PVC Adventures with M Part 4

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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PVC Adventures with M Part 4

Post by Shinytrench1 » December 14th, 2017, 3:16 pm

After M and I had enjoyed our first full-on PVC union in a hotel room, we knew that we had to meet up as often as possible. But, living some distance apart, it was difficult. However, we kept up a lively relationship by text and phone.

I was pleased to discover that M was obviously being quite open about her newly acquired interest in PVC. She was obviously wearing her new Mac quite a lot and not just hiding it away for clandestine meetings with me. Her partner was apparently a bit baffled by it but indifferent!

Sometimes we would fantasise by text and sometimes by phone. I would ring M at a pre-arranged time and when I called she would already have her raincoat on - and I could hear the swishy, rustling sound which turned me on. On several occasions we made each other cum over the phone talking dirty about our mutual love of shiny PVC - which was nice enough but no substitute for the real thing.

Anyway, after a few weeks, we were able to contrive a meeting in London. I had a hotel booked as I was there overnight for work. Unfortunately, M couldn't stay but she could be in London until mid-evening before heading home.

We arranged to meet at one of the main London stations. I was there first and found a good vantage point from which I could observe the platform where I knew M's train would arrive. A few minutes later a train pulled in and, sure enough, there was M tottering along the platform this time in high heel stiletto shoes, fishnets and of course the gorgeous Mac all belted and buttoned. I watched her from a distance, getting more excited and definitely much harder, as I enjoyed the fact that I had found the perfect PVC mistress!

I walked towards her, we kissed and headed for a nearby upmarket bar. When we went in and were offered a table, the waiter asked if he could take our coats.

"No thanks ", replied M straight away ' I had better leave mine on'.

I duly followed suit keeping my coat - a stylish raincoat - not shiny but quite sexy I think.

"Won't you be too hot in your mac?' I asked.

'Far from it' replied M with a wicked smile 'as you'll discover later'.

We sat and chatted with our glasses of wine for half an hour with M frequently brushing the delightfully sexy material of her coat against me which made me feel increasingly rampant.

"Let's go to my hotel before we eat' I suggested .

"You naughty boy - aren't you hungry?" Replied M in mock shock.

"Food can wait - I really need to be able to feel your mac all over - it turns me on so much' I replied.

'I like you in your coat as well' M said 'Yes let's go and fuck'.

We walked to the hotel - it was about a ten minute walk on quite a chilly day. As we walked M unbelted her Mac and undid the top button.

'Why don't you put your hand through my Mac - discreetly' she suggested.

I slid my hand round her waist and through between two of the buttons and, I had had no idea, I felt bare flesh. M was naked under her sexy raincoat.

'You naughty, kinky woman' I remarked as we walked on at increased pace.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, I was beside myself with desire . We went up to my room, turned the key, went in and, without any sense of finesse or patience, went at each other frantically. First, I pulled her Mac open to reveal nothing but a thong and the skimpiest of bras - meanwhile M wasted no time in unzipping me and grabbing my cock. Neither of us were interested in foreplay - we just needed release quickly. We fell onto the bed and locked in a hungry 69 - with M gobbling my stiffness as I ate out her pussy and it took no more than three minutes with us both still fully dressed for us to get there -

"Fuck me - fuck me - fuck me with your stiff dick - give me your hot sticky cum NOW' M bellowed as I grunted and panted shouting out -

"You PVC bitch, you kinky mistress, you sexy slutty whore. Where do you want it?" I stuttered between lickfulls of pussy.

"In my mouth NOW NOW,' she demanded.

And we came - great waves of my cum flooding her mouth as she writhed, wriggled , stiffened and then groaned with delight as her love juices left my tongue and lips wet all over. It was a frantic but very, very satisfying climax for both of us. And all the better for being conducted with the delightful M fully clothed in her gorgeous, sexy, shiny, black PVC raincoat.

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Re: PVC Adventures with M Part 4

Post by hotwilly » December 15th, 2017, 7:55 pm

Wow - sounds so good
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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