A night away and time for fetish fun

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A night away and time for fetish fun

Post by kinkycumbria » November 29th, 2017, 11:59 am

I arrived at the St Leonards hotel on the A30 near Ringwood later than I expected at 8:30
I scanned the bar for my expected meet, but he/she had not showed.
Once checked in and in my room I fired up the Wi-Fi and found an apology from my meet on tvchix, so I quickly logged into Fabguys and Fabswingers to search a playmate.
Meanwhile I got my play bag out and laid out my long PVC cape rubber hood bra and gloves on the bed plus my rubber whip too.
After about an hour and rejecting the many bi-guys who wanted to join me (that would have been a last resort as I like TV or Cd fun first, fetish bi guys 2nd and finally if no option bi guys). I got a message from a fetish cd I had chatted with before; he said he was just 20 mins away and could be with me at 10. We discussed what we wanted from each other i.e. passionate latex and PVC clad fun kissing sucking roleplay and mutual orgasms.
As 10pm approached I got message in car park, so I send the room no, I was now already in my leopard print open crotch tights, rubber hood gloves and bra all wrapped up in full length hooded pvc cape, waiting for the door knock.
As soon as heard the knock I opened the door and my playmate walked in, in his bag he had ankle boots with stiletto heels short PVC mac rubber gloves and a leather cap, we exchange pleasantries and he stripped of revealing fishnet stocking and a PVC basque. He then completed his outfit with the items from his bag, we stood and looked at each other for a second or two, before lunging at each other hands everywhere and tongue deep in each other’s mouths.
We stood there for 2 minutes exploring, before we both had a hot firm cock in out rubber gloved hands before collapsing onto the king size bed. Full sex was never on the cards it was not our thing, but for half hour we went through several positions of simulated fucking spanking and oral fun all still while fully dressed in our PVC and latex. We were both getting to the position of needing cum soon so as we discussed I became submissive.
Lying on the bed I rolled to one side, my captor tucked my pvc cape under me and I rolled back onto my back, I was trapped, cocooned in my cape, unable to move my arms or legs. Through my hood eyeholes I looked up at my PVC clad domme who knelt beside me. With one of her rubber gloved hands she held my hooded head firmly still, and with the other hand began wanking her cock furiously, it wasn’t long before she groaned as her orgasm arrived and streams of lovely hot warm cum spurt out and splattered over my hood and into my eager mouth, Still holding me firm once her composure returned she mopped up the cum that missed my mouth on my hooded face and slipped her cum stained rubber gloved fingers in my mouth for cleaning. Next my domme pulled up my cape high enough for my cock to spring lose, her gloved hand gripped it firmly and she began to milk me, meanwhile she grabbed my rubber whip and forced the penis shaped rubber hand into my mouth and face fucked me with it.
With seconds my cock erupted over her gloved hand, and the whip handle was removed from my mouth as my captor move her weight on top of me, helpless beneath her I struggled but was trapped, for a second or two she toyed with my cum in her rubber gloved fingers, before plunging them into to my mouth forcing me to swallow every drop.
She then rolled off and out session was over, we both got out of our hot and stick pvc and latex, had a nice chat for a 15 minutes and vowed to give good fab site feedback, said our goodbyes and she left.
An hour later I was back in my cape giving myself a rubber gloved hand job as drifted to sleep happy with my evening’s fun in a hotel 300 miles form home.

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Re: A night away and time for fetish fun

Post by GlendaS » November 29th, 2017, 2:53 pm

Wow that’s fabulous sounds right up my street and would love us to do this as I would milk you dry though all the rubber

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Re: A night away and time for fetish fun

Post by hotwilly » November 29th, 2017, 7:14 pm

Sounds good
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)


Re: A night away and time for fetish fun

Post by hoodie » December 4th, 2017, 8:06 pm

Very interesting and descriptive

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Re: A night away and time for fetish fun

Post by JanetandNick » January 5th, 2018, 4:48 pm

Tsssk sounds like a typical evening, knowing you!!
Janet xxxxxx
Nick and I love meeting other rainwear enthusiasts

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