and as the rain fell down upon us all, I felt my belt buckle being loosened by unseen hands and my lovely red raincoat being opened. Hands were everywhere; my bottom, my balls, my chest, a couple held my arms in case I might struggle and all the time Steve was facing me, fondling my balls. My own hands searched around the men`s coats, the coldness and wet plastic sending shivers down my back. They all seemed to have hard-ons and then Steve pulled his cock from between the buttons of his shiny oilskin and held it in one hand. The other men placed their hands on my shoulders and suddenly I was on my knees in a puddle facing his stiff weapon. It was obvious what was required of me and so I tentively opened my mouth as Steve pushed his swollen member towards me. The other men cheered as his helmet slipped between my lips and soon his shaft was sliding backwards and forwards across my tongue and heading for my throat. I nearly gagged as he started to thrust, gripping the back of my head, I steadied myself by clasping his PVC clad bottom. It didn`t take him long to cum into my throat and as soon as his cock had left my mouth, one of the other men`s appeared to take its place. I drained each one in a similar fashion, swallowing almost all of their cum and not letting any fall onto my shiny red coat. The last man helped me to my feet and led me to the van. He opened the door and pushed me inside. There wasn`t a light in there so it was pitch black, but I could feel the other men sitting around still in their glossy oilskins. Steve identified himself and pulled me over towards him. I fell to the floor of the van and instantly my shoes and trousers were removed along with my pants. Then I felt them move in the van, one was holding me down while the others moved around behind me. I felt hands on my raincoat, lifting it and then exploring my bottom. Fingers touching my naked balls and cock, and then something colder than the clammy oilskins they wore touched my skin. It felt slimy like some sort of cream being rubbed into my cheeks. It wasn`t long before the fingers found my arsehole. They pushed an entry, sliding easily at first then with more force as first one, then two and finally three large fingers were inserted into my anus. They slid in and out, fucking my arse with a powerful vigour. Other hands slipped under my raincoat to find my cock and balls again and started to masterbate me in rhythm with the fingers fucking my backside. Pumping hard, I shot my load onto the floor of the van and collapsed, but they weren`t done with me yet.
I felt those hands lifting me once again onto my all fours, again the slimy fingers on my arse, pushing in and out, exploring my inner walls and then a second`s respite followed by the distinctly bulbous head of a penis replacing the fingers. I felt the cock slide effortlessly into my arse, the tight grip of its owner`s hands on my plastic covered waist, the slow rhythmic banging of his balls smacking into mine as he pounded away at me. I`d dreamed of this, but never expected it to be so magnificent. I pushed back on his cock as he thrust and the smell of wet PVC, sweaty men and jism was almost too much to bare. As he came deep in my arse, my own cock sprang back to life and started to dribble. The cock was removed and, as expected, it was quickly replaced by another as someone else had a go on my. This time I felt hands around my neck, lifting my head towards something in the darkness. Something wet and still stiff; the previous bloke`s cock – he wanted me to clean it off for him with my mouth. I was spit roasted by two large blokes in black, shiny oilskins and I was loving every second of it.
After I`d serviced all four of them and cleaned their tools for them, they opened the van door and let me out into the night. The rain had stopped, but it was still cold on my exposed buttocks and penis, my shiny raincoat giving me little protection. The men threw my clothes at me laughing and thanked me for helping Steve out. Then they drove off leaving me and Steve alone in the layby. He put his arm around my waist and walked me to my car telling me to come back the same time next week if I wanted any more. Then he slapped my arse hard through my raincoat and climbed into his own car and drove off too.
I could hardly wait for the following week to arrive...

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Re: Car Trouble

Post by hotwilly » September 5th, 2018, 5:54 pm

Wonderful fantasy - even better if it had been in real life
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Car Trouble

Post by cammacg » September 5th, 2018, 7:56 pm

I can only echo that last sentiment, a wonderful fantasy.

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Re: Car Trouble

Post by rubberdee » September 6th, 2018, 9:19 am

Here here

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Re: Car Trouble

Post by macmic » October 14th, 2018, 3:43 pm

More of the same please.

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