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The girl wearing the shiny black raincoat part 2

Posted: June 10th, 2018, 9:10 pm
by pvclovering
After their first meeting, Helen and Paul had become an item. Paul had made a comment that she wore her PVC raincoat quite often, and Helen admitted she loved PVC rainwear and had a collection of rainwear, the shiny black one being her favourite. It was a fetish, she told him. Paul told her something he had never told anyone else. "I have a shiny PVC jacket which I wear round the house. I would love to wear it outdoors,but never got round to it for some reason. I feel good with it on. Suppose it is my fetish too."
"When we go out again, wear it whatever the weather, let's have a look at you!"
On their next date he put his jacket on. When he got to Helens place, she was already macked up. "Paul, you look good. Think you got that from the website I use.You should wear it often." Before they went out, she gave him a good shake. "That's for not telling me about your fetish when you knew mine!"a
Just after this, they both had had a birthday. They bought each other a raincoat. Looking on the website Paul saw the coat Helen had worn on their first date."I know it is a ladies raincoat but I reckon I could get away with wearing it anyway." "I think so too! Will you buy me the same only in clear see through? Will have them sent to me." Paul was happy with this.
When the coats arrived, Helen let him know. He called round a little later. It was Paul who suggested they had a little 'mac fun'. They just wore their new macs, buttoning each other up. She got hold of his hands and placed them on her breasts. Paul hardened as her felt her under the plastic. She was aware of this. "Calm down! You know what I need to do first!" She was a quietish girl, but came alive when she danced. Helen shook herself really hard, which always turned her on, feeling damp between her legs. She then placed Paul's hands on her shoulders. "I need you to move me like you always do!" He shook her like a rag doll, her teeth rattling. "That is so good Paul! " She was feeling so alive. Paul got a rubber from his coat pocket and slipped it on. Helen laid on the bed as Paul entered her. They were both feeling so good, and agreed that they enjoyed 'mac fun'
After relaxing a while, Helen was getting restless, and was wanting more "mac fun." "you are feeling up for it today aren't you?" Paul said.
" Sure am, and I would like to try something different.Not telling you, just go with it!" Paul was intrigued and agreed.
"I usually let you feel my breasts first, and maybe give them a squeeze, well lets try this." She felt for his cock under his raincoat. She wrapped some of the PVC round it and then,holding it in her fingers, moved it around. "I bet you do this often Paul." He was trying to keep control as she wanked him. "Now it is MY turn to shake you!" She shook him back and forth so hard, like he shook her. He was happy for her to do this to him. "That turns you on too I'll bet." She looked at his cock under the mac. He was ready to cum. Helen put it into her mouth, and took his juices in.
Paul was a little shocked at first, not realising she was up for that sort of thing. He told her it was a surprise to him but was pleased she had taken the lead for once.
"I shocked myself too, but it was good. There will be a next time!"

Re: The girl wearing the shiny black raincoat part 2

Posted: June 11th, 2018, 1:08 pm
by sexyboots
Would be good to match the jackets up with shiny sexy boots, wellies or thighboots.

Re: The girl wearing the shiny black raincoat part 2

Posted: June 12th, 2018, 10:06 am
by pvclovering
Thanks for your comment sexyboots. Maybe match up both with Hunter wellies!