I was punished

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I was punished

Post by wetlookslicker » August 25th, 2018, 7:31 am

It’s the middle of the night here I just woke up to get a glass of water when I sat back down on my bed I just yelled out as my hips still hurt from what was done to me earlier.

It all started earlier this morning I’d been talking with a really interesting guy online for a while. I knew he was dominant and a real man. He was in the army a commando and very fit a great catch. I’m middle aged however I consider myself still pretty I’m slim with big eyes a nice figure my hair is a little out of date people say I look like Audrey Hepburn however I’m ok with that as I’m a designer so I do my own thing and make up my own look I don’t care to follow trends. My skin is olive I am meditranian and I’ve even been compared to Amal Clooney which I like were both professional women. I however don’t consider myself liberated I always thought it proper to please my guy

It was cool earlier today so I put on my cat eye sunglasses and short black vinyl trench coat. I looked in the mirror before stepping out I guess I’m vain , I thought well I do look good I can compete with any thirty something so I stepped out feeling pretty and confident.

Before leaving my phone rang and my online guy wanted to meet for the first time I was happy I felt wanted and we agreed to meet for cofffee at 11 fortunately I own my business so I was caught up and had the free time.

It was close to eleven so I fixed my make up and grabbed my vinyl trench on the way out from work. I stepped out of my car by the coffee shop I reminded myself to keep my head up and look serious so I pouted my mouth and told myself well I am good so why not look it

As I walked in my guy was sitting there ohh he was handsome our eyes locked and I lost my composure and smiled I felt silly however I couldn’t help it. He stood up and hugged me it felt good his strong arms tight around me I was happy.

He told me I was even prettier than in my photos I smiled and reminded myself to not smile too much he just had an overwhelming presence I felt uneasy I was losing my power which rarely happens to me

He said that’s a pretty coat I want you to put it on it wS a little hot but I didn’t object for some reason I just did what I was told. He said wow your a movie star I blushed that made me feel so good he said turn around and even though we were in public I did. Then he told me to sit I started to take off my coat and was told abruptly to leave it on . He was breaking my will and I liked it nice to have a real take charge kind for a change it was a turn on

We talked about this and that and he turned to me and said I know you well , I was curious , he was bright and so am I so I thought let’s see what he says. He said your a bright beautifull independent girl and he said I respect you and like you however deep down your a bad girl and you know it. At first I felt ambushed however he was right so I just gazed and said nothing then he said I know little ms stuck up your a kinky slut and I’m taking you from here I’m going to use your body as I see fit and you will be punished. I paused felt a flush of endomorphines looked down and said yes. To be continued

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