my bestfriend Oliver and me Part 3

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my bestfriend Oliver and me Part 3

Post by RainwearMax » April 2nd, 2018, 9:25 pm

So after a long time of inactivity i thought i would tell you guys another story of oliver and me. The story happened about 2 years after the stories i shared before and we were both 18 years old. (This story will be pretty long, latex will be a big part of this story as well)

After Oliver and me finished school we both had to get out of our little town to go to college in the city Munich.
Since we both already made a lot of great new friends, who didnt know about our special friendship we both decided to hide our fetishes from the outside. So at the time the story is taking place everybody sees us all normal college students who are straight, party, smoke and are lazy as shit. We lived in a commune with 3 other students and everyone had a seperate room, so we couldnt really wear our gear at home together since we didnt want our friends to know, Oliver also had a girlfriend at the time. We still didnt see us too as a gay couple, we were both straight but saw ourselves as rainwear buddies. So this was quite a depressing time for us two in generally since we literally never had the chance to play with each other, and Olivers girlfriend was always with us too and we obviously didnt want her to know.
But Olivers girlfriend was going away for one weekend and it was supposed to rain from thursday to sunday so we thought this was the perfect weekend to spend some quality time together, just us two. So we planned the ultimate fetish weekend...
Well Olivers Grandma used to live outside of munich in the countryside and owned a small cabin, located right in the middle of the woods as her vacation house. (Might sound creepy but it was a pretty nice small house in the woods, next to a small lake)
The cabin was made out of wood but had everything you would need to live, a huge bed, a kitchen, a fireplace, and a bathroom)
So Oliver asked his grandma if we can have the keys and spend a weekend there with some other friends to chill and party and since the house hasnt been used for a long time, Oliver's grandma was happy to give us the keys. On thursday I went out alone to buy a secret present from a local bdsm latex shop and didnt tell Oliver anything.
Now on friday we packed all our gear, bought a bunch of beer and a lot of food. And drove to the cabin on friday at about lunchtime.
After a 30 minute drive we finally arrived and before we would get our gear and change our outfits we took a look at the cabin.
The house felt really homy and comfy right away and i knew that this would be one of the best weekends of our lifes.
So we ran to the car to get our 3 suitcases each. These suitcases were only packed with gear, we didnt pack any normal clothes except the ones we were wearing.
By the time the dirt in the woods was already really muddy and it was still pouring when we arrived.
We decided to get inside, dress up, and then go out to explore the woods.
After we unpacked all our stuff and threw it on the couch infront of the fire place we were both clueless about what to wear since we basically had too much to choose from. We decided cover ourselves completly in two layers of latex and then wear raingear on top to make sure we are protected for the muddy conditions.
We both put on a black latex catsuit, (with socks and gloves attached) then we started to oil ourselves from head to toe so we shine properly.(The shining took about 25 minutes since we were suddenly cuddling on the bed in our catsuits)
After we finished this we put on a second catsuit on top of the first one, the second one was transparent.
On top of that we both put on a set of Helly Hansen Nusfjord gear, Oliver in yellow and i wore the dark green set.
As footwear we both were wearing black hunter boots.
We both were probably already aroused as never before and all the rubber smell and noise was only making it better.
We went outside and, in what felt like a split second, we found ourselves laying in a big muddy puddle rubbing our in latex and raingear covered bodies against each other. The feeling of the cold mud and rain against our by rubber protected, cuddling bodies was the greatest feeling i had till that point. I felt like in a different universe and Oliver and me were as happy as never before. We then went on and after a nice walk we found this really wet muddy swamp and knew this was the spot we were looking for.
We immediatly jumped into the swamp and covered ourselves from head to toe with the wet and thick mud. Even our unprotected heads were completly covered by mud and our boots floded since we had our pants tucked in, our feet and legs were still protected by 2 layers of latex so we were good.
This was an amazing experience and felt like a dream come true. This was what i always wanted.
It was starting to get dark now and we were soaked so we decided to go back to the cabin to enjoy a nice shower. After about 1,5 hours of cleaning ourselves in the shower we now changed our gear. Oliver put on a metallic blue catsuit, with a transparent latex hood this time and on top he wore a transparent womens belted latex trenchcoat. I decided not to wear latex and put on a pair of yellow rubber rainbibs with aigle goeland boots. (nothing underneith) As well as a yellow rubber raincoat underneith the bibs.
Now i decided that i want to show Oliver the present i bought the day before and told him to wait in the bathroom for a about 10 minutes so i could set it up.
Then i told him to come into the bedroom and he was shocked, but in a positive way, he couldnt believe his eyes and was really excited since we talked about trying out one of these for a long time: A latex vacbed.
The latex of the vacbed was a really nice semi transparent pink color. Oliver who was already covert from head to toe in latex jumped into the vacbed right away and told me to start it.
Withing a few seconds Oliver wasnt able to move anymore and seemed to really loved the feeling. I laid down on top of him, starting to rubb and kiss his with latex covered body, as well as tickle him here and there to tease him. Having that control over my rainwear buddy was awesome and i really enjoyed it, also seeing the metallic blue catsuit thru this semi transparent pink latex really turned me on as well since this was such a unusual color combination. Oliver seemed to have a great time too since he shot a huge loat of cum into his latex catsuit while beeing in the vacbed, thats how aroused he was.
Now i had to change into my black catsuit with hoodie, socks, gloves to find out myself. Its hard to describe this feeling but beeing enclosed by all this beatiful smelling latex, not beeing able to move was a really special feeling. Especially feeling Oliver's in latex covered body laying on top of me, and feeling his rubber hands massaging my body and cock was just unreal and intense.
After we played around with the vacbed and ourselves for another about 3 hours it was time to go to bed.
I put on our black latex bedding equipment (pillows, blankets, cover) and we both dressed ourselves in our semi transparent pink womens nighties, cuddled for another few hours till we fell asleep arm in arm.


This was only the first day of our weekend, if you guys want me to i will publish the next part.

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