Greer, a sissy boy. Part 2

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Greer, a sissy boy. Part 2

Post by Francy70 » March 28th, 2018, 8:28 am

After the ceremony, we left the church. Greer has restored his very elegant raincoat. The mother reaches him and tells him to greet the aunts who he hasn’t seen for long time. Then his mother gave him her yellow bag, also waterproof. Then he came back to me. We had to go to a restaurant near the house. Greer asked his mother if he could go and change clothes at home to put his pants on, but she replied: "Absolutely not. You're so elegant today with your velvet tuxedo and your kilt. In fact, you'll dress more often like that". Seeing him from a distance, with his shimmering yellow raincoat and his shining black wellies that were practically without heels, with that waterproof hat, purse and uncovered legs that shook from the cold, he looked like a damsel. After discussing with his mother, he came back under my umbrella. He had tears in his eyes. He told me that two cousins had made fun of him calling him Sissie. And then he felt everyone's eyes on him. Since there was time, I asked him if he was going to walk with me instead of in the car. The place was three miles away, it was raining a little and we could stay under my umbrella. During the walking we talked a lot and at one point grabbed my hand. He told me that his mother always chooses his clothes, but in the last year he decided to dress him more feminine. He is an only child and his parents had wanted to have girl. She bought him three new raincoats (in addition to the yellow one, also a dark green one and a blue one all in rubber) and women's waterproof hats. In addition, even five pairs of wellies (two blacks, one navy, one red and one brown) and three kilts, which were in fact only girly scottish skirts with a brooch. But until that morning he would never have thought about wearing a women's raincoat, the blouse with ruffles and the skirt in his life. Instead this morning his mother forced him to dress like that and told him that he will have to do it more often. Then he looked at me and said: "You are the only friend I have". He then burst into tears and embraced me. It was a total excitement to feel his raincoat rubbing against mine. My cock had become very hard. He noticed it and looked at me with his ephobic face with a slightly frightened but also intrigued expression. We looked at each other for a moment. Then we moved away, as scared. But inside me the heart was beating and he had turned red. Then we stopped near a bench because we decided to go through the park. There was a lot of wind that kept up his raincoat constantly. So we sheltered under a roof. But he continued to tremble. The raincoat came to his knees. Then in the back, like the female ones, he had a gap. To warm himself, he moved and swayed. And the sight of those big shiny black wellies that bent to each movement and those bare legs were an ecstasy for me. "I'm so cold Francesco" he tells me as we sat on a bench. I put my hand under his raincoat on his bare legs to warm her up and asked him: "If it bothers you, I'll stop." He: "No, no continues" looking at me as he had never before. I felt he was still trembling but he liked it. Then he made slight jolts. And he moved his rubber boots that occasionally rubbed against each other. I get up to the height of his skirt, then I stopped. I asked him: "Is it better now?". And he answered: "Yes, pity you stopped. Right now I’m feeling like a young lady warmed up by her man". He hugged me and started kissing me on the neck. Also I started kissing him near the cheek. Then he continued to kiss me while rubbing his raincoat against mine. We then looked into each other's eyes and started giving us some sweet kisses on the mouth. Then he asked me: "Do you teach me to kiss? I've never done it with anyone ". So I put my tongue in his mouth and him his. He was kissing me with a sweetness and a delicacy like no woman had ever done before and at the same time he was stroking behind my head. It had stopped raining and we got up to take off our raincoats to bring us better hugs. After taking ithem off, he was still standing when a gust of wind lifted the minikilt and I saw that he wore pink feminine lace panties. He stood and kissed me with his tongue and caressed me. He was also a little taller than me. Meanwhile, as we continued to kiss, his naked thighs continued to tremble and moved those shiny black wellies that excited me at every glance. Then we stopped for a moment and I lit a cigarette and I offered one to him too. There was a moment of embarrassment, then we burst out laughing.
After seeing the time, we realized it was late and we had to get to the mother and the rest of the family at the restaurant. But we walked happily. Hand in hand. From her female bag she took two chocolate biscuits and gave me one. I got soiled a little close to my mouth. He then jokingly told me laughing but also with the provocative expression with his eyeglasses: "You have dirty baby naughty. Now Mommy cleans you". He approached and, while we heard the sound of our two raincoats, he started licking near his lips in the part where he had left some chocolate. Then he started kissing me with his tongue. He had not done it until he was 17 and now he liked it. Then we started with a quick step towards the restaurant. Every now and then we would stop and kiss. We could not do without it anymore. And he told me: "I do not know if I can stay at the restaurant for ten minutes without kissing you".

To be continued
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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 2

Post by rubbermac » March 28th, 2018, 4:09 pm

Beautiful Story......Many Thankss

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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 2

Post by rubberdee » March 28th, 2018, 5:40 pm


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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 2

Post by hotwilly » March 28th, 2018, 9:12 pm

Lovely story - thank you
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 2

Post by Mikmac77 » March 29th, 2018, 1:35 pm

I like the story line, very evocative. Please continue

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Re: Greer, a sissy boy. Part 2

Post by RainwearMax » April 3rd, 2018, 10:41 pm

Great Story
Cant wait for the next part:)

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