Beach Ride

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Beach Ride

Post by MuddyKatie » March 20th, 2018, 5:59 pm

I realise that this isn't strictly a rainwear story, but I think it has enough crossover that some people will enjoy it; my apologies to those who don't.


Karen, one of the girls who keeps her horse at the same livery yard as mine, has a sister who lives on the Gower peninsula, and keeps horses there.  She’d offered last year that we should both come down to ride on the beach. 

In March last year, Karen’s sister phoned, to remind her that if she wanted to ride on the beach that year, it would have to be before Easter, as horses aren’t allowed on the beach during the weekend in tourist season.  Either way, Karen asked me if I’d still like to come along, and I thought about it for….oh, maybe half a second before I said YES, please!!!!

We drove down on Saturday morning.  I wore an old pair of jodhpurs and a battered old pair of hunters, as I didn’t want to get my leather boots trashed by the salt water.

Karen’s sister, Sally, had three horses, one for each of us.  She gave me Max, the horse her daughter usually rode.  He was a little small for me, but young and nicely lively.

The hack to the beach was about half an hour, and when I saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes – close to a mile of sand, still wet from the tide, and nobody but us on it.

“Advantage of living in the middle of nowhere” Sally smiled.  “Ready for a canter?”

In fact, it was more like a gallop – the horses really woke up once we got them on the beach, and we raced through the shallow surf.  I couldn’t quite catch Karen’s bigger horse, and got soaked by the spray his hooves kicked up, but I was loving every minute of it.

We had a couple of good long canters to let the horses let off steam, then walked them out into the deeper water to let them cool down.  Karen’s horse was a bit reluctant to get too deep, but Max seemed to really enjoy it, and ploughed further out until he was up to his belly in the water. 

I pushed him a little further out, until the water was lapping around the middle of my old hunters.  “Don’t go too much further out, or you’ll get the saddle wet” called Sally, as a bigger-than-usual wave nearly swamped my boots, sending a good cupful of water cascading over the top of each. 

"If you want to go really deep in the sea, you'll have to take the saddle off first, and then you can ride him in bareback" she told me.

"Sounds great!" I said, and waded Max back out of the water and up the beach.  The water in my hunters squelched gorgeously as I dropped to the ground, then I undid his girth, leant the saddle against  a rock, and scrambled back on.

I love riding bareback - it's wonderful to feel the horses’ powerful muscles working under you, and feel the warmth of his body between your thighs, a real thrill, and the prospect of riding him into the sea just made it even better.  The water pressed around the shafts of my hunters as it rose up Max' belly, then it was pouring over the tops as the water came up to my knees.

Max still seemed happy, so I took him deeper, the water soaking my jodhpurs, until I felt his feet start to lose contact with the bottom and he was swimming.  I was up to my waist in the water, and I had to grab a handful of mane to stop myself being swept off his back as he swam strongly forward.
He seemed determined to try and swim all the way to France, but I turned him back towards shore until he was back in his depth again.  "Aren't you coming in?" I called to the others.

"No chance" Karen yelled back.  "Remember you're going to have to ride back soaking wet, now"
Personally, I thought that soaked jodhpurs and pants, and boots full of water seemed a good swop for the wonderful feeling of swimming on horseback, but if Karen didn't, fair enough.  I took Max out into the sea a couple more times, then took him back to join the others.

"Are you going to be OK cantering like that, or do you want to put the saddle back on first?" Sally asked me. "He's going to be really slippery bareback now, and I don't want you falling off"
I shook my head.  "Don’t worry, I’ll be fine".

In fact, it was much better than fine - it was one of the best canters I'd ever had. The horses were really going for it, cantering through the surf until we were absolutely soaked with spray

My hunters were full of water after my swim in the sea, and all that weight on my feet was really pulling me down onto the horse' back.  Combined with the thrill of galloping flat-out on a wet, slippery horse, it was the best ride I'd ever had, and I could feel myself starting to come.  My leg muscles started to tense as I did, and Max took it as a leg aid to go even faster, pushing me over the edge so I came like there was no tomorrow before we had to start slowing down for the end of the beach.  Fortunately, we were all flushed, breathless and soaking wet by the end anyway, so nobody noticed anything!  

We let the horses have their heads as we walked back to where I'd left the saddle, and I dismounted and put it back on Max - a bit reluctantly, I must admit, as I'd have quite liked to carry on riding him bareback - and turned for home. 
A lot of the water had slopped out of my hunters during the hell-for-leather canter along the beach, but there was still enough that it was ankle-deep inside my boots as I rode home, which made for a very odd – but quite nice – squishing feeling during the long stretches of rising trot back to Sally's yard.
"You shouldn't have gone so deep into the sea, then!" Karen told me with a grin when I commented on it.
I smiled back at her.  "Oh, I think it was worth it."

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Re: Beach Ride

Post by plasticmacboy » March 20th, 2018, 10:58 pm

Great story, Katie - what better sight than a girl in wet jods and dirty, wet Hunters ! Sounds good to me :)

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Re: Beach Ride

Post by Shiny » March 21st, 2018, 9:25 am

Lovely story, next time, just for a change, you could perhaps try waders, for a different feeling....

Perhaps "hell for leather" could be "hell for rubber", but I suppose it depends if you prefer leather or rubber boots.

I would love to ride bareback in the surf, must be a lovely feeling, even without boots...

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Re: Beach Ride

Post by Rainworshipper » March 22nd, 2018, 7:23 am

Good story,I have always found women getting soaking wet a turn on, if they are enjoying the experience it is even better!

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