Husband and i (Part 50)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and i (Part 50)

Post by Lindaf » September 2nd, 2018, 1:35 pm

Jill started to describe her passion for fetish items. She had been introduced to it by her mum who always wore see thru plastic macs as normal. Her mum had a few in different colours and Jill just loved them. The way they shaped her mums body made her wonder how they would fit her.

Anyway, one day when her mum was out, Jill tried on one of her mums macs and immediately fell in love with it. The soft smooth feeling of the mac as she buttoned it up and smoothed it over her body. Jill loved the aroma as the mac got warmer and she got a slight tingling feeling in her pussy.

She took the mac off and never thought anymore about it until one night she was on her own. She decided to try on a mac again but this time with no clothes on below it. She felt so hot feeling the soft plastic enveloping her bare breasts. Her nipples reacted too as she felt them through the plastic. Jill decided to try the mac in the shower. It had a hood so it protected Jill’s long black hair from getting wet. She switched the shower on and stood under it. It felt sensational as the water crashed down onto the smooth plastic and over her body. Jill squashed her bare breasts like never before as her first orgasm struck her. She reached down and started to finger her soaking wet pussy as the water cascaded down the mac.

The next orgasm was more intense and she let go of a small drop of pee. That was the catalyst to finish off what she started, she continued to pee under the mac while the shower was washing it all away down the drain.
After a few minutes, Jill turned off the shower and stepped out. She had to masturbate again so she dried the mac off and went and laid down on her bed.

The plastic was sticking to her body and every time she moved, her nipples rubbed against the plastic mac. This drove her wild and she started to masturbate again. She was using the plastic to masturbate with. She moulded it around her pussy and started to rub with such vigour, she just about screamed the place down.She fell asleep still wearing the mac and woke up feeling oh so horny. Her mum was due back soon so she had to replace the mac where she got it.

Her mum got back earlier than expected so jut as well Jill replaced it.

Later that day, her mum decided to go out and reached for the mac. She put it on and realised the pockets of the mac were full of water. Jill got embarrassed when she told her mum what she did. Her mum laughed and said she has done that a few times in the past.

More to follow………….

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Re: Husband and i (Part 50)

Post by kleppergeil » September 2nd, 2018, 5:37 pm

More like that, please.

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