A river tale re posted

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A river tale re posted

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A rendezvous by the river

Early in the evening Peter received a text message on his mobile phone. Opening the message he saw it was from Sally his girlfriend. A very cryptic message just saying,
“Will you meet me by the river at 8pm”
That was two hours away as it was now 6 o'clock.
This gave Peter time to get ready and to get to the river to meet Sally.

Taking his work clothes off Peter stepped into the shower, his toned body glistened as the water cascaded of his skin.
Running down his thighs into the shower tray and gurgling down the plug hole..
Massaging shower gel over his body Peter relaxed as his hand went lower down his body. The cold gel mixing with the warm water on his body.
As his hand moved down his stomach onto the coarse hair that covered the vee of his thighs Peter felt himself getting an involuntary erection. His eight inch penis beginning to grow hard as he massaged the gel into his groin.
Resisting the temptation to masturbate himself under the running water, he tried to put sexual thoughts out of his mind. As fast as his erection had begun to grow it seemed to disappear just as quickly.

Stepping from the shower Peter dried himself off then sprayed himself with deodorant. Before walking naked over to his wardrobe.
First he grabbed a clean shirt from the shelf, pulling it on he buttoned it from the top down. Next he took a pair of silk boxer shorts from a drawer. Standing on one leg he stepped into one leg then did the same with the other. Pulling them over his thighs and up round his now flaccid cock.
Reaching over to a hanger, he now took a pair of leather trousers down.

Sally had bought him these for his birthday. They were black and still had the erotic smell of new leather.
Tonight was the first time he had actually worn them since he'd tried them on in the shop.
Sitting down on his bed Peter pulled the soft,supple leather up his calves and thighs. Before standing up and pulling them over his silk boxer short and round his waist. Finding a belt he fastened them. As he moved to find his socks the leather of his trousers creaked softly.
He soon had his socks on followed by a pair of a black pair of leather boots.
Walking to the door he grabbed a coat off the hanger and left his flat.
Getting to the car he left the street and made his way to where he was to meet Sally.
It took him about half an hour to get to the river and the meeting place.
Parking the car he waited a few minutes before leaving the car.

Taking his coat from the back seat he also grabbed his big umbrella as well.
Walking over to the stone fence that ran down the footpath by the river, Peter stood there waiting for Sally to arrive. He had arrived early so he still had a few minutes to wait.
During this time the sky had started to darken. And he felt a few spots of rain on his skin. Pulling his coat on Peter stood with his back to the river. Just hearing it lapping against the concrete bank as it flowed.
The sky grew darker still and now it had started to rain properly. Putting his umbrella up to shelter him Peter still had about five minutes to wait for Sally to arrive.

The rain by now was bouncing of the umbrella and hitting the floor by his feet.
With his back still towards the river Peter looked up and saw a figure walking towards him. Their head down against the rain that was steadily falling. As they got closer he could see that whoever it was had their head covered in a hood. And as they got even closer Peter saw that the figure was covered by a flowing cape. A woman.

When the caped woman was only about ten feet from Peter she tilted her head back, and as she did Peter saw it was Sally.
As Sally stood under the big umbrella, she threw the hood of the cape off her head. Allowing her long blonde hair free.
Pulling close to Peter she took her hand from under her cape and reached up. Touching his neck she pulled him closer to her face and started to kiss him. First on the lips,then her tongue starting to probe his mouth.

Peter responding by probing her mouth and tongue with his. Becoming breathless as the two of them continued their teasing, passionate kiss.
Pulling away from Sally Peter Started to run his hand over her cape. He'd not seen it before as Sally usually wore a mac or a jacket. Tonight she'd decided to wear her new Purple PVC lined cape which she'd seen on E bay. And on the spur of the moment bought it.
Running his hand down Sally's back all he could feel was the soft metallic PVC cape. Sally seemed to shudder as his hand slowly wandered down her spine. Pressing harder against her cape he could not feel an outline of a blouse or dress. Moving down to her waist he was sure he could feel the fastening of a suspender belt that was round her curvy waist.

As Peter explored her Back Sally had moved her hand down his neck and over his coat to his bottom. Feeling the new leather that covered it.
Squeezing the supple leather with her fingers Sally felt his bottom tense as she did.
Her hand now running round his waist and onto the front of his leather trousers. Feeling his cock growing hard under the soft leather as she touched him.

Sally got close to him now. Putting her arm round his waist she whispered in his ear
“Let's walk a few minutes”
And as Peter sheltered her underneath his umbrella they walked slowly down the river embankment.
The rain now bouncing heavily off the brolly that sheltered them. Hitting the pavement in big splashes. Making big ripples in the river.
The two of them walked for a few minutes until they reached a road bridge that crossed the river.
Going under the bridge Peter closed the umbrella that sheltered them. Walking further under the bridge the found an enclosure that was built into the bridge.

Entering this the two of them found it went deeper into the foundation of the bridge. And out of sight of anyone that maybe walking past.
Sally pulled Peter close to her and again started to fondle him over his leather trousers.
His cock again growing hard as her fingers squeezed his growing length.
The leather now growing tight around his balls as his cock grew to it's full eight inch length.
Finding Peter's belt Sally unbuckled it. Then unfastened the button on top of the trousers. Before unzipping them. Peeling the tight leather over his now hard, erect cock Sally pulled them down to his knees.

Stroking his penis over the barrier of his silk boxer shorts that only kept her from his throbbing cock.
Now sliding her delicate hand under the elastic of his short these to followed his trousers round his knees.
There was just enough light where they were that Sally could see the Pre come leaking from the tip of his erect cock.

Bending down onto her knees Sally cupped Peter's balls in one hand. Feeling them throb as she held them. Getting closer to his Penis Peter could feel her hot breath on cock. Opening her mouth Sally and put her tongue on the tip of his cock. Licking at the small drop of liquid that had leaked from there.

As she tasted the salty drop of pre come Sally opened her mouth.
She let his long throbbing cock slide into her mouth. Only half way down as she'd never in the past been able to take the full length of his erection into her mouth with out gagging.
Slowly sucking his pulsing length Sally teased his cock with her tongue. Up and down his length alternately sucking and licking. Peter holding her head as she did. His cock seemingly growing even harder with every movement of her head.
After a few minutes of licking and sucking Sally got up off her knees and again cupped his balls in her hand. Stroking the coarse hair that covered then and which went partly up his erect member.

Turning round so her back was now against him Sally told him
“Lift my cape up babes”
Peter did as she asked.
Finding her naked under the metallic cape apart from a PVC suspender belt round her waist and fishnet stockings that were held in place by it. Her
white stiletto boots completing her outfit.
As she had her back to him Peter ran his thumb down her back and over her arse. Sally felt a shudder of anticipation course though her already wanton body. Peter didn't finger her there though. He continued under her arse and onto her already wet, hot pussy. Sliding over her lubricated twat he slid his thumb into it and explored her with his thumb tip. Finding her most sensitive spot as he did. Sally immideatly gave out a little whimper of pleasure as he found her G-spot. She pushed back further onto his thumb taking it deeper inside her.
Peter felt her pussy pulsing on his thumb as he moved it inside her wetness. Her whimpers getting louder with every tiny movement..

“Fuck me baby”
Sally moaned.
“I want your cock now”
She continued.
Peter removed his thumb from her cunt almost immediately replacing it in one swift movement with the full length of his cock.
Sally groaned as his penis again found her G-spot.
“Oh fuck!
She moaned as he held her tightly round her hips. Sally parted her thighs as Peter took her. Sally's cape falling back over both of them covering Peter's cock as he slowly started to fuck her.
“Ugggh ugggh ugggh”
She groaned between his deep thrusts. His cock deeper than ever in her pussy. His penis now covered with her sticky pussy juices. Sliding in and out of her wetness with ease.

Holding her round her waist Peter held her tightly ensuring his cock didn't slip from her clit as he withdrew from her.
Their lovemaking tonight was short and sharp unlike when they were in bed together. The excitement that they may be seen went through Sally's mind as she was being fucked by Peter. Her pussy now pulsing with every thrust Peter made.
“Fuck me baby fuck me”
Sally was almost crying out now.
Peter moved his hands from round her waist and up her body onto her voluptuous 38 inch breasts. Now cupping both smooth breasts in his hands
he found her erect nipples. Tweaking her nipples with his fingers. As he did it seemed to send Sally over the top and into a huge orgasm. Her cunt pulsing faster on his eight inch length as she was taking it deeply.
“Fuck fuck fuck”
She groaned as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her body. Driving into her again and again Peter took her higher and higher. His balls now getting tighter as his movements got faster still.

Sensing he was about to shoot his cream inside her Sally thrust back onto his whole length. And as she pushed against his balls the whole length of his cock started throbbing. Throbbing quickly and in unison with her cunt.
As her pussy throbbed she felt him tighten inside her and a few short seconds later his own orgasm matched hers.
“Ohhhhh baby yes yes yes”
She moaned through gritted teeth. Her own orgasm very intense as they both came together.
“Oh baby baby baby”
She whispered softly as she relaxed. Her pussy slowly returning to normal as Peter went limp inside her.

Sliding from her wetness Peter pulled away from her pussy and stood behind Sally His limp member now flaccid between his legs.
Pulling up both his boxer shorts and trousers over his cock he again moved behind Sally.
Her cape now covering her naked body. Squeezing her breasts over her cape Peter kissed her neck before she turned round to face him.
As she faced him Sally moved forwards and pulled him to her. Kissing him deeply her tongue again teasing his mouth. Peter responded again making her breathless with his relentless probing. Sally finally pulled away panting for breath. Her face red and her breathing fast and irregular.
Peter took her by the hand and led her from their hidden place. Looking to see if anyone was near Peter lead her from their enclosure and back onto the footpath.

Emerging from under the bridge he put the umbrella up to shelter them from the still pouring rain. As they walked back to where the car was parked Peter ran his hand over the front of Sally's cape. Again feeling her breast through her flowing cape. Sally tensed as he touched her nipple through the PVC. Just as he touched her he pulled his hand away and put his arm round her waist. There was another couple walking towards them sharing their own umbrella.

When they had past Peter stroked her bottom over the cape, Feeling her crack as her boots threw her hips from side to side with a very sexy sway.
As they reached the car Peter asked,
“Are you coming home baby?”
“Not tonight babes”
She replied.
“Work tomorrow”
“Oh OK”
Peter replied as he opened the car door for her.

Getting in the car elegantly Sally swung her booted legs in to the car and closed the door after her. Peter opened his door, threw the wet umbrella onto the floor of the car behind his seat and got in very quickly.
Setting off from the car park Peter moved through the traffic. When they were on a quiet stretch of road he moved his hand onto her thigh over her cape. Moving under it he ran his hand up her stockinged thigh. Over the tight suspender strap and onto her smooth shaved pussy.
Finding the button of her clit with his fingertip he slowly rubbed it.
Almost instantly Sally tensed as she parted her thighs so he could rub her properly. A groan coming from her lips as she did. Her wetness very apparent to Peter.

A few seconds later Sally moved down her seat and let a moan out as he made her cum for the third time this evening. Followed by
“Oh fuck”
As her clit throbbed uncontrollably and pleasurably.
Removing his hand from her clit Peter was about to put it back onto the steering wheel when Sally took it in her own hand and put it to her lips.
Licking her pussy juices off his fingers Sally closed her eyes as she tasted herself.
She murmured, licking his fingers clean.

As she finished her Licking Peter pulled up outside Sally's flat. Kissing her deeply once again Sally opened the door after she'd pulled the hood of her cape tightly over her long hair. Walking away from him back to her flat in the rain that had persisted all evening.
Leaving Peter sat in the car with the smell of sex mingling with Sally's perfume.

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