I was punished Continued

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I was punished Continued

Post by wetlookslicker » August 25th, 2018, 8:22 am

He told me he would drive me to my house asked for my keys and opened the passenger side door for me he grabbed my arm and helped me in I felt special. It was a sort distance pulled into my driveway then he opened my door and once again gently grabbed my arm and helped me out we went to my sun room he kissed me softly and we sat together.

What can I say I was in heat and I felt safe in my own house so I realized all my defenders had just melted I wasn’t happy that I was so easily swept off my feet however I was so I just told myself well that’s how I feel it’s not my fault I’m after all just a person.

He grabbed me kissed me on my mouth and then forced his tongue inside mine and I liked it! A few of my raincoats hanging up caught his eye he stood me up and said you will strip now and wear that transparent pika a dot trench and without a word he hit me so hard on my buttocks I screamed and immediately gave him a dirty look. He looked me squarely in the eye and said you deserved that and I’m just getting started with you go over there now you slut and do what your told.

I was overwhelmed and felt embarrassed however I just wanted to please him . Still feeling a little uneasy I said let me change in private he said ok Roslyn your a good girl you go ahead and do what you need to. I was feeling rather excited but scared to I quickly took off my clothes and put on my pink polka dot coat over my naked body I looked in the mirror and yep I looked good so I stepped upstairs with my head up once again he saw me and his eyes opened up I liked that he said wow girl your beautifull then he said in an authoritive tone sit on my lap.

He began stroking my backside he said I love the rustling sound that makes on your slutty bum then he grabbed my neck hard and passionately we began kissing . He opened his case and without warning put a collar on me with a leash . He yanked it hard forcing my head down then he literally picked up the rest of me and squarely put me over his knee. It was so fast I felt overwhelmed and he was so strong . All the sudden he grabs this big paddle and when I see it I’m mortified I blurt out no that’s going to really hurt. It’s just our first time. He said in a calming voice yes it is Roslyn dear however I told you your going to be punished and I meant really punished as you deserve what I’m going to do to you do you understand Roslyn slut. I felt less scared and very turned on though I didn’t want to be and I quietly said yes master.

He fondled me under my pvc patting my behind gently he had broken all my defences in such a short time however I reminded myself I’d been one too long and was long overdue for some fun. All the sudden I thought I was hot by well I don’t know what I screamed out he paddled me so hard. He rubbed my behind and it stung sooo bad and then again right in the same place it took my breath away and I almost broke into tears . He said bad girls kinky pvc slut girls like you need to be punished do you understand Roslyn fighting back tears I said yes in s broken voice. I bit hard on the collar of my pvc knowing what was going to happen once again the paddle made a big smack as it landed on my pvc buttocks then again I liked it however it hurt so
Much I just got overwhelmed and started to cry . That didn’t stop him he must have paddled me another twenty times I just went into a place in my head I call sub space finally he stopped and sat me on his knee and used his thumbs to cleR my tears he stroked my hair and said there now Roslyn it’s ok your still a good girl I felt so happy I smiled even though I was still crying and hugged him rubbing my face against his he must of liked it he said ahhh your so affectionate and sweet my dear girl I’m so lucky I meet you then we feel asleep I was in bliss though my buttocks were absolutely red and throbbing!

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