The Pondskippers PART 4

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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The Pondskippers PART 4

Post by swish87 » January 7th, 2018, 8:43 pm

I found Eiofe talking to Hannah by the front of the bus. They were both laughing as I snuck behind Eiofe and stole a kiss behind her ear.
“Nice to see you again Hannah.” I let the subtext hang in the air for a few moments as she turned to face me, “Good flight over?”
“Oh aye, up and down you know?” She said in her magnetic Irish accent, continuing the flirtation. She ran her fingers through her wild, tight curls and pulled her charcoal hair back into a high ponytail.

Hannah too had come with her own gym-bag of equipment. Placing it beside the black vinyl dry-bag I had brought over for her she knelt to unpack. Eiofe did the same. Hannah dragged out a set of well-worn and oversized bri-nylon waterproofs which she folded neatly on the grass, then began to change into her new wetsuit. Eiofe did the same, feeling through her bag, unsure what to try on first. While the girls helped each other change, I focused on finding my own box of clothes.

I usually brought a plastic tote box which I kept in the bus, filled with every manner of rainwear, oversuits, waders, gloves, boots, drysuits, wetsuits and anything else I had picked up from years of searching charity shops and car boot sales. This helped whenever a new member needed something to borrow and it meant I could enjoy the excitement of wearing something new each time we had a new job to do. I took great pleasure in selecting an outfit for myself and Eiofe. Although by the time I had dragged my ‘box of tricks’ off the bus Eiofe stood beaming next to Hannah fully dressed and eager.

It was a sight to behold. Hannah’s hair was tied back and pulled under a neoprene hood that matched the thick black neoprene of her wetsuit. She appeared to have left her waders and opted instead for her own ‘muckboots’, as style of wellington boot made from firm neoprene, which stuck out beneath the bright red set of waterproofs with Rian Láibe Outdoor Centre printed on the breast. Almost worn off now but still visible. With an arm round Eiofe’s waist I noticed she’d also left the thick rubber gauntlets in favour of her thin neoprene gloves too. Hannah was not a girl to be wrapped up, she’d be out there working almost naked if she could but I’d disallowed that. At least in public. Hannah enjoyed to be free.

“You girls look absolutely gorgeous! No waders today Hannah?” I asked as I moved closer to the pair of beautiful women.
“You know they just bog me down Cole.” She replied with a wink, “What do you think of our girl?” gesturing at Eiofe. She knew that I hated her saying that but I couldn’t help be turned on by it. Eiofe was wearing everything in her new drybag, which I suspected was just to please me. Her long fair hair fell onto the shoulders of her red waterproof overalls which hugged her perfect figure wonderfully. I was lost for words.

All I could do was rush, haphazardly to don my gear and hurry the group along as we had a short hike to the location we had been asked to clear today. I threw down my own drybag and stripped down to pull on the wetsuit. I added my own chest wader rather than the thigh waders under my suit but other than that me and Eiofe matched in our alternate colours. I rummaged in the box for a few items, threw them in my rucksack and then called to Hannah who had began to join the rest of the group who had finished ‘gearing up’.

“I’ve got a surprise for you Hannah!” As she wheeled round at my call I threw her a pair of goggles. Not the conventional goggles you find at a swimming pool, more like scuba goggles without the nose covering. She caught them and looked up at me grinning.
“How did you know?” She laughed as she pulled them on over her hood. Her large hazel eyes gleamed through the goggles and she seemed to become rather impatient to get going as she grabbed Eiofe’s hand and moved to join the group. I watched the two of them skip across the clearing and merge with the other brightly coloured assortment of eccentrics in our group.

I made my way into the group and marveled at the enthusiasm of the members. Each had taken at least some of not all of the items from their gear bags and had managed to personalised their outfits to suit their own particular tastes. We locked the remaining equipment in the bus and left the clearing following a small dirt path leading down hill through the pines.

Following this path I moved to the front of the group to help Jacob carry our tools. We usually brought with us an assortment of clearing tools, buckets and nets, though today we had also brought a wheelbarrow full of folded black, PVC sheeting to line the drainage ditches with once they had been cleared. As ever, I had been over prepared and brought far too much, but I had a plan for any excess.

The walk was pleasant and the group chatted excitedly about everything and anything but the anticipated fun which were nearing. Eiofe and Hannah had managed to gleefully skip through every puddle on the trail, splattering their lower legs with wet, soft mud much to the joy of myself. I turned to Jakob and reminded him to begin documenting our trip and he swung his camera up to capture the group coming along a narrow section of the path.

I scanned the group, trying to judge the excitement in each person's grin, I see the giddy excitement of Ashley as she now tries her best to get in every photo Jakob is taking. I see Rob and Talli walking calmly hand in gloved hand, their colourful rainwear belaying what would have seemed like a postcard-perfect couple having a stroll in the woods together. I watch as Kate ushers the young Jess along a particularly steep area of the trail, her new, red oversuit rolled down to her waist and held by the inner braces over a rear-entry black and pink kayaking drysuit. Jess, stumbling over the broken ground, reached out for Kate’s outstretched hand and fell backwards into the wet bushes, sliding down the small ditch beside the trail. I ran over to where she lay and helped her up, “Careful now! It can get quite slippy here. Here..” and I heaved her back up onto the trail.

Glancing down at her as she pulled herself back up I noticed that she too had donned almost everything in her kit bag but as my eyes followed her beautiful red braids down to her pale, porcelain neck I caught a glimpse of something I recognised immediately. The high velcro collar of a parlour gown. As her coveralls were not zipped fully up I could see the bottle green, stretchy, PU material was fastened tight around her neck. I could vividly imagine the rest of the gown as I had one at home, a long, almost knee length waterproof smock that had velcro fastening at the back and was used on dairy farms for milking. All I could think was if this was her idea or Kate’s?

“Thanks! I’m a bit clumsy, and usually not wearing as much when I'm out like this…” her thoughts trailed off into a memory she seemed to enjoy by the blush creeping into her cheeks.
“So how did you and Kate meet?” I ask as she brushes the wet leaves and clumped earth from her knees, the dark mud becoming the first tarnish on her pristine, bright nylon oversuit.

“We met at uni, last year actually…

To be continued in part 5....

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