My friend Patricia

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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My friend Patricia

Post by rubbermackintosh » December 28th, 2017, 9:14 pm

My Friend Patricia

Patricia and I were turned sixteen going on seventeen and we sat next to each other in class at school. Patricia seemed a strange girl, she didn’t really mix with most of our school year and her clothes were a bit old-fashioned for her age. I guessed that she came from a poor home but it wasn’t until our final year at school that I learned about her background.

She lived in Flixborough village outside of Scunthorpe and I often rode home alongside her from school. On school days she always wore school uniform but she seemingly had no outer wear of any kind. On wet mornings she would sit in class in wet clothes and at time to go home, if it was raining or worse, she cycled home with no protective clothing of any kind.

On one very wet afternoon I rode home with her, she just in her uniform and me wearing my heavy PVC yellow cycle cape and sou’wester.

When we got to her house, a cottage really, I asked if I could pop in and have a wee. She showed me to the bathroom. There was no lock on the door. No matter, I pulled down my knickers and sat on the lavatory seat to relieve myself. I was still in my cape and hat.

The door opened and a man stood there. He was a coloured man, dressed in a black PVC coat and wearing wellington boots. His cock was in his hand ready to pee when he saw me sat on the pan. I swiftly pulled my cape closer and tucked the front between my legs and into the seat just as his stream of pee hit me full on the front of my cape from where it ran down into the pan.

He apologised and said that he didn’t expect there to be anybody in apart from Patricia. I told him that no harm was done as my cape was fully waterproof. But then I didn’t know what came over me as I said that his cock looked nice and asked him how long it was. It looked meaty and about five inches long. Five inches like this but about double that when aroused “Not that it has been aroused since Patricia’s Mum died fifteen years ago” he said.

Instinct took over and I took hold of his cock with my cape wrapped round it. Slowly I felt it start to grow thicker and longer. He did nothing to stop me as it grew in my cape covered hand. When I felt it really stiff I started to wank it slowly and he started to thrust against me. His breathing got heavier and suddenly he came. The spunk shot up the front of my cape, over my face and into my hair under my sou’wester. Fifteen years of pent up cum in one great dose – pints of thick creamy cum. He apologised and I told him not to as I had asked for it.

Patricia knocked on the door to see if everything was okay and she gasped at the sight of me covered in cum and her ‘Dad’ with a slowly subsiding cock. Patricia was still a virgin and asked what had happened.

“I guess that it is time for some explanations” said the man. “Let’s have a cup of tea and I’ll tell you what I should have told you a few years ago” So there the story of Patricia’s life was slowly unfolded to her and myself.

It transpired that Patricia’s Mum was married to a Scunthorpe Steel Worker who had died in an accident at the works three months before Patricia was born. When Patricia was about six months old she met Pete, the man who I had just wanked so spectacularly, and moved in with him and brought Patricia with her.

About a year after she moved in Patricia’s mum went on a Girls’ Night Out to Hull and on the way back, somehow, she had fallen overboard from the Humber Ferry and drowned. Her body was found on Spurn Point three days later.

So Pete was left holding the baby so to speak. Patricia’s Gran was alive and living in Scunthorpe and Pete asked her for help. Ultimately Patricia was formally adopted by Pete and her Gran, Rose. It was Rose who chose all of Patricia’s clothes which accounted for her old-fashioned style.

While all of this story was unfolding I was still sat in my wet cape and sou’wester with Pete’s spunk on them and in my hair. Patricia seemed shell-socked by what she heard when suddenly she asked what that ‘stuff’ was on my cape which made Pete seem uncomfortable. He asked me to explain.

Clearly Patricia was totally unaware of the facts of life even though she was having her monthly periods. Neither Pete nor Rose had thought that she should know so I said that I would teach her bit by bit.

Patricia asked Pete if she could have a cape and sou’wester like mine so that she could ride to and from School without getting wet. Pete left the room and came back a few minutes later carrying a yellow cape and matching hat and a pair of rubber knee high riding boots. He said that they had been Patricia’s mother’s and as she was about the same size they would probably fit. Well, of course the cape would fit but the boots did too.

All this took time and I left to get home.

The next day it was raining and Patricia arrived at school wearing the cape, hat and boots and a smile. Later that day she asked me how I got that creamy stuff over me on the lavatory. I told her that that would be part of explaining the facts of life. Later that same afternoon I arranged for two sixth form lads that I knew would enjoy participating in lessons and told Patricia to be ready with her cape and boots on outside school at the end of lessons.

The two lads, John and James, were part of a group of us who often had heavy sessions in a wood on the way home. Both were waiting for Patricia and me at four o’clock and they were both wearing cycle capes, sou’westers and waterproof over-trousers. Patricia and I had our capes and riding boots on. Apart from Patricia we were naked beneath the waterproofs.

We set off in the rain and shortly after leaving town we turned off the road into some quite dense woods where we dismounted and propped our bikes against a tree.

First off I explained the basic difference between men and women and John showed Patricia his limp cock. I stood behind him and started to slowly wank his cock to erection under his cape and told Patricia to stand in front. John lifted the front of his cape so that she could see what I was doing. I felt him twitch and told Patricia to stand close and watch closely. John erupted and shot his cum across the front of Patricia’s cape. Next I told her to stand in front of James, lift his cape front and do the same to him but not to grip it too tight. She soon got the hang of wanking a male member and in no time at all she got a second load of cum on her cape front.

I told her that the white stuff was known by several names, cum, spunk and sperm but technically it was semen and that biologically it was a man’s way of fertilising a woman’s eggs and would get her pregnant.

I told her that there were a number of ways to satisfy a man, namely handjobs, blowjobs, tit wanks, foot wanks, anal and full intercourse and promised to teach all of them in the next few weeks. I also told her that I would get her ‘the pill’ to be sure that she didn’t get pregnant.

Is wanking what you did to Pete yesterday? She asked. I said Yes and told her that nobody had done that for him since her Mum died.

She asked if it would be alright to wank Pete in future as a ‘Thank You’ for what he had done for her. I warned her to be careful about that as it could have unknown consequences.

By the time that we arrived back at Patricia’s home after that first wanking lesson Pete was just in but still wearing his black PVC coat and boots (he worked at Gunness Wharf on the River Trent supervising the unloading of ships and needed good waterproofs for that job).

Patricia asked where he had got her Mum’s cape and boots from. He took her to a back bedroom and unlocked a wardrobe. Inside were all of her Mum’s clothes untouched since she died. There were some stylish day clothes, jeans and tops etc. some shoes and boots and, at one end was what Pete called her shiny stuff. Her shiny stuff consisted of matching sets PVC coats, sou’westers and thigh boots in black, red and blue and a heavy rubber set of trench coat, sou’wester and wader boots. Pete said that the rubber set was for when she went out fishing with him at night and it was well used in the short time that they had lived together.

Pete left Patricia to look over the clothes. She did and tried some of them on. They were all a good fit.

Meantime, I had put the kettle on and made a pot of tea.

I was just putting the teapot on the table when Patricia came out of the bedroom wearing the full rubber gear, coat, hat and waders. Pete saw her at the same time and I noticed a distinct bulge starting to show under his coat. Now we are for it, I thought as Patricia advanced towards him. She threw her arms around him and said “I want to thank you for bringing me up when you could have sent me into care”

She kissed him full on the lips and reached inside his coat. She had his cock in her hand and it was far from limp yet growing still. I was mesmerised as I watched her slowly start to wank, rolling his foreskin bank and forth under her fingers. She leant back slightly and spat a great glob of saliva onto the cock which was now almost a foot long and she started to rub faster. Faster and faster she went until Pete cried that he was cumming and pushed her back a bit. He took aim and sprayed her from sou’wester to waders with spurt after spurt of thick gooey spunk. It ran down that lovely coat in rivulets and dripped onto the wader boots. Patricia scoped up a handful and put it onto her tongue before swallowing it down.

I don’t like waste so I helped myself to a scoop of spunk and swallowed it too. Then I wrapped my caped arms round Patricia and squirmed against her to spread that gorgeous spunk as far over my cape as I could. While I had her in my arms I said “For God’s sake be careful. You are asking to be fucked. You are not ready for a cock that size and we need to get you on the pill for a cock that size will just split any condom”

Pete stood there, watching us, his cock was still semi erect.

“Pete. You can’t fuck Patricia. She’s not on the pill and she couldn’t take a cock the size of yours until she’s stretched a bit but I can take it” He grunted which I took as a yes please so I pulled him through into the bedroom and pushed him back onto the bed.

I straight way climbed astride of him. I spread my lips and gently lowered myself down, holding his enormous cock with one hand and guiding it slowly in until I was sat firmly on it. God! It hurt at first. Pete lay there just twitching his cock inside me. Gradually the pain subsided and I slowly started to ride him. After a short while he started to thrust back at me as I rode. Faster and faster we went at it until suddenly with a great roar he came inside me. I climbed off and let his cum and my juices run out onto his coat.

He called me a mucky bugger.

I was so sore that I walked my bike home as it hurt too much to sit on the saddle.

The next day I took Patricia to the Family Planning Clinic and she went on the pill from that day forth but, of course, no full intercourse for 28days.

We carried on with Patricia’s after school lessons and recruited a few more lads for this. Patricia used to put on her cape and boots for lessons even if it wasn’t raining. There was no shortage of volunteers. With hand jobs perfected we moved on to blow jobs and Patricia soon got pretty proficient at them. One afternoon she blew six lads one after the other and got six facials and cum dumps on her cape all in about thirty minutes. Patricia was turning out be a nymphomaniac and I soon realised that she was making her own experiences with a number of the lads at school. Always in the woods and almost always on wet days. She had become a fetishist and so had I.

I suspected that Patricia was now screwing Pete on a regular basis too. After finding her Mum’s red PVC mack draped over the back of the sofa one day I asked her outright and she confirmed that she slept with him every night and that they regularly used her Mum’s shiny gear, particularly her macks and boots.

One November Saturday afternoon Pete asked me if I would like to go fishing with him that night. I guessed that it was time for Patricia’s period and agreed without stopping to think what I was getting into. He suggested that I strip off and put Patricia’s mum’s rubber coat, waders and sou’wester on as rain was forecast. The rubber gear felt cold against my skin at first but it soon warmed. Pete got his fishing waterproofs and waders on and we set off into the night in his van.

We went out through the Trent and Humberside villages and down to the bank near to where the Humber Bridge was to be built. Pete got his rods out of the van though I already suspected that the rod that interested him most was naked under his waterproofs!

We walked down the bank and out on to the mud flats. The tide was out. The mud was very slippery and I fell into it a couple of times. The third time that I slipped I got up onto my knees to find that Pete’s cock was right in my face so I gave it a quick lick. It twitched and hit my nose. Pete wants a blow job I thought so I opened my lips and kissed the helmet. He pushed at my mouth so I opened wide and he started to push in. He went right to the back of my throat until he could force no further in and then he literally started to fuck my throat. It didn’t take long for him to cum his usual full load. As he pulled out he peed over me from head to foot and then pushed me over in the mud and piss. Bastard!

Very little fishing went on except for what was between our legs. A sudden heavy downpour hit us and the rain was cascading down both our hats and coats. Swiftly, Pete kicked my legs from under me and I fell flat on my back in the slimy mud, booted legs wide apart. Pete was on me in a flash and his cock was in up to the hilt before I got my wind back. We rolled over and over in the mud getting progressively more dirty as Pete steadily thrust in and out. I was in heaven. Pete came in me and still carried on. He came three times in all. Don’t anybody ever tell me that black guys don’t have big cocks and staying (or should that be cumming) power.

Well, Patricia carried on fucking around with as many boys at school as she could tempt and, believe me, there weren’t many who did not fall for her charms. On her (and mine) last day at school she organised a leaving fetish gang bang. She took on all comers and I dealt with those who wanted seconds.

After school I went to Uni. in Sheffield and Patricia got a job in a shop in town and we drifted apart but did not lose touch completely. I met Marco from Gran Canaria and after I had graduated we married and I moved to live on Marco’s family farm growing vines and coffee trees. Eventually it became ours totally. Marco and I had some good waterproofs for even in the Canaries it can and does rain quite heavily when the trade winds hit the islands. When it does we need to get out and manage our rainwater collection systems in order to conserve as much as we can.

About once every three years I used to return to South Humberside to visit my Mum and Dad and I always dropped in on Patricia and Pete whilst home. Patricia carried on with shop work but she changed to work in an army surplus store which sold heavy duty rainwear amongst other things. She told me that she often got to feel up blokes trying on waterproofs and many times it resulted in a quickie in the changing cubicle – just trypical!

One Saturday she told me that she was going to a Wet T-Shirt competition in the baths hall on Doncaster Road. I arranged to borrow Dad’s Austin Allegro (awful car) and picked her up at Flixborough on the way into town. She opened the door to me wearing a black PVC shorty mack, sou’wester and riding boots. “Well it’s going to get a bit wet at the hall” she explained. Only when we got there did I realised that the competitors were required to stand in a shower cubicle with a lavatory cistern mounted above and that she was going to be pulling the chain to release to contents of said cistern over each ‘victim’. She sure did get wet doing it.

Back at Flixborough later Pete and I had a session on the sofa and Patricia joined us in a threesome. She still had her mack on.

Patricia used to write to me occasionally and I always wrote back. Once I invited her to visit and she came and stayed for two weeks. I know that she screwed Marco at least once as I could detect her scent on my rubber mack and there were tell-tale white spots on Marco’s jeans and on my rubber boots.

One morning while she was staying I left Marco and her at home while I popped into town for some stuff. All was quiet when I got back, suspiciously quiet. I suspected that they were in our bed. Sure enough, my rubber mack, wader boots and sou’wester were not behind the back door where they were normally kept: nor were Marco’s rubber waterproofs. I softly went to the wardrobe in the hallway where my red PVC mack, thigh boots and sou’wester were kept. I stripped off and put the coat etc. on, threw open the bedroom door to catch Patricia riding Marco like a jockey. Neither of them slowed down. Some friend Patricia had turned out to be.

Next time I’m going to invite Pete as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: My friend Patricia

Post by hotwilly » December 29th, 2017, 9:56 am

Well written story
Always enjoy your stories
Maybe because I know the area you lived in
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: My friend Patricia

Post by rubbermac » December 29th, 2017, 12:59 pm

Wow what a great story Many Thanks,i had to put on my Yellow PVC Cycle Cape,Souwester and Wellies when i read it,just want someone to cum and pee over me!!!!!

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