First rainwear fetish experience. Happened last week!

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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First rainwear fetish experience. Happened last week!

Post by Rainwearfan » April 4th, 2018, 8:48 am

Since i can remember i always had a big passion for rainwear as well as for latex and since i was like 12 year old ive been wanting a set of PU rainwear. I live in a town in germany and i have a lot of friends, im also a stoner and i do hang with my friends a lot, except the fact that im playing soccer i dont really spend much time outdoors and im also a huge gamer.
It would be really weird if i tell my mom i want a pair of rainpants, jacket and some nice rubber boots. So i decided to keep everything privat and secret.

Well im 17 years old rightnow, and this story happened last week and was my first rainwear fetish experience.

It started two weeks ago when my mom and dad went on vacation for one week, since i dont know where to get good raingear in my area i thought this would be the perfekt time for me to order raingear online, and nobody would notice it.
So last week i received my first self bought raingear. (that i have been waiting for many years)
PU seems to be my favourite material and i love the smooth , rubbery feeling to it.
Thats why i decided to get a navy Tretorn raincoat, as well as navy Tretorn PU rainpants. I also bought me a pair of navy Aigle Goeland boots.
After i put on the rainwear with nothing on except my underwear i was already feeling like the happiest person in the world, i was so excited to finally get raingear and that i get to go out go play in the mud. After reliefing myself real quick i took the opportunity to go for a walk in the woods because it was raining. (just really light rain)
By the time i was in the woods it started to pour and i couldnt believe my luck, i planned on staying in the woods for 2-3 hours to fully test my raingear and get really dirty in the wet mud.
I loved the feeling of the rain splashing against my raingear and the beatiful noise the rubbery upper makes when im walking. This secure feeling was what ive been waiting to feel since my childhood, a few drips of water came into my boots tho because i wasnt wearing any socks and hat my pants tucked into the boots. (I just feel like tucked in pants look way better than pants over top of the boot since you cant really see the boots beaty.)
Well as i was walking down the muddy path to go deeper into the woods i suddenly see a in rainwear covered person walking in my direction the same path.
It was a teenage girl, fairly small. And as we got closer to each other i suddenly realized it was Caroline, a girl from my school. We knew eachother a bit, talked to each other every now and then but never really had contact outside of school. (This was about to change)
As she was getting closer i couldnt believe my eyes what beatiful gear she was wearing.
She wore a beatiful, long, belted, black PU raincoat (Didriksons mizzie coat), as well as black rain pants (turned out to be helly hansen bibs) and gorgeous glossy yellow tall hunter boots, to top it off she wore a black rubber southwester. I immediatly felt a huge boner in my pants and didnt really know what to say to her, as she said: "Oh hey, you were the last person i expect to meet on a rainy day in the woods" "Umm.. I just really like the rain and enjoy beeing in the nature", I answered unsecurly. Caroline then explained that she feels so too and that she is planning to stay in the wet woods all day, and we came to the conclusion i should stay with her.
We then went on walking, after a few meters she said: "Ugh im so glad we have this awesome protective gear to keep us nice and dry" (She obviously knew i had a huge boner in my pants and wasnt trying to loose time)
"Yeah its nice, i really enjoy beeing in this gear and i also really really like your coat", i replied.
"Thank you, I know you do, who doesnt like a proper long, belted, raincoat?!", she said.
Caroline then started to grab my arms and move my hands over her in rubber covered brests and later let me massage her bum.
We were now standing in kind of a open field insight the woods, kissing, touching each others gear. It was pouring and the gras was really wet and muddy. As we decided to lay down to cuddle in the pouring rain, I started to open her coat to get to her soft spot. I couldnt believe my eyes because i was starting to realize that she was wearing a pair of yellow rainpants underneith her black rainbibs, and she also wore a yellow raincot underneith her huge, black one. (Yellow Stutterheim coat) The second i saw all this goodness i couldnt stop myself and just shot a huge load of cum right into my rainpants.
We then continued playing, causing her to climax as well, we then layed in the gras for another few hours, on top of each other, completly covered in mud.

I think this was a proper test for my first time wearing my gear out.

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Re: First rainwear fetish experience. Happened last week!

Post by plasticmacboy » April 5th, 2018, 9:31 am

Wow, you lucky boy! That sounds amazing and you both have amazing rainwear - very jealous!

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Re: First rainwear fetish experience. Happened last week!

Post by Waterproofs » April 5th, 2018, 5:34 pm

Great story ! Lucky guy!

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