Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

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Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

Post by blackmacjay » February 25th, 2011, 6:12 pm

During the run-up to the exam when I spent my days revising, I would sometimes take a break by walking in the fresh air to clear my head and thanked Aunt Blanche for my rubberized mackintosh because, as November approached, the heavens had opened and it was getting colder too and windy. Thus, it was good to learn that the rubber made the mackintosh windproof as well as impervious to water.

As I walked through and around my hometown, I was always surprised to see that I was one of the very few properly clothed to handle the elements. Yet, when I would sometimes go into a pub to grab a sandwich and a drink for lunch, it was common that another customer or the person behind the bar would comment favorably on my mackintosh; especially if the person happened to be female.

And I mentioned this to Jan during one of our evening telephone conversations. She said that she’d noticed a similar reaction and had concluded that many people were attracted to rubberized mackintoshes but didn’t feel brave enough to actually wear one themselves fearing adverse comment.

I only brought up the difference in our ages just once. “You really don’t know why?”

My silence conveyed my answer. “It’s because we like you but, the fact that you’re young and slim and can be ready for more action so soon, makes us love you. So, after your exam, get plenty of rest because, when you get back here we’ve been making plans.

Pleas for further explanation were greeted only by a quiet giggle.

The day of the exam came and went and I could only hope that two out of the three essays I’d written would pull me through. Therefore, I spent my last two days at home getting some rest and spending time with my friends. Many of them wanted to know about my new life and work at the newspaper. I confessed my newly found addiction to journalism. However, I didn’t voice the other. But one of them, Gary, brought it up.

One lunchtime, actually the day before I was due to leave to go back to work, I sat down at the table to eat my sandwich and drank my soup. We talked about local stuff between mouthfuls of food and our drinks.

“I never thought you were gay,” he whispered as he stroked my mackintosh “All those years at school in the gym, at the sports field nor in the showers after did I dare to dream it.”

“I’m not,” I spluttered through my soup. I grabbed my mackintosh and left the table at a run.

“See you later,” he pouted.

Now, I’d already realized that some people might regard my mackintosh as being a little different but, ‘gay’? And so, I called Jan. She claimed to be no expert on the gay scene but assured me that Gary’s advances had nothing to do with my rainwear choices. She then went on to tell me that she had been busy with her new purchases and that my aunt had too.

The she added that we were invited to visit “Uncle Sidney’s” the next night and refusal was not an option. The one requirement was that my body hair be shaved and subsequently powdered smooth.

The possibilities swirled around in my head as I went to the bathroom, took out my razor and complied. Then, an early night beckoned after I’d packed my few belongings and went to bed.

Arriving back at Aunt Blanche’s house, I found that I was alone. There was, however, a note. It advised me to get some rest and be ready to leave at 6pm. “Take a shower,” it ordered, “And wear just your new shiny black rubber mackintosh and your rubber briefs; nothing else.” I had never worn the SBR mackintosh because it was in a lady’s style but as Jan was due to pick me up and therefore the chances of being seen were nil, I knew I’d comply. The implications and possibilities made my cock throb and, having taken care of that urgency, I took a nap.

A little later, my shower completed, I put talc on my legs and pulled on the briefs. They were very tight and they were very brief to the extent that when erect, the tip of my cock would be sure to peek out. Then the doorbell rang and I looked out of the window and waved to Jan to come in as the door was unlocked.

She was wearing her SBR mackintosh and matching boots with about a 3” heel but, as her mac was tightly belted, I couldn’t see what was underneath. I picked up my ladies mackintosh and as I slipped my arms in Jan gave my rubber briefs an appreciative stroke.

We’re late,” she grinned, “Or I’d do a lot more than that.” Then she buttoned me in, cinched my rubber belt and adjusted the throat strap.

It was dark as we pulled out of the driveway and I thought I was safe from prying eyes but we were forced to stop at a light. Another car pulled up beside us and whistles and catcalls showed that our garb had been spotted. As the light turned green and Jan pulled away, one of the girls in the other car rolled down the window, mouthed a kiss and yelled “Ooh Kinky”!

“You don’t know the half of it,” said Jan more to herself than to me. The rest of the journey was uneventful but the heat of the car brought out the heady scent of our rubber garments and I inhaled it gratefully as I pondered the evening ahead and wondered what Uncle Sidney would be like.

Aunt Blanche’s car was already there and we pulled in beside it. Climbing out, we adjusted our mackintoshes as the door opened and my Aunt ushered us in. She was wearing what appeared to a high-necked taffeta caftan in an iridescent navy-blue but knowing my aunt, and noting the telltale rustle and swish, it was obvious it was a rubberized mackintosh material. She immediately slipped her hand in between my buttons and grasped my cock through the rubber briefs. “Good” she said, “Now follow me.”

In a small sitting room just off the hallway, she pointed out my clothing for the evening. First was a black rubber suspender belt with three straps for each leg and matching stockings. Next was a pair of ruffled tennis briefs in the purest white latex and it was only when I pulled them on that I realized that they were crotchless. Then to top it off was a black mini French maid’s dress in polished black rubber with a white rubber apron to match. And, finally there was a floor length pure rubber cape in black.

I gulped but Jan offered to help me with the unfamiliar garments and she unbuttoned her mackintosh to reveal she was dressed in an identical fashion except for the cape. No wonder the car’s interior had the aroma I’d breathed in.

It was a good job I had Jan’s help because the stockings were a bitch to don. She showed me how to powder my legs with cornstarch and how to roll the rubber slowly up which I managed to do without tearing the thin material. “Think of it like a condom,” she advised. I pointed out that they were usually lubricated and that made it easier. “Anyway, I don’t think they are as tight as these stockings, I added but soon the job was done.

I also needed Jan’s help in securing the back clips of the suspender belt to the stockings but I was able to do the ones at the front and the side. “You should see me with one of mine that has 7 straps per leg,” she quipped, “But you get used to it.”

I made a mental note to volunteer for that “chore” as soon as possible and I promised myself to linger. The very thought of sitting on her bedroom floor, fumbling with every suspender clip while my face grew ever closer to her pussy or her buttocks was turning me on.

“Jan, I don’t understand why I was ordered to wear those rubber briefs to come over here?” I asked, “When I’m now going to wear these,” and I fingered the silky-soft white latex briefs.

She grinned and replied, “To give your cock the scent and taste of rubber.” “And, besides, it’s not nice to go out without underwear is it?”

So there I stood while Jan slipped the rubber maid’s dress over my head and I shuddered as the cool rubber gave its initial kiss to my upper body and then warmed it. Then, with the white ruffled briefs and my apron in place and the cape over my arm, Jan and I went upstairs to a beautifully furnished living room.

There was no one there but the room was tastefully lit and there was a Haydn symphony wafting through an unseen sound system.

There was also a well-stocked cocktail cabinet and I elected for a very large Scotch. So did Jan! We figured that we’d probably need it before the night was over.

“Colleen, put on your cape and show some respect to me and your Aunt.”

Jan nudged me and reminded me that was now my name while Blanche and Cyd were in control. And so, I drew up my black rubber cape and knelt in front of the pair.

“Better,” the imperious voice announced. “Now open the champagne and bring two glasses.”

Jan ran to the ice bucket as fast as her high heels would allow while I searched for the glasses. With its usual pop, the bottle was opened and the wine was poured. I put the glasses on a little tray and carried them to Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney. He sat in a large armchair while my aunt sprawled at his feet. I say he because he looked so masculine in his black rubber cat suit and a matching cape. He/she had short graying hair and wore no makeup.

My aunt, on the other hand, was more heavily made up than I had ever seen and she was wearing red. A red rubber topless dress and red rubber stockings and red shoes with a platform sole and heels that must have been at least 5” tall.

As I approached the two with Jan close behind me carrying napkins and canapés, Uncle Sidney appraised me from head to toe. As she rolled my aunt’s nipples between her finger and thumb. she ordered her to reach below my cape and reveal my cock through the opening in my frilly latex knickers. I was only partially erect but Uncle Sidney clearly liked what she saw as she smiled slightly.

“Promising, promising but it needs a little work before its ready for Blanche and me.” And she waved at Jan to indicate that was her appointed task. Jan dropped to her knees and opened my cape, took my cock in hand and began to fellate me.

“Cover her head with the cape,” my Aunt ordered. My erotic costume, the insistent mouth around my cock and my youthful tumescence made the assignment a brief one and Jan emerged from beneath the cape while my now rigid cock tented the rubber in front of me.

“Come here,” Uncle Sidney said, “And lie on your back over here,” and she pointed to large black rubber sheet. Then she rose from her chair, unzipped the zipper covering the crotch of her polished rubber cat suit, positioned her knees on either side of my head, and lowered her shaven pussy over my mouth. She didn’t need to give any instructions as the movement of her hips said it all.

Then I felt a warm pussy envelope my cock but at first I didn’t know if it was Jan or my Aunt. It turned out to be the latter as Jan’s voice directed me to, “Suck and Fuck.”

The next voice I heard was my aunt’s as she hissed at Uncle Sidney to pinch and twist her nipples. I found it took quite a lot of concentration and coordination to comply with Jan’s directive and this took my mind off my own arousal which was fortunate as my aunt’s grinding on my cock became more urgent and she cried out with the onset of her orgasm. But not Uncle Sidney and as my aunt’s climax subsided, he or she ordered a switch of positions.

Next, my aunt’s pussy, which was dripping wet, sank onto my mouth and she ordered me to lick and suck her out. At the same time, I expected Uncle Sidney to take my aunt’s place over my cock and she did but not quite in the way I had anticipated. The first thing I felt was Jan anointing my cock with the slippery feel of some liquid or other.

Uncle Sidney then announced that she was ready and ordered Jan to, “Guide it in!” And she ordered me to push. No pussy I’d ever felt had pushed back like this did but only for a second or two because next my cock was gripped tighter than even my hand. Sidney started to rock back and forth, at first slowly and shallowly, then increasingly deeper until my cock was buried to its full length in her anus.

Jan then stood behind Sidney and grasped her tits through the rubber of her cat suit while Sidney’s hand dropped to rub her clitoris. “Kiss me Blanche,” growled Sidney as the movements of her hips reached a crescendo and she ordered me to, “Fuck hard! Shoot all your cum into my arse.” I needed no encouragement and I shot three or four huge spurts deep inside her.

Slowly we disentangled ourselves and I found that the whole “ménage a quatre” had been videotaped which we watched while my aunt and Cyd plotted we knew not what.

Cyd and Aunt Blanche then disappeared for a while and Jan and I wondered about what came next. Suddenly the lights went out and were replaced by a spotlight which shone on a kind of large couch whose purpose we could not fathom. Then, out of the darkness, Cyd’s amplified voice ordered Jan to remove her rubber bloomers which she did. My aunt and Uncle Sidney then reentered both wearing voluminous mackintosh capes.

Blanche lay down on the couch and Cyd announced that it was now Jan’s turn and that she should join my Aunt who was lying on her side. Throwing back their mackintosh capes, I could see that both were wearing strap-on rubber dildoes and it became obvious what was afoot.

Blanche then slowly but deliberately pulled Jan’s leg up and over her waist, inserted the dildo into Jan’s expectant pussy, and began to fuck her. Next, Uncle Sidney approached Jan from behind and, despite her initial protests, lubricated her anus with her finger and slowly began to finger-fuck her. Clearly, this was a new experience for Jan but I could tell by her hip movements that she was starting to respond.

That was all it took for Cyd to remove her finger and replace it with the tip of the dildo. “Pretend you are going to the bathroom,” she ordered and when Jan did about 3 inches of the dildo disappeared inside her.

Then I was ordered to stand in front of Jan’s face and wank my cock until it had regained most of its recent stiffness. She opened her mouth willingly and took me deep inside while Blanche and Cyd coordinated their thrusts.

All this stimulus and the fact that Cyd’s hands were kneading and twisting Jan’s tits through her rubber costume could only have one result and soon. I knew the signs as well as anybody and when she took my cock into her hand and began to wank it as she sucked its head, her orgasm was starting and I said so.

At this, my aunt and Cyd redoubled their efforts and each pressed a bulb at the base of their dildoes which shot a stream of artificial cum deep inside Jan’s pussy and arse. And that did it for both Jan and for I and my load went deep into her mouth and throat.

It’s been a little over 30 years since Uncle Sidney passed and Aunt Blanche lasted only a couple of years longer as she mourned her partner.

And it’s only been 3 days since my long-term partner, Jan, passed. Her casket was closed just after I spread her newest rubber mackintosh over her as I remembered her dying words.

“It’s a mackintosh, not a raincoat. I love you.”

“So do I, Jan. So do I.”

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Re: Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

Post by Jennifer987 » March 2nd, 2011, 1:14 am

Well done, an excelent story and beautifully written, I just love the descriptions of the ladies in their rubber garments and their lovemaking. I wish I could write so well, so please treat us with more rubberisd ladies and their raincoats.


Re: Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

Post by Fender » March 4th, 2011, 1:29 am

Very very good!!i raise my hat 8-)

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Re: Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

Post by Shiny Heather » May 5th, 2011, 3:05 pm

Loved the storyline and would love you to tell us some of the incidents, escapades and fun you four got up to, particularly if you and Jan were again dressed as Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney's maids :roll:


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Re: Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

Post by hotwilly » May 13th, 2011, 12:37 pm

Wonderful story line
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

Post by HeatherluvsPVC » January 7th, 2017, 5:05 pm

Loved the storyline and would love you to tell us some of the incidents, escapades and fun you four got up to, particularly if you and Jan were again dressed as Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney's maids :roll:

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Re: Aunt Blanche and Uncle Sidney -- Part 2

Post by veradk » March 31st, 2018, 2:10 pm

What a fantastic story, takes me back to the days when stories in the old style adult fetish magazines were written like this. Just superb.

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